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Dell R930 Server Rental India

 52,000.00 59,000.00 (-12%)

  • Dell PowerEdge R930 Server For Rent/ Lease in India
  • Cost effective Servers for Rent at low Price
  • Server rentals at customized packages
  • Dell servers for temporary purpose
  • Form Factor: 4U Rack Server
  • Processor: INTEL XEON – E7-8800
  • MAX RAM – 32GB
  • HARD DISK – 6 TB
  • Bulletproof Security
  • 24×7 Technical  Support

Offers on Dell PowerEdge R930 server rental at low price compare to other server rental providers, one day delivery, shipping any location in India, 24/7 Technical Support

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Rent or lease Dell PowerEdge R930 server at a low price for running you are specified the duration based project or startup applications at the low price in India as of compared to any other Dell server rental service providers. As per your project configuration as well as requirements, we customize the Dell R930 server before providing on rent to the clients in specified budget range. NO extra charges will be taken! We will try our best to provide you with all the server requirements and save large amounts of money.

We assure that you will never come across any kind of issues while using the Dell R930 server now as well as in upcoming future. Look at the Dell r930 configuration, Dell R930 specifications and compare with the Dell PowerEdge r930 price in India. Our rental servers are built in such a way that it runs on any operating system without showing any error messages. We deliver the rental server ordered to any location across India i.e., Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmadabad, Vizag, Coimbatore etc., irrespective of the remote location. Without any delay, Order Dell PowerEdge R930 server or rack server on rental at best price and run all your applications and projects with ease.

Ultimate Performance with Improved Scalability

The Dell PowerEdge R930 is a very powerful 4U rack server that boasts over features and technology required for an ultimate performance. It is a highly reliable server that can scale flexibly in processing, internal storage, and memory to maximize performance for the most demanding business and memory intensive applications. It optimizes operations and reduces latency significantly. 

Supported By Powerful Intel Xeon v4 Processors

The PowerEdge R930 rack server can support up to four Intel Xeon E7-4800 or E7-8800 v4 processors, with up to 24 cores on a single processor. This enables availability of a total up to 96 cores when four high-end processors are installed together. The server delivers the highest processing power and supports a greater number of virtual partitions.

High Quality SSDs And SAS Drives For Optimum Storage

This Dell PowerEdge server comes with the best-in-class internal storage options to provide maximized storage for your business. It can support up to 24 2.5″ hot-plug 12Gb/6Gb SAS HDDs or SAS/SATA SSDs. It can also support up to 8 front-accessible Express Flash NVMe PCIe (3.0) SSDs. With so many choices available, internal storage can be optimized for particular applications.

Ideal Memory to Support Mission-Critical Applications

PowerEdge R930 servers with Xeon v4 processors offer higher memory bandwidth compared to the v3 CPUs. Memory is scalable; if all 96 processing cores are utilized, up to 12TB DDR4 memory on 96 DIMM slots can be accessed. These DIMMS are smaller and help you scale memory cost-effectively. Optimize the memory for memory intensive workloads and applications, and in-memory databases.

Simplified Server Management with Automation

The R930 server enables simplified and efficient server management in virtual, physical, and local environments with automation and built-in server intelligence. Management tools like iDRAC8 with OpenManage Essentials and Lifecycle Controller. OpenManage automates the routine server management tasks such as deployment, monitoring, updates, and maintenance, making them agent-free. This automation is not impacted by the installed hypervisor or OS.

Guaranteed Flexibility with iDRAC8 Remote Management

The integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC8) provides a flexible and comprehensive onboard server management for remote and local environments. It enables you to achieve a higher level of automation in your organization along with security that ensures you peace of mind and freedom from the routine management tasks. Lifecycle Controller helps to streamline the server configuration, deployment, and updates.

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How much memory does the Dell PowerEdge R930 Server offer?

Dell PowerEdge R930 server delivers scalable memory with the advanced Xeon v4 CPU. It can support 96 DIMM slots altogether to provide a maximum of up to 12TB memory. It supports DDR4 memory in RDIMM, and LRDIMM types with 2400MT/s speed.

What is the process if I want to rent a Dell PowerEdge R930 Server?

There is no elaborate process. You just need to tell us your business or application needs, and specifications you want in your Dell R930 server. We will custom build your desired server, and deliver it to you.

Why choose Server Basket for Dell PowerEdge R930 server?

Server Basket is one of the leading server rental providers in India. We are established in the business and have a great reputation in the market. We offer high quality server solutions and related services at affordable prices.

How long does it take to deliver the server? Do you charge for the server delivery?

It takes a day or two for the server delivery, depending on the location. For a far-off place, it might take up to three days. We do not charge anything for local deliveries. For deliveries to other locations, charges are nominal.

Does Dell PowerEdge Server Support Linux Operating Systems?

Yes, the PowerEdge R930 rack server supports Linux operating systems, among others. It is compatible with Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The server delivers high performance with these operating systems.

Do you provide server installation support?

Yes, we provide installation support for the Dell R930 rack server. Once you get your server delivered, you can contact our support team. They will connect remotely with you and guide you through the complete server installation and configuration.

Will you offer any support if I want to upgrade the configuration in the future?

We offer both preconfigured and custom PowerEdge R930 servers. so, whenever you need to upgrade its configuration in the future, we will offer full support for it. We will have your server ready with the specifications you need to change.

Does the server come with a warranty? What services are covered under warranty?

Yes, your rented server comes with our seller warranty which covers repair and replacement of parts or the product. If you receive your server in a damaged condition or any part is not functioning, you can claim its repair or replacement.

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