Linux / Windows FTP Server Management

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  • Secure Windows FTP Server Setup
  • Configure File Storage Solutions
  • Speed & Secure FTP Server Software for Windows
  • Free Windows FTP Server Software’s
  • Bulletproof File Storage Server Security
  • Access Files Remotely From Anywhere
  • Automated Managed File Transfers
  • Best Linux Graphical FTP Server
  • Linux/ Windows File Storage Solutions
  • Professional Linux Support Team
  • Exclusive of Taxes
  • Shipping Charges depend on location


We will monitor FTP Server with Setup, configuration, monitoring, server performance with our Linux/ windows ftp server management support services with unlimited users, no limits for file uploads

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Avail our Linux as well as windows FTP server management services with security, 24/7 support and acquire Linux windows file storage server monitoring all the time, report generation on both hardware as well as software performances etc. Our technicians even support and manage Linux and windows 7, 2012 r2, 2003 FTP server services in case of file transfers, copying files, moving from one storage location to other etc. Not only managing the FTP server, we also install, setup and configure it for free once after acquiring our FTP file storage server services. No, wait anymore! Procure our FTP server security and live ftp file storage support services.

Secure FTP Server Setup & Configuration

We as a high-end Linux Windows based FTP server management service provider setup your FTP server in a safe and secure way and configure the resources as per user's application or project requirement without any hassles.

Easy To Access From Anywhere

Flexibility to access the ftp server from anywhere at any time!! Since being a valuable and busy user, you can access, monitor and go through the actions performed in your Linux Windows FTP server from any remote location without any error pop-ups.

Unlimited Users

Each and every hosted Linux, windows FTP server of ours include unlimited user compatibility. By default, we offer limited access to the users with provided scalability options for modifying and adding required user access as per the requirement of an application.

No Limitation File Size

We do not have any file size limits while uploading via FTP server and user may upload any large, small file type with any extension. Even the user can increase the file size using scalability options available in our server's Linux Windows cPanel platform.

FTP Server Management GUI Access

Our Linux file server management will provide secure GUI interface access to the customers for administering the hosted Linux Windows server based FTP database and going through the control panel, log reports, activities performed from time to time etc.

Upload /download Performance Tuning

Linux/ windows FTP Server support team will tune the data upload download speeds, file transfer rate and frequencies as per project size and client requirement for increasing the output performance. We not only tune but also troubleshoot the errors occurred while transferring the data. Our FTP File server support management will tune all the linux ftp server performance.

BulletProof Security

The leading edge and top level security that meets federal as well as state standards from all the corners of Linux/ windows FTP Server management! We provide 8 layer security using web security services i.e., Anti spyware, Antivirus soft wares, Standard firewalls and URL filtering etc. Our FTP Server Management team will secure your Linux, windows file server to detect unwanted threats, malwares etc.

24x7 Server Monitering

Constant monitoring of all the production environments!! We deploy 24/7 monitoring system and look after all the security, cooling systems in a data center where the ftp windows/ Linux servers are hosted with the help of high end network monitor systems.
Unlimited Tickets  YESYESYESYES
Cpanel InstallationYESYESYESYES
Reactive SupportYESYESYESYES
Script InstallationYESYESYESYES
Firewall Configuration (CSF/APF)YESYESYESYES
Cloud Linux SupportNOYESYESYES
Hacking InvestigationNONOYESYES
Ffmpeg InstallationNOYESYESYES
Server OptimizationNOYESYESYES
24x7 Server MonitoringNOYESYESYES
Kernel OptimizationNOYESYESYES
ConfigServer Plugins InstallationNOYESYESYES
Advanced SecurityNOYESNOYES
Server MigrationNOYESNOYES
Proactive SupportNONOYESYES
Hardware Raid SetupNONOYESYES
Disaster ManagementNONONOYES
3rd Party Software InstallationNONONOYES
MySQL OptimizationNOBasicBasicAdvanced
Account TransferUpto 50 / 100 GBUpto 100 / 200 GBUpto 150 / 500 GBUnlimited
Price(Monthly)Rs. 1,500/-Rs. 2,000/-Rs. 2,500/-Rs. 3,000/-
Price(Annually)Rs. 10,000/-Rs. 15,000/-Rs. 20,000/-Rs. 25,000/-
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