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Do you want to upgrade your business technology with affordable and convenient fiber connectivity? Do you want to make use of the most secure connection for your data transmission? Fiber optic cables are the best option for you. Server Basket sells both fiber optic cable types – single-mode and multi-mode. A fiber optic cable is actually a network cable that consists of strands of glass fibers within an insulated wrapping. These fiber cables are designed for telecommunications and high-performance and long-distance data networking. Optic wire cables provide higher bandwidth in comparison to the wired cables. Optical fiber cables have many advantages over the copper wire networks. They have nearly unlimited information and high carrying capacity. Their transmission losses are really low, and they do not throw away heat. They deliver the fastest internet speed and are resistant to electromagnetic interference. We have fiber optic cable connectors available at affordable prices for you. We also provide free installation assistance and swift delivery to locations all over India. So do not wait, get the fastest speed, low latency and signal consistency for your business today!

Fastest Internet Speed

For any business and especially if it involves publishing and exchanging huge videos or data files, high speed of the internet is very important for overall performance and productivity. Fiber optic internet has proved to be faster than the copper internet connections with the highest speed. Fiber provides users with the fastest internet speeds for uploads and downloads. So, your data is transferred more swiftly over the fiber networks.

High Data Security

Fiber optic cables connectors can be the most secure interconnection for your data transmission. Copper and wireless lines can be compromised for data integrity but not fiber optic cables. As fiber networks do not emit signals, it is almost impossible to tap or hack into. Security breaches can be dear, both financially and to business integrity. So, using fiber optic internet connectivity and networks increases your security and provides protection against any cyber-attack.

Reliable Data Transmission

Fiber optic connectivity provides the most reliable and robust internet service. Data transmission and uptime are very undeviating and constant with fiber switches and lines. Since fiber optic cables are made of glass, they become a very reliable conductor. Fiber optic networks are also resistant to radio frequency and electromagnetic interference, impediment, crosstalk, and other problems like water damage and temperature change, etc.

Best Choice at Affordable price

Fiber optic cables are not expensive, and that makes them the best choice for new cable installations. So, the fiber cable service is also low cost, and it has already proven that it is cheaper compared to the other alternatives in many events and industries. Fiber cables also enable faster access to cloud-based hosting and apps. With fiber connections becoming common, more options are available to move apps and services to the cloud, thus providing scalability and cost savings.

Low Latency with Consistent Signal

Latency is reduced considerably with fiber optic internet connection. Fiber optic connectivity enables faster symmetric speed, that is upload and download times, and lower latency for high definition videos and other huge files. It delivers swift cloud access and clearer quality of voice for telephone services. In comparison to copper signals or DSL, the strength of fiber optic internet signal remains consistent over distance. Big businesses, building complexes and organizations can experience consistent and strong internet signal strength due to this.

Free Installation Assistance

Server Basket offers the best quality of fiber optic cables at reasonable prices. We have both types of cables - single-mode fiber (SMF) and multi-mode fiber (MMF) available. You can select the appropriate one according to your need. We also offer free installation assistance for the fiber cables, suiting your business. Our expert team is always available to provide you all the support that you need.

Quick Delivery all over India

We are known for our swift deliveries across India. You may be residing in a metro city, big or small towns, or even at a remote place we can reach everywhere. As soon as you complete your online order with us, we start processing it. We make sure that your fiber optic cables reach you safely within 2-3 days. We use the best packing material to prevent any damage to the cables.

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