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Refurbished HP Z800 Workstation

 76,899.00 89,000.00 (-14%)

  • Rackable Minitower Workstation
  • Processor: Intel Xeon Processor 5500 & 5600 Product family
  • 12 DIMMS Slots
  • Max 192 GB Memory
  • Max 2TB Storage
  • Power Supply: 850W or 1110W
  • 1 Years Seller Warranty
  • 24×7 Tech Support
  • Instant Shipping All Over India
  • Exclusive of taxes

Buy Refurbished HP Z800 Workstation At A Discounted Price in India, This HP Workstation Comes with Intel Xeon Processors, 12 DIMM Slots of DDR3 Memory, SATA/SAS HDD Hard Drives, NVIDIA Quadro, ATI FirePro Graphics & Windows/Linux OS Supported

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Buy Refurbished HP Z800 workstation to avail innovative work transformation, winning performance and reliable quality. This is promisingly the ultimate in expandability and power to endeavor your biggest workloads. Check out Custom Configure Used HP Z800 workstation on our website at a budgeted price to process your tasks. Why late? Own an HP Workstation immediately to sense new technologies. Purchase Refurbished HP Z800 Workstation today to avail the discounted Price Only on Server Basket

The Powerful Server Within Budget

Extremely powerful HP Z800 workstation is now available on our website within your budget to meet all your sophisticated needs through a reliable processor, graphics, and memory. HP Z800 is an ultimate combination of performance and latest revolutionary design offering huge expandability and supreme speed to handle all your biggest business challenges.

Boosted by Intel Xeon 5500 & 5600 Series Processors

Refurbished HP Z800 Workstation is Powered by Quad & Hexa-core Intel Xeon 5500 & 5600 series processor family including INtel Xeon X5690, X5687, X5680, X5677, X5675, E5507, E5506 Processors etc . The Quad-Core & Hexa-Core technology available in the processors is specially designed to improve the performance and run multiple applications.

Best Choice for Gaming & Design Work

We present HP Z800 that is totally great for animation, video editing and designing like AutoCAD with extremely powerful NVIDIA and AMD series graphics card. With the support of dual graphics processor and Tesla GPU technology, HP Z800 Workstation is ever ready to play top-notch games and interesting 3D designing. It runs much longer and cooler when compared to desktops processors, making them ideal for gaming and designing.

Ready for Scalable

HP Z800 workstations are empowered with quad and six-core Intel Xeon processors, new range NVIDIA graphics card and large volumes of storage with SATA and SAS drives compatibility to offer peak range of scalability to your enterprise applications. You can achieve scalability with the customized configuration like increasing your memory capacity, speed and maximize storage. In Particular about the HP Z800 Workstation, it can scalable upto 2TB in Storage Space With SATA HDD Of 7.2k RPM, And 192GB in Memory(RAM) with 1333 MHz of DDR3 SDRAM

Lowest Price

We offer HP Z800 rackable mini tower workstation at a lowest affordable price on our website. We bet that no other HP Z searies vendor anywhere in India can match our competitive price range. It's absolutely great to get complete workstation experience at this economy price. We help you, maximize your productivity without going beyond your budget, thus making your job easier.

Dynamic Graphics Cards

Equipped with latest NVIDIA Quadro and AMD FirePro series graphics card, HP Z800 workstation presents you stunning 3D display and excellent visual experience. These powerful graphics cards are greatly loved by photographers and graphic designers, especially for the fascinating visual treat. You can even customize your workstation with the selection of latest professional options from NVIDIA and AMD graphic cards.

1 Year On-Site Seller Warranty

HP Z800 Workstation comes with Assured On-Site Seller 1 Year Warranty, Where it covers All the Spares Parts embedded in the workstation and for the Barebones & Chasis the Warranty Period is limited to 90 days. So within this period any customer can get free tech assistance or replacement

24/7 Tech Assistance

Contact our Tech support via phone call, live chat or email to raise a Ticket on Any issue. Once the Ticket is created on our portal, our Tech Team will resolve any kinds of issues with HP Z800 Workstation like its Functioning, Management, Operating the Workstation in Optimal State etc.

Prompt Shipping All Over India

Instant & safe delivery of your HP Z800 workstation is offered by our website to offer your hassle-free online shopping experience at server basket. We deliver to any location in and around India, to cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai. Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Lucknow, Pune, Indore, Surat, Noida, Patna, Jaipur, Bhopal etc We promise you to deliver your workstation package safely and securely at your address location.

Refurbished HP Z800 Workstation Price List

WorkstationSpecificationPriceBuy Now
HP Z820 Workstation

Intel® Xeon®Processor E5-2660 (2.20 GHz/8-core/20MB/95W) / 16GB DDR3 RAM / 600GB HDD

Rs. 76,899 /-Buy Now
HP Z820 Workstation

Intel® Xeon®Processor E5-2660 (2.20 GHz/8-core/20MB/95W) / 2 x 16GB DDR3 RAM /2 x 600GB HDD

Rs. 87,699 /-Buy Now
HP Z820 Workstation

Intel® Xeon®Processor E5-2660 V2 (2.20 GHz/10-core/25MB/95W) / 4 x 16GB DDR3 RAM /1 x 1.2 TB(10K) HDD

Rs. 1,00,799 /-Buy Now
HP Z820 Workstation

2 x Intel® Xeon®Processor E5-2660 V2 (2.20 GHz/10-core/25MB/95W) / 8 x 16GB DDR3 RAM /2 x 1.2 TB(10K) HDD

Rs. 1,46,599 /-Buy Now
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What is special about the new HP Z800 Workstation?

HP Z800 is a minitower rackable workstation that supports the powerful Intel Xeon 5500 and 5600 processor series and advanced graphics. It comes with high storage and memory capacity which can be scaled up further. Even with these great features, you can buy it at a budget price from us.

Graphically, what is special with the HP Z800?

HP Z800 provides superior graphic capabilities as it can support a series of NVIDIA Quadro and ATI FirePro professional 2D, and entry, mid-range and high-end 3D graphics cards. Its motherboard has PCI Express Gen 2 slots available for performance graphics cards and accelerators.

Will Server Basket offer support for upgrading the configuration in future?

Yes, Server Basket will offer all the support you need for upgrading the configuration in future. We have multiple options for the components and softwares utilized in this workstation available with us. You can customize or upgrade the configuration anytime to meet the demands of your growing business.

Do I get Warranty for Refurbished Workstations?

Yes, you get an assured 1-year onsite seller warranty, which covers all the parts of the workstation for repair, service and replacement. The warranty period is restricted to 90 days for barebones and chassis. So, during this period you can get free technical service or replacement of the product.

What is Max Storage capacity for Z800?

In Z800, you can use up to 5 3.5-inch SATA drives with 7200 rpm to get 10 TB max capacity; up to 6 2.5-inch SATA drives with 10K rpm to get 3.6 TB max; and up to 5 3.5-inch SAS drives with 15K rpm to get 3 TB max capacity.

What about Security Features in Z800 Workstation?

The security features in Z800 workstation include – security cable with Kensington lock; HP Solenoid hood lock & hood sensor; HP (CMT) Solenoid lock and HP xw4/Z4 depth adjustable fixed rail rack kit. These options ensure complete physical security of the workstation.

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