Cloud NAS Storage

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  • Securely Hosted in Tier4 DC
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Scalable any Time
  • Risk-Free Trial
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Unlimited Bandwidth Support
  • Enterprise NAS Storage with Additional Features
  • Optimized NAS Storage on Cloud


Looking for an economical way to store and access your data remotely? Cloud NAS storage provides solutions for businesses to store their files and data on a cloud-based NAS storage. Large amounts of data are generated every minute and companies require a massive storage capacity to store them. On-premise NAS storage would require you to spend lots of money on upgrades and maintenance and is not the best means to store your crucial data. Cloud NAS storage provides inbuilt data resilience and keeps multiple backups of your data on several disks. Businesses can formulate and analyse their needs and then opt for the best NAS storage plan. This can help them to save costs on unnecessary hardware-based purchases. Migration from onsite storage to cloud NAS is very simple, fast and easy. Cloud-based NAS also provides high throughput and is suitable for businesses handling high-performance computing (HPC) applications.

Optimized NAS Storage on Cloud

Unlike the traditional on-premise NAS storage which requires constant maintenance and upgrades, the cloud NAS storage provides an affordable way to store a huge amount of data over the cloud. The optimized cloud NAS uses a cloud environment and enhanced computing to provide NAS storage capabilities to businesses at reduced costs.

Enterprise NAS Storage

A regular NAS storage cannot properly fulfill the requirements of big businesses. Enterprise NAS storage comes with additional features, advanced capabilities and unique technologies that help in data transmission over specific networks and protocols. They are highly scalable and offer better performance than DAS or Direct-attached Storage.

Securely hosted in tier4 DC

Our cloud NAS storage is hosted in secure tier 4 data centers. They are designed in such a way that they can deliver a high uptime ensuring your business workload does not suffer. A tier 4 DC has spare backup, hardware parts for emergency situations, and they are highly fault-tolerant.

Scalable Any Time

We offer the best enterprise NAS storage solutions for businesses that keep up with the swiftly growing business demands. You can opt to scale up and out the storage capacity of the online NAS server anytime you want. Within minutes, you can have access to exabytes of storage.

Unlimited Bandwidth support

While other businesses may charge you for the amount of bandwidth you use, we provide unlimited bandwidth support to all our customers. You can get access to unlimited bandwidth with any of our plans and experience high and reliable data transfer speeds.

100% uptime guarantee

It would be really frustrating to have your cloud NAS storage down during peak business hours. This causes a loss in revenue and reputation. We provide the best NAS for business with 100 percent uptime and you can access your files readily without any downtime or delay.

Risk-free trial

We provide the best NAS backup system for safely storing your confidential company data and files. Before buying our Cloud NAS Storage plan online, you can have an experience of our services and NAS storage with a risk-free trial. If the trial is satisfactory, you can go ahead with the chosen NAS server.

Lowest price guarantee

Our cloud NAS storage is available at a discounted and cost-effective pricing. We offer the lowest price guarantee on the NAS server and if you find a better price for it with any other website or vendor, we will match our price to them.

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