Managed Colocation Data Center

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  • Host From Enterprise Colocation Data Centers
  • Managed Colocation data center
  • Free Hardware Management
  • Managed SAP Hosting Services
  • Managed Colocation Services
  • High Density Application Solutions
  • Multi-cloud environments
  • Unparalleled Network Performance
  • Global Network of Data Centers
  • 100% Uptime

Scale your business in Tier4 data centers in India, we offer cos- effective managed colocation data center services allow to expand IT infrastructure of your custom network with free hardware support, managed colocation services India

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Managed Colocation Data Center Plans & Pricing Options:

PLANS & PRICING8 U Bundles4 U Bundles2 U Bundles1 U Bundle
KVM AccessOn DemandOn DemandOn DemandOn Demand
Free SetupYesYesYesYes
Rated Power600W400W300W200W
Power SupplyYesYesYesYes
Free RebootsYesYesYesYes
Bandwidth100 GB100 GB100 GB100 GB
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Managed Data Center Colocation Services Features & Pricing :

ResourcesFull Rack HostingHalf Rack HostingQuarter Rack Hosting
Power SupplyYesYesYes
KVM AccessOn DemandOn DemandOn Demand
Free SetupYesYesYes
BandwidthOn DemandOn DemandOn Demand
Rated Power3 KW1.5 KW1 KW
Free RebootsYesYesYes
Order NowOrder NowOrder Now

Facing issues and damages while migrating your servers, then colocate your IT infrastructure to our fully managed colocation data center in India without delaying your running projects at low price with provided free hardware support, 15 day risk free trial colocation data center services, customized billing services as per user’s hardware requirements, free colocation hardware support, tier 4 data center infrastructure, 24/7 bullet proof physical server security, 100% network availability and round the clock colocation support.

Our Colocation Data Center Services Includes:

Managed Colocation Services:

We manage all your entire hardware, software, as well as applications in our colocation as if they were in your own facility. As one of the leading colocation service providers, we maintain physical space and environment, so that you can keep focused on your present businesses without any problems.

No Extra Cost For Server Hardware Support:

Customer need not worry about their server hardware support! If in any case your hosted in our colocation data center hardware gets damaged, we either arrange our servers or will replace the ruined spare parts with our own accessories until you buy new ones without charging any extra prices from the clients.

15 Days Risk Free Trial Data Center Colocation Facility:

We offer 15 days risk free trial data center colocation facility so that you may try our colocation services before you spend any of your hard earned money. Our trial period is 100% risk free from leading data center colocation providers in india! No need to provide credit card, PayPal details! No worries about wastage of money! Your first 15 days are 100% free!

Customized Billing:

We follow a transparent billing system without any hidden costs. Based on client requirement, we customize colocation data center space options in either full rack colocation or half rack colocation or private suites. As per selected option, we calculate bill amount and provide colocation data center services quote to the customers.

Free Colocation Hosting Consulting:

``Always available`` is our motto, and it's how we do business and service our clients. Our free expert server colocation hosting consultants will help you with any kind of issues occurred via email, telephone, live chat etc., to meet all your colocation data center requirements.

Tier 4 DC Security:

We host the servers at leading colocation services provider india with tier 4 data center which is fault tolerant and highly secure. All our tier 4 colocation data center operate under high standards featuring inbuilt antivirus, encryption softwares ensuring physical bullet proof security for all servers, storage, and networking equipment.

100 % Uptime:

ServerBasket’s tier 4 data centers boast an industry leading track record of 100% server uptime. Our data centers are equipped with UPS power back up systems and N+1 (or greater) redundancy, with proven uptime record without any downtime by choosing our managed data center colocation services India.

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What is managed colocation data center?

Managed colocation data centers offer to manage all your hardware, applications, and software prior to co-locating your server. Users who cannot spare much time for server maintenance or those who cannot risk any accidental device failures can choose this service.

What are the benefits of co-locating the servers in data centers?

The managed colocation data centers help users to concentrate on their workflows alone as all the server management works are handled by our technicians. It benefits you with the uninterrupted availability, performance, and uptime to run your websites and workflows.

Can I rent both servers and the data center space from Server Basket?

Yes, you can rent both the servers and server space from us. Go through the available packages displayed on our page and if you couldn’t find a package that suits your requisites, contact our support team for all further details.

Are the power and cooling charges included in the package, or do I need to pay anything extra?

Yes, the power and cooling charges are included in the package. You don’t have to pay anything extra. We are very transparent and strict with our prices and therefore we don’t impose any additional charges on any service we provide.

How much uptime assurance do you provide, and in how much time any unexpected issue will be resolved?

Constant monitoring and surveillance by our technical experts assure you 100% uptime of all your websites. In case of any unexpected issues, we will start working on the issues right away and resolve them ASAP without disturbing your regular workflows.

What standards of security are deployed in your data centers, and which tier of data centers do you have?

All our servers are hosted on tier4 data centers. Our data centers operate under constant supervision and high standard security that includes inbuilt encryption and anti-virus software, firewalls, SSL, and other security features to ensure your privacy and data safety.

What are all activities included in the managed services package?

Managed services package includes constant monitoring and management of your server hardware and software, performing regular backups and frequent audits, troubleshooting the errors beforehand, and maintaining physical security, space, and environment for successful and flawless functioning of your server workflows.

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