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  • Cheap Server Colocation India
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Move your servers into high redundant Tier 4 data centers utilizing power & infrastructure with cheap server colocation India services In Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi DC.

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1U | 2U | 4U | 8U Rack Colocation Plans & Pricing for Server Colocation India:

PLANS & PRICING8 U Bundles4 U Bundles2 U Bundles1 U Bundle
KVM AccessOn DemandOn DemandOn DemandOn Demand
Free SetupYesYesYesYes
Rated Power600W400W300W200W
Power SupplyYesYesYesYes
Free RebootsYesYesYesYes
Bandwidth100 GB100 GB100 GB100 GB
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Rack Space Server Colocation India for Tier 4 DC:

ResourcesFull Rack HostingHalf Rack HostingQuarter Rack Hosting
Power SupplyYesYesYes
KVM AccessOn DemandOn DemandOn Demand
Free SetupYesYesYes
BandwidthOn DemandOn DemandOn Demand
Rated Power3 KW1.5 KW1 KW
Free RebootsYesYesYes
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House your entire equipment in our premium tier 4 Indian data centers at the lowest price by acquiring our award-winning server colocation services in India. We assure the users’ available cheap server colocation hosting in different locations across India to deliver great efficiency with reliability with single colocation server, 1U Rack, 2U rack colocation servers. Your servers are housed at our own colocation data centers located at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, etc. and are taken care of for optimal performance with provided free hardware as well as software support, low latency, 100% server uptime, and 24/7 technical monitoring and maintenance support with our cheap server colocation India.

Cheap Server Colocation India Includes:

Colocation Servers at Any Location In India:

We provide Cheap server colocation services to the users by housing their servers in our highly secured data centers and make the colocation servers accessible to the clients from any location in India i.e., Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi etc.

Lowest Hardware Leasing Program:

If required, we provide brand names servers as well as other hardware equipment for lease to the customers at lowest prices with our hardware leasing program with our server colocation india. Our Colocation server pricing are available at best rates on free server hardware maintenance, free spare parts support that suits perfect for the virtual environments.

Free Hardware/ Software Support:

If in any case you face any kind of hardware related damages or output issues due to outdated softwares, meanwhile we replace the hardware with our own equipment and update the softwares to latest versions without charging any extra prices from the clients for maintaining work continuity by choosing our colocation server hosting services india.

Any Type of Billing:

Our Server colocation India services accept monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual or any type of billing option based on customer’s convenience with the help of our secure payment gateway. You will also be provided the flexibility to change the billing cycles whenever required by contacting our support team by changing the colocation server plans.

Lowest latency Server Colocation India:

With our low price colocation server hosting plans and tier 4 data centers, you will get rid of delays between the instruction provided and data transferred as per need thus proving low latency. Our latency financial cloud is designed to meet trading needs of financial hubs located in and around the world.

Free Datacenter Tour:

Any doubts or queries related to our data center facilities, then without any hesitation, you can visit our data centers at any time and check out the facilities provided before co-locating your server in to our data centers.

Tier 4 DC Colocation facilities:

Our tier 4 data centers are built and planned in such a way that your down time would be less than 24 minutes in the entire year, 8 zone security enabled, scalability options for over a decade, large DC space, 96 hours power outage protection and 2N+1 fully redundant infrastructure with cheap colocation hosting in india.

100% Uptime:

We provide low cost server colocation facilities through our sophisticated data centers with state of art processes and designs to ensure 100% server uptime guarantee for unhindered business operations. With dual network paths including N+N redundancy for Firewalls, we hereby eliminate downtime issues.

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What is server colocation?

Server colocation is the process of housing the servers and networking equipment owned by an organization by providing data center space or pre-built racks and cabinets. This space is supplied by a partner or third party as a rental service.

What is the difference between server colocation and dedicated hosting?

With dedicated hosting, you get to lease an entire server, which you do not share with any other client. Colocation involves the placement of the servers owned by you in a third-party data center that provides a managed and secure infrastructure.

In which tier data centers will the servers be hosted?

Your servers will be hosted in tier 4 Indian data centers that provide 8-zone security, high scalability, huge space, and 96-hours power outage protection. With their 2N+1 fully redundant infrastructure, the downtime will be less than 24 minutes annually.

What type of managed services do you provide with the server colocation package?

Besides providing the physical facility that offers space, sufficient power, security, and cooling for your servers, we offer managed services like system administration and management, physical hardware and software assistance, server backups, network equipment management, and proactive response monitoring.

Can I colocate more than one server?

Yes, you can colocate more than one server. In addition to the single server colocation, we offer 1U, 2U, 4U, and 8U rack bundles to host multiple servers. We also provide quarter rack, half rack, and full rack hosting.

Will you give me access to your facilities to manage and maintain my own server?

Before you colocate your servers, you are welcome to take a tour of our data center to witness the facilities we provide. After colocation, you can visit to check your servers’ equipment physically. We manage the rest of the infrastructure.

Is there any setup fee for server colocation?

No, we do not charge any colocation fee for the servers you colocate at our data center facility. As a part of our service, we offer free installation and setup assistance. We offer free software and hardware support in emergencies.

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