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Managed MariaDB Hosting Service (Windows)

MicroQuad Core CPU8GB200GB SSDWindowsRs. 2,099 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial
MegaHexa Core CPU16GB300GB SSDWindowsRs. 2,699 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial
GigaOcta Core CPU32GB500GB SSDWindowsRs. 3,299 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial
TeraOcta Core CPU48GB650GB SSDWindowsRs. 4,199 / M
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Managed MariaDB Hosting Service (Linux)

MicroQuad Core CPU8GB200GB SSDCentOSRs. 1,799 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial
MegaHexa Core CPU16GB300GB SSDCentOSRs. 2,399 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial
GigaOcta Core CPU32GB500GB SSDCentOSRs. 2,999 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial
TeraOcta Core CPU48GB650GB SSDCentOSRs. 3,899 / M
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Managed MariaDB Hosting Service

Specifications MicroMegaGigaTera


Quad Core CPU Hexa Core CPUOcta CoreOcta Core


200 GB300 GB500 GB650GB


8 GB16 GB32 GB48 GB
Windows 1 Month PlanRs. 3,499/ MonthRs. 4,499/ MonthRs. 5, 499/ MonthRs. 6,999/ Month
Windows 3 Months PlanRs. 3,324/ MonthRs. 4,274/ MonthRs. 5,224/ MonthRs. 6,649/ Month
Windows 6 Months PlanRs. 3,149/ MonthRs. 4,049/ MonthRs. 4, 949/ MonthRs. 6,299/ Month
Windows 1 Year PlanRs. 2,799/ MonthRs. 3,599/ MonthRs. 4,399/ MonthRs. 5,599/ Month
Windows 2 Years PlanRs. 2,449/ MonthRs. 3,149/ MonthRs. 3,849/ MonthRs. 4,899/ Month
Windows 3 Years PlanRs. 2,099/ MonthRs. 2,699/ MonthRs. 3,299/ MonthRs. 4,199/ Month
Buy-WindowsBuy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Linux 1 Month PlanRs. 2,999/ MonthRs. 3,999/ MonthRs. 4,999/ MonthRs. 6,499/ Month
Linux 3 Months PlanRs. 2,849/ MonthRs. 3,799/ MonthRs. 4,749/ MonthRs. 6,174/ Month
Linux 6 Months PlanRs. 2,699/ MonthRs. 3,599/ MonthRs. 4,499/ MonthRs. 5,849/ Month
Linux 1 Year PlanRs. 2,399/ MonthRs. 3,199/ MonthRs. 3,999/ MonthRs. 5,199/ Month
Linux 2 Years PlanRs. 2,099/ MonthRs. 2,799/ MonthRs. 3,499/ MonthRs. 4,549/ Month
Linux 3 Years PlanRs. 1,799/ MonthRs. 2,399/ MonthRs. 2,999/ MonthRs. 3,899/ Month
Buy-LinuxBuy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

Do you need a more efficient database management software with a broader range of security-focused features for your websites? Do you want to maximize the performance and speed of your website with a highly effective database server? MariaDB server is an ideal solution for you. You need not worry about its deployment and management as Server Basket offers the most beneficial managed MariaDB hosting service for you. With our MariaDB web hosting service, you can just focus on your core business and website because we will take care of the infrastructure and everything else. Our solution makes the installation, configuration, and maintenance of your MariaDB deployments in the cloud so convenient that your MariaDB server is ready to operate instantly. MariaDB takes the speed, security, and throughput of your website to the next level. It also provides role-based access control and better user support. Our managed hosting service for MariaDB delivers unmetered bandwidth and guaranteed 100% uptime for the highest availability of your software. We are one of the best-managed hosting service providers in the market. We are a customer-centric organization and assure you of delivery of high-quality services.

Boost Your Site Speed with MariaDB

When it comes to your website’s performance, speed is the topmost factor to be considered. It needs to load in around two seconds. If it fails to do so, the users will leave your site instantly. Other issues can also crop up. MariaDB gives your site the required speed and efficiency. Users will not have to wait for the site to load or to download anything from your site. We also take care of any issues that can cause delays.

Maximum Security with High Performance

MariaDB is a highly secure software and has security-focused features. It comes with more and better extra safety measures in comparison to MySQL. These additional features include LDAP and PAM authentication, password checks and internal security, database encryption, and user roles. It also provides secure connectors and protection against application-level attacks. Even the performance of a MariaDB website is better due to its helpful resources for performance optimization. So, its performance is more efficient and faster.

Get Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

MariaDB server's RBAC helps bigger organizations where many users need to have the same role-based access rights as it permits the IT admins to manage the rights of these personnel as a group. Making changes at an individual level only and a prolonged process to manage a huge set of users is no more required. RBAC also eliminates error chances and puts an end to assigning the same database user ID, making it easier to audit actions performed by each user.

MariaDB Offers Better User Support

You may be a beginner or an expert user, you may need support at certain times despite the fact that MariaDB is an easy to use interface. There is a support service offered by MariaDB that provides you 24/7 assistance, and it comes with an exclusive feature of a 30 minutes' maximum reaction time. MariaDB server offers better user support with provisions for a notification service, bug fixes, and patches. Apart from this, our hosting service includes technical support too.

Budget Friendly Plans

We offer very budget-friendly plans for our managed MariaDB hosting service. We understand how important cost savings are in your business. And we help you achieve that goal as our managed hosting solution is competitively priced and can give you great ROI in the future. Select from our varied range of MariaDB hosting plans and get an ultra-fast, super secure, and high-performance MariaDB server for your business.

100% Uptime Assured

We provide an assured 100% uptime for the highest availability of your MariaDB software. Your power-packed hosting account comes with our SLA commitment of 100% uptime. This gives you complete dependability and reliability of our hosting service. Even reboot of our physical servers happens rarely or when it is absolutely necessary for some issue or repair. That gives you minimum downtime, and you can focus on your web development or website building projects without any worries.

Unmetered Bandwidth

No business today is complete without an online presence. A lot of your business’ information and data gets exchanged online generally or with your users. Your business website always needs to be available. And it needs to transfer data to and from different sources uninterruptedly and speedily. For that, our hosting solution provides you with higher bandwidth, which is unmetered. We do not limit the amount of your site traffic, nor we charge anything for your high bandwidth usage.

Benefits with Server Basket

If you are searching for MariaDB hosting, choose Server Basket, one of the best hosting service providers. We are committed to delivering unmatched hosting services at affordable prices. And we ensure that you receive the greatest value for your money. Our MariaDB hosting solutions come with superior server infrastructure, high speed, and perfect connectivity. Our top-quality service, advanced technologies, and skilled support team make us the leading hosting service provider. Contact us to know more.

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Is MariaDB faster than MySQL?

Yes, MariaDB has an improved speed in comparison to MySQL and it gives your site higher speed and efficiency. Users do not have to wait for your site to load or to download any content from the site. MariaDB boosts the speed of your site considerably.

Which servers are compatible with MariaDB?

MariaDB supports different server operating systems - Windows, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD but it works the best with Linux. If you want the best performance of MariaDB, use it on a Linux server preferably. It is undoubtedly the most secure server OS for your MariaDB.

Is it for enterprise level?

Yes, MariaDB Enterprise platform has been built for enterprises. It supplies MariaDB servers with the high performance, availability, scalability, security and analytics that the businesses of today need and depend on. It is an enhanced and more secured version of the MariaDB Community server.

Will Shared hosting support MariaDB?

No, currently, only virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated web hosting accounts support and can install MariaDB. MariaDB hosting requires a large number of resources for its optimal functioning. Since databases can have confidential and sensitive data, MariaDB also needs better security.

Who can use MariaDB?

Many performance-oriented web hosting providers offer MariaDB as a substitute for MySQL. MariaDB, because of its elite features and advanced security, is being used by some very high-profile clients like, Google, Mozilla and the Wikimedia Foundation. It is the most popular open-source database server.

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