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  • OpenVZ Installation and Setup
  • VPS Operations
  • Guaranteed 30min Response Time
  • Advanced VPS Controls Panels
  • Tight Security
  • 24X7 Expertise Support
  • Exclusive of Taxes
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Buy OpenVZ VPS Hosting Plans at an Affordable Price:

Reactive SupportYESYESYESYES
Script InstallationYESYESYESYES
Hacking InvestigationNONOYESYES
Ffmpeg InstallationNOYESYESYES
Server OptimizationNOYESYESYES
24x7 Server MonitoringNOYESYESYES
Kernel OptimizationNOYESYESYES
ConfigServer Plugins InstallationNOYESYESYES
Advanced SecurityNOYESNOYES
Server MigrationNOYESNOYES
Proactive SupportNONOYESYES
Hardware Raid SetupNONOYESYES
Disaster ManagementNONONOYES
3rd Party Software InstallationNONONOYES
MySQL OptimizationNOBasicBasicAdvanced
Account TransferUpto 50 / 100 GBUpto 100 / 200 GBUpto 150 / 500 GBUnlimited
Price(Monthly)Rs. 1500/-Rs. 2,000/-Rs. 2,500/-Rs. 3,000/-
Price(Annually)Rs. 10,000/-Rs. 15,000/-Rs. 20,000/-Rs. 25,000/-
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OpenVZ is an OS container based virtualization technology for linux. It is based on the linux kernel and OS. It enables a single server to run multiple Linux kernels (VE or VPS). We offer quality OpenVZ management, ensuring better server utilization at a cheap cost. We also ensures there is better perormance with no conflict between applications. This guarantees your happiness by giving you the best service at best price.

OpenVZ Installation and Setup

OpenVZ is relatively simple to install if your machine already has Linux installed and are running RHEL (Scientific Linux, CentOS)6, the platform recommended for OpenVZ. We efficiently provide OpenVZ installation and OpenVZ setup for your newly acquired servers.

Advanced VPS Control Panels

OpenVZ comes packed with command line tools only. But our VPS advanced control panels will give you full control over all the areas of your hosting account. The VPS advanced control panels have been designed having OpenVZ customers in mind. They are totally user-friendly, based on a database system. It is therefore extremely fast. They also have built-in help functions on every page to help users.

Guaranteed 30min Response Time

Our dedicated team promises you’ll get the ticket response in a maximum of 30 minutes response time after a customer submits their support request in whatever department is affected. This is both cost-effective and promises better performance than you’ll get anywhere else.

VPS Operations – OpenVZ Management

OpenVZ virtual private servers (VPS) come with an army of operations. The Include VPS Create or Delete or Reload OS, VPS Start, Stop and Reboot, VPS Restorations, VPS Backup Configuration, VPS Action Logs, VPS Resource Management, and IP Management. All the operations are of high performance with low response time.

24x7x365 Server Monitoring with Reports

We provide a cost-effective 24hr server monitoring service for your node, according to your management plan. Dedicated in-house teams are always monitoring your nodes with inhouse build customized monitoring software. Our monitoring teams with handle your reboot demands as per your request.

Tight Security & Server Software Updates

We promise the most secure OpenVZ VPS containers. Additional optimizations are done as per your needs. Your software will be updated regularly as per your needs or security update priority. That’ll help your server run updated patches or software without affecting any downtime.

Money back guarantee

your money is in safe hands with us. Take the UNCONDITIONAL money-back guarantee and if not satisfied you will be refunded 100%.

OpenVZ being a very good cost-effective technology for multiple server management, we offer it to you at the best price. We promise the best service coupled with the best performance, total security and helpful updates and maintenance, in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.

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Why should I choose OpenVZ Management?

You should go for OpenVZ management as it is easy to set up, bears user-friendly templates, and doesn’t demand as many resources as KVM. It can share a kernel between multiple VPS-es that can undoubtedly save both memory and CPU.

What Virtualization technology do you use?

OpenVZ uses an OS container-based virtualization technology, and it runs on Linux. In this OpenVZ, the node’s kernel splits the OS into multiple containers, and that is shared among the VPS-es, which benefits users who require a simple Linux container.

What are the requirements of OpenVZ Hosting?

The node should run on either Linux or any Linux-based operating system such as CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise. This is the major requirement of OpenVZ management. Whereas for VPS, users will need a control panel to administer the environment.

How long will it take to setup the VPS after ordering?

We have the most talented team of experts who are well-versed in setting up the OpenVZ VPS. Once the order is confirmed, it takes a few hours for our team to configure the package you chose and grant you access.

Does the plans you offer provide windows operating system?

No, the plans we provide on OpenVZ don’t provide Windows operating systems as OpenVZ purely depends on Linux operating systems. If you are in need of windows OS VPS hosting, contact our support team for further assistance on the matter.

Do you also offer managed services?

Yes, we also offer managed services. With constant monitoring, frequent audits, and timely backups, we ensure that users face no issues with their workflows. Get in touch with our support team to know all about our management services and packages.

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