Fortigate 30D Firewall

 38,800.00 40,000.00 (-3%)

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  • 1 x WAN
  • 5 x GE RJ45 ports
  • Runs on FortiOS 5
  • More security to fight advanced threats
  • Best network security
  • 4 x Sw. Max managed FortiAPs 2 / 2
  • Runs on FortiOS 5
  • Exclusive of Taxes
  • Shipping Charges depend on location

Order online Fortigate -30D firewall to secure data at low cost in India


Buy Fortigate 30D Firewall at affordable price in India for high-security protection on your system. Configure your server software with low price FortiGate firewall to get rid of unwanted threats and malware. FortiGate firewall is specially design with an advanced technology for high-quality performance which optimize easily on your system and give 100 •/• protection for a hassle free work experience. We ensure that you will never lose a single data because of advanced and unlimited network filtering done constantly while accessing the Internet. Get assured up-time limitless and low bandwidth consumption to use of resources for cost-effective solution.

So why wait? Buy online at lowest price and get instant delivery at your door-step.

Enterprise Grade Network Security

Fortigate 30D Firewall Series combine FortiOS , the industry’s leading network security operating system, on a Chip (SoC) purpose-built processor. The FortiGate architecture offer a greate enterprise-grade network security; reducing risk at any level.

Real Time Network Protection Easy to Setup

A real time network protection is Designed by Fortinet Firewall Fortigate-30D; on which the SoC integrates FortiASIC security acceleration logic with a RISC based main processor. The Firewall Appliance FG-30D Series maintains uninterrupted data protection.

Easy to Setup

Fortigate 30D Firewall is very easy to set up In NAT/Route mode and easy to use between a personal network and the Internet. Configure FortiGate for better performance and protection to hide the IP addresses of the private network.

High Performance Security Platform

By combining a multiple security technologies into a single appliance; the FortiGate-30D eliminates multiple hardware devices and software solutions.We ensure for up-to-date protection against sophisticated threats on high performance security platform.

Low Level Price.

With multi-threat protection which increases the security and reduces the cost for an Ideal that could be more flexible for any sized business. Fortigate 30D firewall offers high-security, Fortinet FortiGate 30D Network Security at lowest in price compared with any other firewall manufacturer in India.

Automated Updates Accessed

When you configure a FortiGate unit to allow push updates, then the unit sends a SETUP message to the FDN for updates to install automatically in the system in form of automated updates.This process keeps your system up-to-date for 24/7/365 advanced threat protection.

Fortigate 30D Next Generation Firewalls Price List:

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User Support
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130 to 50

Fortigate Forti AP 221C - 3 Years

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230 to 50

Fortigate Forti AP 221C - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 100E 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 100E 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 90D 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 90D 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 70D 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 70D 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 60E 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 60E 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 50E 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 50E 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 30E 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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