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FortiGate 70D Firewalls

 63,840.00 70,000.00 (-9%)

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  • 2x GE RJ45 WAN Ports
  • 2x WAN portst
  • 16x GE RJ45 ports,
  • 14x GE RJ45 Switch Portss
  • 16 GB INternal Memory
  • 1 Gbps VPN Throughput
  • Unlimited user licensing
  • High Network Security
  • 3 yr Warranty
  • 24×7 Tech Support
  • 100–240V AC power supply
  • Exclusive of Taxes
  • Shipping Charges depend on location

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Book now online your Bulletproof security provider FortiGate 70D Firewall, which is based on FortiASIC  and dual stream architecture.  FortiGate Firewall renders high-speed 3G/4G Wan performance and very low latency services and available at cheaper, low price. FortiGate 70D also allows multiple network connectivity, unlimited user account, 100% uptime and is easy to use by medium, skilled professionals.

Server Basket is one of the Top rated dealers of various models of new or used FortiGate/FortiWifi Firewalls across India with an efficient software and hardware system .

Easy To Deploy And Manage

Throughout the FortiExplorer™ wizard, it’s very much easier to install and manage the FortiGate 70D firewalls with readily available step by step instruction. All the steps are simple to understand and user-friendly for various levels of users.

High-Performance Firewall

A FortiGate 70D Firmware is a high security performing device in the industry through its diversified software, hardware, multiple networks, advanced hardware, WiFi connection, cost effective service, etc., fulfills all the security level and regular uptime need.

VPN Capability And Network Security

With a high-speed VPN connection, FortiGate 70D Firmware provides a comprehensive security protection to the whole network through a single firewall device. This is what the significant feature of the FortiGate/FortiWiFi devices.

Advanced protection on FortiGate 70D

The FortiGate-70D firewall provides an advanced protection throughout FortiASIC and FortiOS to ensure the availability of stronger security for the unlimited users connected to the multiple networks within 3G/4G Wan connection range.

Integrated Wireless LAN controller To Manage FortiWifi

As FortiGate-70D is integrated with FortiWiFi-70D to perform a wireless security scanning of multiple networks linked up within the same WiFi Network range. That's why it reduces the burden of a LAN connection and enhances flexible access through WiFi connection.

Application control Of Fortigate 70D Firewall

It controls the security and performance speed of various applications on Windows, Mac, Linux and SmartPhones such as Android, iPhone, iPad, etc. This feature has raised the importance of FortiGat 70D throughput Firewall near the professionals, who work through both Laptops and Mobiles.

Fortigate 70D Next Generation Firewalls Price List:

Sr No.
User Support
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130 to 50

Fortigate Forti AP 221C - 3 Years

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230 to 50

Fortigate Forti AP 221C - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 100E 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 100E 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 90D 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 90D 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 70D 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 70D 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 60E 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 60E 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 50E 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 50E 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 30E 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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