Linux Dedicated Server With Free CPanel

 8,499.00 13,999.00 (-39%)

  • Free Cpanel/WHM Licenses
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Data Backups
  • Advanced Free Cpanel support
  • Host Unlimited Domains on Dedicated Servers
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 99.99% Uptime Servers
  • Excellent 24×7 Support
  • Exclusive of Taxes
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Pricing Options For Linux Dedicated Server With Free CPanel:

Plan-IDCoresProcessorRAMStorageBandwidthPrice/MonthBuy Now
INDS-112 Cores / 24 threads1 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V364 GB RAM2 X 1TB SSD Soft RAID 1UnlimitedRs.8,499.00/- Monthly
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INDS-212 Cores / 24 threads1 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V396 GB RAM2 X 1TB SSD Soft RAID 1UnlimitedRs.9,499.00/- Monthly
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INDS-3  12 Cores / 24 threads1 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V364 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 3 X 1TB SSD  TB RAID 5UnlimitedRs.12,499.00/- Monthly
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INDS-412 Cores / 24 threads1 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V3128 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 2 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 1UnlimitedRs.14,499.00/- Monthly
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INDS-512 Cores / 24 threads1 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V3256 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 2 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 1UnlimitedRs.15,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-6  24 Cores / 48 threads2 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V3256 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 2 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 1UnlimitedRs.19,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-7  24 Cores / 48 threads2 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V3384 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 3 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs.24,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-8  36 Cores / 72 threads2 x Intel Xeon E5-2696 V3512 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 4 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs.34,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-9  44 Cores / 88 threads2 x Intel Xeon E5-2696 V4512GB GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 4 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs.39,999.00/- Monthly
Get 30 Days Free Trial
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INDS-1048 Cores / 96 threads2 x Intel Platinum 8163512 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 4 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs.44,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-1164 Cores / 128 threads1 x AMD EPYC 7742512 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 4 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs.64,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-12128 Cores / 256 threads2 x AMD EPYC 77421TB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 4 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs.74,999.00/- Monthly
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CPanel is the most popular hosting management in the industry for Linux platforms. With it, the users can manage their entire websites in single click such as managing files, creating email accounts, accessing website server statistics, setting up FTP accounts, managing databases and backups and many more. And most importantly, what if you get to access it for free? We at Server Basket provide Linux dedicated server with free CPanel linked that you purchase from us. There is no need to pay extra. For the amount you pay for the server, the CPanel installation will be available within it. CPanel features will offer a better user experience for the visitors and for you in website management.

Free Control Panel for Every Server

There is no other hosting control panel like CPanel that gives users the elaborate hosting management solution. With CPanel you yourself can manage everything without seeking help of your hosting provider. CPanel is designed in a way that the users can serve themselves. With this, your company can reduce the pressure as the number of support tickets raised by the customers will be reduced over the period of time. And we at Server Basket are making it even simpler by providing a free control panel for every dedicated server purchased from us.

No Extra For Cpanel/ WHM License

When you want to accommodate the growing traffic needs of your company, CPanel/WHM (web hosting management manager) is an easy to use and a stress-free tool. CPanel with WHM is a powerful administrative tool, which allows you to quickly configure and modify your accounts, helps in file management, account security, get server backups and lot more. Get accessed to all the administrative tools that let you manage server, accounts, and website easily. We provide the choice of CPanel/WHM license that is suitable for your website at no extra costs.

Free Cpanel Server Backup Management

Taking regular backups copies is very important for any online business. We at Server Basket will configure and enable CPanel/WHM to automatically create backups on time of all the important information at specific intervals or based on your provided requirement. Once it is done so, you can even do the backups at any point of time, such as on a specific day at specific time. With the use of CPanel, this the major benefit of having backups for free and whenever required. We at Server Basket will be managing the server backups and secure the information for you. You can retrieve backup and use it in case of any unfortunate circumstances.

Free One time server Hardening

Server Basket follows some keen tricks and steps to harden the Linux server. There are several methods that are enabled to provide the strongest security to your Linux Dedicated Server with free CPanel. Securing the server is a quite challenging task for the server administrator. But we at Server Basket provide security measures to keep up the server running 24/7 for free. Here are some methods that we follow to secure your server. They are- disk partitions, server updates, use of SSH, physical system security, monitor user activities, file backups, turning on SELinux, IPS enabled firewall security, installation of anti-virus(ClamAV, Kaspersky etc.) and many more to achieve the higher level of security.

Hosted on Tier 4 Data centers

The significance and high availability of tier 4 data centers cannot be underestimated. Server Basket host at tier 4 data center, the robustly designed data center thus making an obvious choice for corporations globally. We never fail to provide 100% uptime and it is an ideal choice for industries dealing with market transactions, E-commerce, blogs, offices, and sorts. Our tier 4 data centers our available in multiple locations in India and known to be robust and reliable and represents the highest level of security, availability, and reliability. Therefore, host your Linuix dedicated server with free CPanel in our tier 4 data center to achieve your company goals with an ease.

100% Uptime Dedicated Servers

We provide you with 100% uptime guarantee which includes the availability of server 24/7 and also the network components in the data center. Server Basket assures that our tier 4 data center network with be available 100% of the time and we make sure that you face no interruptions in accessing your business data.

24/7 Expert CPanel Support

Server Basket provides 24/7 support for CPanel & WHM server owners. Our support team consists of certified CPanel and WHM experts and they will be available online 24/7 to help you deliver 100% reliable solutions as quickly as possible. We help you in providing 24/7 emergency administration, account security assistance, service configuration assistance, configuring backups, and many more such services.


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Dedicated Server

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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by Purushotham M G

    Even though they guarantee for 100% up-time servers, but they are same like other servers available online with 99% up-time. Facing downtime issues with my website and no immediate support from the 24/7 technical support team. They didn’t respond to email or call.

  2. 06

    by Neeraj kumar gupta

    Money back guarantee from Server Basket for any downtime issues. But never faced any such problems and Promising 100% Uptime servers with high performance and network support to provide trouble free experience. One of the best product from server basket

  3. 06

    by MD Abedullah ansari

    Got Linux Dedicated Server from Server basket, exactly meeting all my requirements like unlimited bandwidth and host unlimited domains. Absolutely the best service provider in Indian IT server market.

  4. 06

    by Rahul Sachdeva

    Recently bought Linux Dedicated Server hosting from Server Basket along with free C-panel without any extra charge. This helped me to install and run applications according to my requirement. I highly recommend this dedicated server.

  5. 06

    by Santhosh M

    Very disappointed with the level of support I received from server basket technical team. They boast themselves to be highly adept at solving issues but it took more than 4 hours to find the problem itself. Your technical team need to be changed immediately

  6. 06

    by Tanmay Mallick

    Available all across India in 4-tire data centers with high levels of service, performance, reliability, energy efficiency and free WHM License. Along with software installation of Linux Dedicated Server anywhere in India Server Basket offer free C-panel license. Very user friendly.


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