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FortiGate-60D-3G4G-VZW Firewalls

 79,840.00 82,000.00 (-3%)

  • 10 x GE RJ45 ports
  • 7 x Internal Ports
  • 2 x WAN Ports
  • 1 x DMZ Port
  • Embedded 3G/4G/LTE WLAN modem
  • 24/7 Tech Support
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  • Low Price Guarantee
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Gain here the best security appliances FortiGate-60D-3G4G-VZW Firewalls at cheaper, low price than the other Firewall dealers over India. You will acquire 3g/4g WAN connection, Z-level security, Multi network interfaces supporting, USB port, broad bandwidth, unlimited user facility and high security based machine and many more with FortiGate-60D.

FortiGate-60D-3G4G-VZW Firewalls compatibility with all kinds of OS such as Windows, Linux, Mac, etc., raises its importance a lot for IT industries. It is designed to restrict the malware functions, virus attacks from 360 degree angles.

Using of general default firewall in windows is not that much effective to stop illegal hackers hence FortiGate-60D-3G4G-VZW Firewalls is very much easy to use and deploy and useful to protect the server and keep the uptime 100% always.

Integrated FW Security

The dual band chipset indicates the PCI-DSS compliance need for rogue AP wireless scanning, serving very strong protection for regulated environments. Hence, provides a high level firewall security towards any malware function attack, hacking attacks, etc.

High-End Protection

The FortiGate-60D provides high-end protection through accelerated UTM content and renders excellent performance and security protection. The high speed VPN connection, secured remote access are come with FortiOS, justifies itself as the World’s Most Advanced versions of Security OS.

Fully Integrated With Forti Manager

The FortiWiFi 60D Firewall has integrated with dual-stream access point with internal Antennas and built-in dual-band and provides high speed coverage on both 2.4 and 5 GHZ bands. Hence, enable to raise the speed of data transfer.

Multi-Network Interfaces

The multi port interfaces implies the multiple network interfaces comes with optional WiFi connectivity helps easy deployment and magnifies top level protection with multiple security areas. Hence, it is highly useful in multiple networks.

High-Quality Performance

The Unified Security Architecture of the FortiGate-60D provides Multi-threat restriction from an only one device enhances tight security and hence reduces costs for multiple networks. Easier deployment and maintenance is additional advantages of this Firewall.

Advanced Forensic Analysis

FortiGuard Labs renders Live work intelligence on the harm landscape, reporting comprehensive security information over the full network range of FortiGate-60D firewall. This information is useful for an intelligence officer, server administrators, threat researchers, Law enforcement agencies and Forensic specialists for monitoring purpose

Fortigate 60D-3G4G-VZW Next Generation Firewalls Price List:

Sr No.
User Support
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130 to 50

Fortigate Forti AP 221C - 3 Years

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230 to 50

Fortigate Forti AP 221C - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 100E 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 100E 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 90D 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 90D 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 70D 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 70D 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 60E 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 60E 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 50E 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 50E 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 30E 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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3 Reviews For This Product

  1. 03

    by Urmila Kakkar

    Due to company security policies, it was difficult for me to give access to anyone online to resolve any kind of issue.But this application allows me to give the access without any fear.

  2. 03

    by Ganesh katkam

    I had some issue with the application and the technical support helped me to fix the issue.Also sent me manual which helped me to protect my devices effectively.

  3. 03

    by Raisa

    I already had a wireless set up in my company.And when I bought Fortigate-60D-3G4G-VZW I was easily able to hook it up.There was no compatibility issue which made me happy.

How is advanced protection offered in Fortigate 60D series?

FortiGate-60D-3G4G-VZW allows you to install the advanced threat protection in the campus including IPS,VPN,firewall and web filtering at low price.

What all fortigate firewall does to make our industry free from virus and improve its performance?

Provides accelerated UTM content processing for best protection and performance.
Promotes VPN performance for secure remote access.
Helps firewall acceleration across any size devices for maximum throughput.

Is the firewall compatible with any wireless infrastructure?

It offers dual-band capabilities and support for 802.11a/b/g/n standards which supports any wireless infrastructure.

Does it support any Operating system?

The application runs on Windows,Mac OS installed on any devices desktop,laptops and popular mobile devices.Connect to the working USB port and simply follow on screen instruction to be fully protected.

What are dimensions and power of Fortigate-60D-3G4G-VZW?

Height x Width x Length (mm)                        :38 x 216 x 148
Weight                                                                   :1.9 lbs (0.9 kg)
Power Consumption (Average / Maximum) :11.7 W / 14 W

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