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  • Free Dedicated Servers Setup/ Installation
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Procure Best Quality Dedicated servers at a cheap price, Server Basket offers cheap Plesk, Cpanel dedicated web hosting servers with free server management in India.

Product idCPURAMDiskAvailabilityPrice /MonthBuy
SBCDS-1Xeon X34704 GB500GB HDD

SBCDS-2Xeon X34708 GB2x 500GB HDD

SBCDS-3Xeon X347016 GB2x 1TB HDD

SBCDS-4Xeon E3-12204 GB500GB HDD

SBCDS-5Xeon E3-12204 GB2x 500GB HDD

SBCDS-6Xeon E3-12208 GB1TB HDD

SBCDS-7Xeon X56508 GB2x 1TB HDD

SBCDS-8Xeon X565016 GB500GB HDD

SBCDS-9Xeon X565016 GB1TB HDD

SBCDS-10Xeon X565016 GB2x 1TB HDD


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Product Overview

Procure the best quality Plesk Dedicated Webhosting Servers along with user-friendly CPanel in cheaper and best-discounted price than the other dedicated webhosting servers providers in India. We are ready to provide dedicated servers with the Plesk panel, control panel and having professional technical support, Tier IV Data center, dedicated IP with a money back guaranty service. 100% uptime and unlimited band width and sufficient storage space are the added benefits in this dedicated web hosting service.

Server basket has won the long time reputation as the successful server seller and dedicated web hosting servers service provider in cheaper and best affordable price than the other dedicated server hosting service provider in India. Now the latest version is Plesk Control Planel edited Web hosting server for multiple websites handling system.

Cheap Webhosting Plans

Acquire the cheaper and discounted Plesk control panel dedicated web hosting server with lot of beneficial plans such as 100% uptime, Unlimited dedicated ips, and multiple website control systems with easier tools and user-friendly database controlling system with tight security and regular data backup system, and also we will provide services for dedicated server management all over in India like Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune.

Ready for Cpanel & Plesk

Ready to provide different dedicated server platforms i.e; Plesk and Cpanel, it is used for easier controlling of multiple websites in an easier way with unlimited database and remote access of database is possible here with Bulletproof security added dedicated server and regular website data backup system.

Indian Dedicated Servers

We have been established as the web hosting service provider through Indian dedicated servers, unlimited email ids, dedicated ips, database servers, user-friendly control panel systems, 100% uptime with great security features, no hacking chances and much more. By choosing our Indian dedicated servers your server runs 100% uptime without any issue, page loading speed, bandwidth is high compared to others i.e; us dedicated servers, UK dedicated servers.

Free Dedicated Server Setup

You will have here free windows / Linux dedicated server setup installation/ configuration with 24x7 hours customer support service. You will get instruction step by step installation and configuration process from our Technical executives and enjoy the flawless control panel use for multiple websites.

Host More Than 2000 Doman’s With Dedicated Servers

Server basket facilitates the individual resellers or web designers to host more than 2000 domains with our cheap dedicated server plans which include great speed and unlimited database and disk space and no uptime will be affected due to multiple domains. So registering here would be beneficial for you.

Become Web Hosting Provider

Our dedicated webhosting servers provide you reseller facility to generate more revenue at your end at discounted price to earn a good amount of money. So, why do you do late? Register as a reseller for our cheap dedicated servers and start becoming a partner dedicated hosting provider in india.

More than 50% Profits

By becoming a reseller or partner dedicated hosing service provider, you can earn more than 50% profit as discount for each domain and control panel space purpose. When you will increase the number domains, the discounted percentage will be added to your account. Choose our cheap dedicated servers in india and get 50% more than profits.

24X7 Voice, Technical Support

Our 24x7 hours customer care service department is awakened to provide you an uninterrupted service and both technical and non-technical support service up to the satisfactory level of customer and hence all doubt and issues will be solved. We will resolve your issues through phone, email, live chat, and ticket system.

Pricing Options For Low-Cost Cheap cPanel, Plesk Dedicated Web Hosting Servers:

Product idCPUSpeedCoresRAMDiskIP'sCare PackPrice /MonthBuy
SBCDS-2Xeon X34704c/4t/3.1 GHz48 GB2x500 GB HDD2FreeRs.4,999
SBCDS-6Xeon E3-12204c/4t/3.1 GHz
48 GB1TB HDD2FreeRs.7,499
SBCDS-7Xeon X56506c/6t/2.66 GHz68 GB2x 1TB HDD2FreeRs.7,999
SBCDS-9Xeon X56504c/4t/3.1 GHz816 GB1TB HDD4FreeRs.8,999

High-End Cheap cPanel, Plesk Dedicated Web Hosting Servers Plans & Price List:

Product idCPUSpeedCoresRAMDiskIP'sCare PackPrice /MBuy
SBCDS-1Xeon X34706c/12t/2.3 GHz124 GB500GB HDD2


SBCDS-3Xeon X34706c/12t/2.3 GHz124 GB2x 1TB HDD2


SBCDS-4Xeon E3-12208 c/16t/2.2 GHz164 GB500GB HDD2


SBCDS-5Xeon E3-122010c/20t/ 2.2 GHz204 GB2x500GB HDD2


SBCDS-8Xeon X56508c/16t/2.1 GHz816 GB500GB HDD4


SBCDS-10Xeon X56508c/16t/2.1 GHz1616 GB2x 1TB HDD4



Additional Information



Type of OS



128 GB, 16GB, 256 GB, 32 GB, 4GB, 512 GB, 64 GB, 8GB

Max Storage

1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB, 8 TB, 12 TB, 500GB

Type of Storage


Data Center Location


Remote Management


Type Of Hosting

Dedicated Server


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How many domains we can host ?

You can host more than 2000 domains on all our dedicated server plans.

Do you charge extra for cpanel ?

No, we will not charge extra for Cpanel in a dedicated server.

Is there any voice support for dedicated server ?

Yes, We will offer excellent voice support for all our dedicated web hosting server.

Which os do you offer on the dedicated servers ?

We will offer both Linux and windows operating system in all our dedicated web hosting server as per your requirement.

What type of applications can i load ?

You are free to load any applications you wish as long as they are not in violation of our Terms of Service.

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