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Supermicro NAS Storage Server

 75,000.00 80,000.00 (-6%)

  • High-End Internal Storage
  • 36 Hard Drive Bays
  • 24 Front Drive Bays
  • 12 Rear Drive Bays
  • NAS Storage Server
  • No External Sotrage Needed
  • Most Economical Storage Solution
  • Best Backup Solution
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • 24×7 Tech Support

Supermicro NAS Storage Server. High End Storage. 3 Year No Risk Support

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Supermicro NAS storage server solutions are now on sale online at Server Basket at cheapest prices. High-end storage servers are available at economical prices to offer complete internal storage without worrying about external storage to your data center. With Network Attached Storage capability, Supermicro storage servers are specially designed to meet up your backup needs. Buy now to avail lowest prices and 3 years risk-free support. Order Now!

High-End NAS Storage Server

We present you Supermicro NAS storage server with high-end internal storage with inbuilt 36 X 3.5” Hot-swap SAS3/SATA3 Drive bays. This internal storage includes 24 X 3.5” SAS3/SATA3 HDD or SSD in the front drive bays and 8 X 3.5” SAS3/SATA3 HDD or SSD and 4 X NVMe/SAS3/SATA3 at the 12 rear drive bays. Internal storage also includes optional 2 X 2.5” Hot-swap SATA drive bays at the rear and fixed internal drive bracket supporting 1 X 3.5 or 2 X 2.5” devices.

No External Storage Needed

Supermicro offers you a high-end storage server with immense storage capacity to face all your significant business challenges. Due to the high internal storage of 36 bays, it solves all the storage problems and hence, you don’t need any external storage devices to maintain your business. No more hassles of maintaining external Hard Drive, SSD, USB, Optical drive, cloud storage etc. due to such a high drive bay size.

Most Economical Storage Solution

We offer you the most affordable storage solution from Supermicro to your business enterprise. We offer you an economical solution in place of buying 2 servers each of 24 bays and 12 bays; you can get one 36 bay storage server with each hard drive capacity up to 12TB at an economical price. You can expand your total server storage space up to 432 TB if you use Supermicro NAS Storage server to its full extent. This is the most economical storage solution to start-up or SME or any large enterprise.

Designed for Backup Solution

Supermicro NAS storage server is specifically designed to tackle your backup challenges and intense workloads. With Everest sized internal storage of up to 432 TB, this storage server allows having multiple backups within a short period, without any worry about storage. Supermicro NAS storage server can be used to maintain redundancy for your files, database and other personal information and recover it during failure or crash or any other emergencies without having the tension of storage capacity running out.

Ready for NAS Storage

We offer you optimized storage solutions with Supermicro storage servers with NAS storage support. Instead of additional HDDs connecting as external drives, NAS allows multiple users to access information from various devices. With NAS storage Supermicro servers meet your sophisticated business data center requirements, dealing with high-performance applications leading to next level of performance, reliability, scalability and accessibility.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Server Basket offers you advances storage solutions to your organization with Supermicro NAS storage servers at economy prices. We guarantee storage servers at lowest prices when compared to other dealer or vendors online in present IT server market. Embedded with high-end configurations, internal storage, and improved capabilities our storage servers are available at cheapest prices.

3 Year Risk-Free Support

Best technical support for 3 years is offered from certified professional staff that assist you 24/7 to resolve your issues instantly at Server Basket. We offer you 3 years of risk-free support services to maintain your servers and deal with your queries and performance issues at free of cost. In case of any hardware, drivers, optimization, gateway, networks or any local or remote issue, feel free to contact us, and we will be readily available to help you out in solving the problem. We have round the clock working knowledgeable staff to respond you within 15 minutes.
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