HP ProLiant ML150 (M5G13A) Gen9

 173,000.00 176,000.00 (-2%)


  • HP Prolient Dl150 Gen9 Server
  • 2u TowerServer
  • Part No:M5G13A
  • PROCESSOR : No Processor
  • 3 Yrs Seller Warranty
  • DVD-Rw
  • 1 x 800W/900W Gold Ht Plg Pwr
  • Ethernet 1Gb 2–port 5717 Adapter
  • HP iLO (Firmware: HP iLO 4) with 2GB NAND
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The HP ProLiant ML150 (M5G13A) Gen9 is a tower server that is suitable for limited budget small businesses and is a dual processor that provides essential performance with its Intel Xeon E5 2600 V4 processor.

Server Basket is a leading provider of high-performance, reliable, and expandable servers since inception. We take no stone unturned to ensure that your HP server reaches at the doorstep with no delay and with complete security. Avail best servers online at low in price, affordable price and lowest price with free delivery and three years seller warranty.


The HP Proliant ML150 (M5G13A) Gen9 is designed intelligently with the Intel Xeon E5 2600 V4 processor family. This dual socket processor allows you to achieve both deployment and manageability for your business with the best efficiency and performance. It consists of 14 cores and is an ideal choice for your growing small to medium scale business.

Storage Options

HP ml 150 g9 consists of embedded SATA dynamic smart array B140i controller for handling data and boot funcions. HP ProLiant ML150 offers increased performance, data connectivity and SAS Technology with 12 Gb/s with HPE smart HBA and runs both on simple RAID and HBA mode. An increased dats availability with reliable SAS connectivity is also offered by the server.

Memory Options

The HP ProLiant ML150 (M5G13A) G9 is designed with the HPE DDR4 memory that comprises of 16 DIMM slots. It is essential at decreasing your downtime, preventing data loss and handling errors effectively. This offers an increased memory performance and offers better productivity and efficiency.


The HP Proliant ML150 (M5G13A) Gen9 consists of 14 cores server offers an increased expandability with 6 PCIe slots, 8 USnB ports and power supply options. It also consists of 10 Large Form Factor disk drives and 16 Small Form Factor disk drives with increased IO expansion.


We provide a three year seller warranty on all servers . Within this period, we take up all repair and exchange works on a product upon requests raised. Alongside this, we also provide you with an unfailing and prompt customer service.


Our free delivery services make you free from the concerns that may have faced otherwise like transportation charges etc. Not only this, we ensure safe and secure delivery of your order within three working days Across India such as Hyderabad, pune, chennai, mumbai etc.

Low Price Guarantee

We guarantee the lowest online price available for HP ProLiant ML150 server via the Internet for every booking made through ServerBasket. If you wish to book a server via our website but have found a price on the Internet lower than the price we listed, we’ll surely approve the more favorable price you found.
HP ProLiant ML150 Gen9 Server Pricing List:
 Basic ServersStandard ServerExtortionate Server
 BrandHP ProLiantHP ProLiantHP ProLiant
 Model   ML150 Gen9ML150 Gen9ML150 Gen9
Form Factor   5U Tower5U Tower5U Tower
Processor   Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3
Memory16GB DDR4 Memory2x16GB DDR4 Memory4x16GB DDR4 Memory
Hard Drive  HP 1TB SAS 12G 7.2K LFF 3.5" Hard DriveHP 1TB SAS 12G 7.2K LFF 3.5" Hard DriveHP 1TB SAS 12G 7.2K LFF 3.5" Hard Drive
Price  Rs. 1,58,499/-Rs. 1,89,999/-Rs. 2,14,999/-
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HP ProLiant ML150 Gen9 Server Supporting Memory List:
Part NoDesciptionPriceBuy Now
726717-B21HP 1x4GB 1Rx8 DDR4-2133 Registered MemoryRs. 9,199/-
803026-B21HP 1x4GB 1RX8 DDR4-2133 Registered Standard MemoryRs. 8,799/-
726718-B21HP 1x8GB 1Rx4 DDR4-2133 Registered MemoryRs. 10,199/-
803028-B21HP 1x8GB 1RX4 DDR4-2133 Registered Standard MemoryRs. 8,899/-
726719-B21HP 1x16GB 2Rx4 DDR4-2133 Registered MemoryRs. 16,699/-
728629-B21HP 1x32GB 2Rx4 DDR4-2133 Registered MemoryRs. 39,899/-
805347-B21HP 1x8GB 1Rx8 DDR4-2400 Registered MemoryRs. 8,799/-
805349-B21HP 1x16GB 1Rx4 DDR4-2400 Registered MemoryRs. 16,699/-
805351-B21HP 1x32GB 2Rx4 DDR4-2400 Registered MemoryRs. 29,599/-
836220-B21HP 1x16GB 2Rx4 DDR4-2400 Registered MemoryRs. 15,899/-
851353-B21HP 1x8GB 1Rx8 DDR4-2400 Registered Standard MemoryRs. 8,999/-
726720-B21HP 1x16GB 2Rx4 DDR4-2133 Load Reduced MemoryRs. 18,899/-
805353-B21HP 1x32GB 2Rx4 DDR4-2400 load Registered MemoryRs. 33,799/-
HP ProLiant ML150 Gen9 Server Supporting Processors List:
Part NoDesciptionPriceBuy Now
828355-B21HP Xeon E5-2620v4 (2.1GHz/8-Core/20MB/85W) ProcessorRs. 47,499/-
828356-B21HP Xeon E5-2609v4 (1.7GHz/8-Core/20MB/85W) ProcessorRs. 35,099/-
726660-B21HP Xeon E5-2609v3 (1.9GHz/6-Core/15MB/85W) ProcessorRs. 36,099/-
726663-B21HP Xeon E5-2603v3 (1.6GHz/6-Core/15MB/85W) ProcessorRs. 37,799/-
726657-B21HP Xeon E5-2620v3 (2.4GHz/6-Core/15MB/85W) ProcessorRs. 48,899/-
HP ProLiant ML150 Gen9 Server Supporting Hard Drive List:
Part NoDesciptionPriceBuy Now
881457-B21HPE 2.4TB SAS 12G 10K SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 30,799/-
872481-B21HPE 1.8TB SAS 12G 10K SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 27,099/-
872479-B21HPE 1.2TB SAS 12G 1 0 K SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 20,099/-
870759-B21HPE 900GB SAS 12G 15K SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 31,999/-
870765-B21HPE 900GB SAS 12G 15K SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 28,799/-
870757-B21HPE 600GB SAS 12G 15K SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 20,299/-
872477-B21HPE 600GB SAS 12G 10K SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 16,099/-
870753-B21HPE 300GB SAS 12G 15K SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 16,299/-
872475-B21HPE 300GB SAS 12G 10K SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 11.199/-
857644-B21HPE 10TB SAS 12G 7.2K LFF 3.5"Hard DriveRs. 43,799/-
819201-B21HPE 8TB 12G SAS 7.2K RPM LFF 3.5" Hard DriveRs. 36,299/-
846514-B21HPE 6TB SAS 12G 7.2K LFF 3.5" Hard DriveRs. 28,899/-
846524-B21HPE 1TB SAS 12G 7.2K LFF 3.5" Hard DriveRs. 13,199/-
857648-B21HPE 10TB SATA 6G 7.2K LFF 3.5"Hard DriveRs. 40,899/-
819203-B21HPE 8TB 6G SATA 7.2K RPM LFF 3.5"Hard DriveRs. 34,799/-
861691-B21HPE 1TB SATA 6G 7.2K LFF 3.5" Hard DriveRs. 12,199/-
765455-B21HP 2TB 6G SATA 7.2K RPM SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 32,699/-
765466-B21HP 2TB 12G SAS 7.2K RPM SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 33,299/-
655710-B21HP 1TB 6G SATA 7.2K RPM SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 20,999/-
HP ProLiant ML150 Gen9 Server Supporting Storage Controllers List:
Part NoDesciptionPriceBuy Now
820834-B21HP Smart Array P440/2GB 12Gb SAS controllerRs. 29,199/-
726821-B21HP Smart Array P440/4GB 12Gb SAS controllerRs. 29,399/-
726825-B21HP Smart Array P441/4GB 12Gb SAS controllerRs. 30,299/-
726897-B21HP Smart Array P840/4GB 12Gb SAS controllerRs. 39,899/-
HP ProLiant ML150 Gen9 Server Supporting Power Supplies List:
Part NoDesciptionPriceBuy Now
775595-B21HP 900W AC 240V DC Power Input ModuleRs. 8,499/-
820792-B21HP 900W AC 240V DC Redundant Power SupplyRs. 30,999/-

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Additional information




512 GB

Server Type




Power Supply


RAID Controllers


Remote Management


Max Storage

64 TB


3 Years Seller Warranty

No of Lan Ports



Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3

No of Processors


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    by Krish Kappor

    I am an old customer with server Basket for over a year now and couldn’t be more happier with the prices and their effective customer service. I would recommend Servers Basket above any other company as nothing is ever any trouble. Thanks for all your help!


Which type of Form factor/server is this?

HP ML150 Gen9 server is 5U Tower or Rack server.

What type of processors are present in ML350(M5G13A) server?

In ML150 (M5G13A) server, Intel Xenon Processor E5-2620 V3 default processor is available for this server.

How much processor speed does ML150 (M5G13A) server processor have?

Speed is about 2.4 GHz with 6-core present in HP Proliant (M5G13A) server.

What are the memory protections available in ML150 (M5G13A) HP server?

For Advanced ECC uses single device data correction to detect and correct single and all multi-bit error that occurs within a single DRAM chip, Online spare with  Memory online spare mode detects a rank that is degrading and switches operation to the spare rank for HP Proliant ML150 (M5G13A) server.

What are the default storage for HP ML150 (M5G13A) server?

In this server up to 8 SFF with 2.5inch Hot Plug SAS and SATA for open-bay configuration is default storage for HP ML150 server.

Does this Proliant HP ML150 (M5G13A) server support all the drives?

In this (M5G13A) ML150 HP server supports optical drive as SATA 9.5mm DVD-ROM Optical Drive, SATA 9.5mm DVD-RW Optical Drive is present in ML150 server.

Does Graphic card is present? Then which type of graphic card is present?

Yes, graphic cards are present in HP Proliant ML150 such as HP NVIDIA Quadro K2200 GPU Module graphic cards are present in this server.

Does HP Proliant ML150 Gen9 server having security? Then what are security provided to ML150 server?

Yes, surely for ML150 (M5G13A) server high security is provided such as Power-on password, Setup password, Serial interface control, Power switch security, Administrator's password, TPM 1.2, UEFI are security for this server.

How can I contact support team for price?

There are many ways of contacting Server basket support through live chat, email, 24/7 support will be available to know about price quote.

What is the warranty provided for HP ML150 server?

Up to 3years seller warranty will be provided. If any errors raised then 24/7 support also available to resolve issues for HP Proliant ML150 (M5G13A).

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