Dell 4TB 7.2K RPM SAS 12Gbps 3.5in Hard Drive

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  • Form Factor : 3.5 (LFF)
  • Storage Capacity : 4TB
  • Spindle Speed : 7.2K RPM
  • Hard Drive Interface : SAS
  • Data Transfer Rate : 12Gbps
  • Compatible Part Numbers : 012GYY, 0F9W8. 0YXG4K, 1MVTT
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Are you seeking to significantly increase your system’s storage capacity? Get the Dell 4TB 7.2K RPM SAS 12Gbps 3.5in hard drive to effectively rebuild the server storage. The SAS system enables fast data transfer and rotational speed. All of these factors combined facilitate incomparable performance.

We are offering you the best deals on Dell 4TB SAS hard drive. It shows great compatibility with various server models, including, R730XD, R720XD, R720, R715, R710, R630, R530, R520, R510, R430, R420, and more. The part numbers available with us include 1MVTT, 0F9W8. 0YXG4K, and 012GYY among others. Get this hard drive to seamlessly accommodate your workloads and boost business growth.


Additional information

Form Factor

3.5 inch

Storage Capacity


Spindle Speed

7200 RPM

Hard Drive Interface


Data Transfer Rate


Compatible Part Numbers

12GYY, YXG4K, H9N7X, HNX0W, JPM7C, K07H8, KCVF5, PD4GT, TX8WW, V9M9K, VH8DY, W5M2R, X4FKY, XWM1W, YDD3Y, YVN2D, 400-AGDB, 0HNX0W, 400-AHDI, 0JPM7C, 400-AHKK, 0K07H8, 400-AICX, 400-AIWW, 0KCVF5, 400-AKXT, 0TX8WW, 400-ALNY, 0V9M9K, 400-ALOV, 0VH8DY, 400-ALPN, 0W5M2R, 400-ALPR, 0X4FKY, 400-ALQC, 0XWM1W, 400-ALQD, 0YDD3Y, 400-ALRQ, 0YVN2D, 400-ALRT, 400-ALRV, 400-ALRX, 400-ALRY, 2XT8Y, 400-ANFK, 0DGDP0, 0FCHXF, 0H2FY5, 0H9N7X, 0K9CD3, 3FN93, 400-26630, 400-26651, 400-AAEI, 400-AAFV, 400-AAIG, 400-ACCL, 400-ADJT, 400-ADJV, 400-AEGH, 400-AENM, 400-AEQQ, 400-AEQT, 400-AEZL, 400-AFBG, 400-AFNS, 400-AFZR, 400-AFZS, 400-AGCW

Compatible Servers

T20, T100, T105, T110, T300, T310, T320, T330, T410, T420, T430, T440, T605, T610, T620, T630, T640, T710, R210, R220, R230, R300, R310, R320, R330, R410, R415, R420, R430, R510, R520, R530, R530XD, R630, R710, R715, R720, R720XD, R730XD, R730, R900, R905, R920, R930, C1100, C2100, C6100, C6220, M420, M510, M520, M610x, M630, M710HD, M830, M915

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