FortiGate 30E Firewalls

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  • Multi-threat Protection
  • Enterprise Firewall solution
  • High Throughput And Low Latency
  • Supports Wireless Access Point
  • One OS For All Security FortiGate Platforms
  • High-End Network Security
  • Best Network Security
  • 3 years  On-site Warranty
  • 24×7 Tech Support
  • High Performance
  • Exclusive of Taxes
  • Shipping Charges depend on location

Purchase FortiGate 30E Firewalls To Secure Your Data From Malware Detection At Low Price, Order FortiGate Firewall to upgrade your Network Security and Avoids Cyber Threats & Attacks. Get this FortiGate Firewall At Low cost Tagged with Free Tech Support, Quick Delivery to your Doorstep Anywhere in India: Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Bangalore, Noida, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Pune Etc

  • 10 Days Easy Return Back
  • Buyback Option Available
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Replacement Warranty
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Get the High Network security device, FortiGate 30E Firewall at affordable price comparing to other dealers across India. It is designed on the basic technologies of Dual stream and FortiASIC integrated architecture which renders Enterprise level security protection software and hardware, This FortiGate Firewall offers excellent bandwidth, Multi Network controls, 100% uptime, 3G/4G WAN connection with WiFi networks, VPN connection, USB Port and much more.

Server Basket is one of the highest selling & supporting, authorized dealer of FortiGate/wifi Firewalls with several models containing different capacities. It is well configured to scan the internet browser for prevention of malware function, spyware, etc.

Multi-threat Protection

Fortigate 30E consolidated architectures enhance the Multi-threat protection from a one Fortinet FortiGate device towards multiple networks, unlimited user accounts and various security threats such as Illegal hackers, Malware, Virus, spyware attacks.

Enterprise Firewall solution

The FortiGate-30E firewall provides the Enterprise level Firewall solution towards all categories companies or users as it is built on the FortiASIC integrated structure and provides best industrial security supports.

One OS For All Security FortiGate Platforms

The FortiOS is installed at one FortiGate Fortinet 30E Firewall to provide security service to multiple networks and unlimited user accounts coming within the Wi-fi range. So this feature of FortiGate 30E Firewall is cost effective.
multi threat protection
supports wireless access point

Supports Wireless Access Point

The FortiWi-Fi featured firewall device provides a wireless connection with firewall security protection. Hence, it is called as a Dual service featured device. The wireless connection speed is also very much higher than the other connection types due to 100% uptime and much more supportive devices.

High Throughput And Low Latency

The FortiASIC feature of FortiGate 30E Firewall renders high bandwidth and very low latency which increase the speed of VPN connection and security protection level to a great extent. It optimizes the coverage area of Fortigate 30e Wi-Fi Firewall for scanning of threat.

High-End Network Security

The Fortinet 30E Firewall comes under High-end network security device group where the security level is very much tight and VPN connection speed is up to a great speed level to attend a multi-network security and wireless connection service.

FortiGate 30E Next Generation Firewalls Price List:

Sr No.
User Support
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130 to 50

Fortigate Forti AP 221C - 3 Years

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230 to 50

Fortigate Forti AP 221C - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 100E 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 100E 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 90D 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 90D 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 70D 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 70D 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 60E 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 60E 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 50E 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 50E 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 30E 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by Kavish

    I have been buying IT products and gadgets from SB for a long time now. They offer the best deals on quality products. I was able to get an enterprise-grade low cost firewall and it works perfectly.

  2. 05

    by Sathwik Reddy

    I chose this firewall for its many wonderful features. The FortiWi-fi feature, FortiASIC feature and one OS for all FortiGate platforms make it a really efficient and high-security firewall. Would recommend it to anyone looking to bolster their network security.

  3. 05

    by Ravi Chowdhary

    Having a firewall is really important if you want to secure your network. This firewall provides multi-protection for your devices and keeps them safe from suspicious hackers, viruses, malware and several other attacks.

  4. 05

    by Maharshi Gupta

    I was browsing the web for a firewall when I came across the FortiGate 30E on SB. They were offering it to me at way lower cost compared to other websites. I am really lucky that I found Server Basket.

  5. 05

    by Praneeth Chowdary

    The FortiASIC feature on FortiGate 30E can deliver high bandwidth and low latency. It offers extreme protection for your network and the VPN connection is really fast. My purchase has exceeded my expectations. ServerBasket deserves a pat on the back.


What is special about this FortiGate firewall?

FortiGate firewalls are best known for their imperishable security at an excellent price point. Fortigate firewall price in India is very ideal, and they offer better security and protection to network, system, and workflows compared to other server firewall brands.

Do you test these firewalls on your network?

Yes, our team tests all the Fortigate 30E firewalls prior to their dispatch. Our technical experts stock them in the used firewall for sale category only once they have cross-checked the condition, functioning, and performance of these firewalls.

Is the FortiOS operating system really effective?

Yes, without a doubt. The FortiOS is a purpose-built firewall that can completely manage and maintain the security over your entire network using an intuitive operating system. It has the ability to offer ultimate protection against improved workload as well.

Does this FortiGate 30E offer web filtering and app control?

Yes, it does. This high-end network security offers web filtering and application control at all times alongside offering the AI-driven security operations to all your applications and workflows. Nowhere can you find such good security at the Fortigate 30E price.

Are the prices displayed on your page fixed?

Yes. Server Basket comes up with the most generous network firewall prices. Our product specialists take extra care and time to determine the price of these FortiGate 30E firewalls. Contact our team to learn how these Fortigate firewalls benefit you.

Do you offer any additional discounts on special orders?

Fortinet firewall price in India at Server Basket is very less compared to other online websites and local vendors. Yes, we do have special hardware firewall prices on bulk orders. Get in touch with us to know about available discounts.

Should I pay for the installation assistance or technical help I utilize?

Server Basket has never once wronged its customers in the name of firewall security prices. And we never will. We charge no extra amount for the installation assistance or the technical help we provide to our customers. It is free.

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