Linux Server Management

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Applications deployed on Linux servers require proper attention and the right management platform and tools to manage, and to host them on the web requires server solutions that are stable and secure. Therefore with Linux server management provided by Server Basket, the server can be easily monitored using a single platform so that you need not worry about server usage, server load, memory utilization, disk management, etc. And we at Server Basket offer various Linux server management plans; have a look at them to know more. Also, we provide 24/7 expertise support for Linux servers on platforms such as Ubuntu Centos, Debian, etc.

Quick Response Time:

Server Basket will respond to the customer’s needs in less than 30 minutes and listen to your server needs, queries or issues. Server Basket is known for its quick response time, and you can come to us for any needs as we always got your back.

Server Monitoring & Reporting:

We always work to keep your Linux server up and running by focusing on gist management areas like server hardening and security, monitoring of server logs 24/7 by expertise technicians, advanced firewall installation and configuration, system admin consultation, server restoration after the malicious intrusion, installation of patches and updates, and troubleshooting server problems. Our expert team monitors your server continuously, and we report to you every detail on a regular basis.

Hardware Resource Management:

As part of configuring and operating devices, a driver is needed to manage hardware resources such as I/O memory interrupt-request lines (IRQs) or I/O ports. We at Server Basket provide a complete hardware resource management services. You will get a complete package at Server Basket. You only need to concentrate on flourishing your business.

Data Confidentiality:

We ensure that your data over the server will be secured and the server will be monitored 24/7. We protect your server database from the unwanted actions of illegitimate users, such as a cyber-attack or data loss keeping your data protected and confidential. We implement strict ethical practices, and we will not share your data with anyone honoring the data confidentiality term of service.

Bulletproof Security:

We at Server Basket guarantee that your Linux server will be secured as we provide you best security provision for  Linux Server Management such as installing an advanced firewall, monitoring the server, anti-viruses, updating and patching on time, any software installation that is required.

Disaster Management:

Server Basket shaft disaster management by keeping your data information safe and we recover your complete data if the server is under any attack due to hackers, viruses, spam, or any other malicious entities. We ensure that we will safeguard your data in any circumstances without any loss.

Certified technical Expertise:

Server Basket has the best technical support team who are well qualified, certified and experienced. Our support team is highly responsive and on time and provides an accurate solution for all your queries related to Linux server and management. You can contact our support team through live chat, phone call or emails. Please feel free to reach us for any issues raised.

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