Multi-Server Mikrotik Cloud Server

 250,000.00 268,000.00 (-7%)

  • Multi-Server Mikrotik Cloud Server with the HP C7000 Blade System
  • Supports Upto 1 Lakh Active Users
  • Bandwidth Management
  • 10G Network Connectivity
  • Multi-level Testing Processes
  • Bandwidth and Resource Monitoring with Graphs
  • Easy to Manage
  • 1 Year Assured Warranty
  • Exclusive of Taxes
  • Quick Delivery in India
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Buy Multi-Server Mikrotik Cloud Server with C7000 Chassis and Certified HP BL 460C Gen8 Servers

Are you looking for a riskless one-time investment solution for bandwidth management, routing, or for monitoring your network connections? Do you need a powerful Mikrotik server that can make your data transfer secure and highly reliable? Are you using multiple routers for routing or bandwidth management? If you are looking for a riskless solution that lowers the maintenance costs and provides all core features for your network, then Multi-Server Mikrotik Cloud Server with HP BL460C Gen8 blades enclosed in C7000 chassis is what you require.

Mikrotik server displays graphic for the active users, bandwidth graph, CPU usage graphs, graphs to monitor memory usage With C7000 Chassis, you won’t have to buy multiple Mikrotik routers. This chassis can accommodate up to 16 HP BL460C Gen 8 blade servers, which helps the entire system to support up to 1 lakh users. This server also helps you to reduce your total IT budget drastically. Additionally, if you buy Multi-Server Mikrotik Cloud Server system from Server Basket, you get eligible for more discounts and thus more savings. We also give a free demo, installation support, and deliver the server Mikrotik server safely to any location in India.

Supports Up to 1 Lakh Users:

Do you need a powerful Multi-Server Mikrotik server that can support up to 1 lakh users? We are providing a Multi-Server Mikrotik Cloud Server with the HP C7000 blade system enclosure that can accommodate up to 16 servers and can be effectively used for monitoring users, hotspot gateway, bandwidth management, VPN server etc. Additionally, it comes with the option of connecting a single redundant network module for the entire chassis. With a single Mikrotik system, you can now easily allow one lakh users to access various applications on your server.

No Need to Use Multiple Mikrotik Routers:

Multiple routers mean more IT investment. With this single highly efficient Mikrotik Cloud Server, you won’t have to purchase multiple Mikrotik routers. Only one Multi-Server Mikrotik Cloud Server is enough for various purposes. You can use it for bandwidth management or routing. It can be used as a firewall, backhaul link, wireless access point, and many more purposes.

Resource Usage and Bandwidth Monitoring Graphs

With the Mikrotik server, you can check the information of resources and bandwidth usage information graphically. The dashboard of the Multi-Server Mikrotik Cloud Server provides complete active user and bandwidth monitoring graphs. With Bandwidth graphs, you can analyze the traffic utilization, connectivity, and latency issues. It also shows the real-time traffic that is being passed through the interfaces. With the help of graphs, you will also be able to check the usage of CPU and RAM.

Grade “A” Quality Mikrotik Server:

The Multi-Server Mikrotik Cloud Server system is built with certified C7000 chassis and HP BL460C Gen 8 servers. C7000 chassis and BL460C Gen8 servers go through multi-level testing processes. Once the entire system passes our quality tests, then it will be certified as a reliable Grade “A” Quality product. The entire system comes with a standard warranty period and has a longer shelf life.

Available With 10G Connectivity:

Remove the data access bottlenecks as the Multi-Server Mikrotik cloud server comes with 10G network connectivity. With 10G speed, you can now speed up the virtualization. Thus, users from multiple virtual machines won’t face any delay while accessing the data. Access a huge amount of data without any frustrating delays.

Easy to Manage:

The Multi-Server Mikrotik Cloud server with C7000 Chassis is very easy to manage as it doesn’t have multiple routers and all the blades can be easily managed through unique management software. This server consumes very low power and reduces your energy bills. The system is highly flexible and can be upgraded to any configuration, depending on your current business needs. Our Mikrotik Cloud server comes with a guarantee of low failure rate, low maintenance costs, and 100% uptime.

Multiple Secure Connection Options:

Get all the core features in the Multi-server Mikrotik system that supports PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP, IPsec protocols for secure connections. The Mikrotik cloud server is so efficient that it keeps track of the network connections. It prevents unauthorized access to the network, acts as a filter for outgoing traffic, and establishes secure connections over an open network.

Free Installation Support:

You no need to worry about the Multi-Server Mikrotik Cloud Server installation as we take care of the entire installation process so that you can just plugin and use the Mikrotik cloud server. We have the best team of technical experts who would provide you complete installation help. Our engineers will follow step by step guidelines while connecting all the blades to the C7000 enclosure. We will install Mikrotik OS and give you a live demo when the installation is done.

Fast and Safe Delivery Across India:

We understand your instant business needs. For this very reason, we have partnered with the best logistics companies across India. We are the only online retailers who offer server delivery within 2-3 business days. Get your Mikrotik Cloud Server delivered in a multilayered package to any location in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkota, New Delhi, Coimbatore, Gurgaon, Noida, Ahmedabad, Delhi, and many other places of India.

1 Year SB Assured Warranty:

With us, you will experience the ultimate peace of mind as we offer a 1-year warranty on complete hardware parts of the Multi-Server Mikrotik Cloud Server system. Our warranty is an assurance that the entire system is free from any hardware defects. By any means, if you face any issue with the Mikrotik Cloud Server system, then we assure you to offer either quick repair services or replacement.

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