Refurbished NAS Storage Servers Price list


Do you need an affordable NAS server to create a private cloud-like environment in your organization? Visit to explore the refurbished NAS storage server price list, where you will find various used NAS storage servers for sale at affordable prices. These servers store and share data with multiple users quickly. A wide range of NAS server brands are available at our store, including HP, Dell, QNap, etc. Using NAS servers, you can store data on-premise that will protect your data from malicious attacks. Moreover, they are highly adaptable, scalable, easy to operate, cheaper, and faster than the public cloud. Buy a NAS Storage Server from ServerBasket at an affordable price across India. Get warranty support, secure and instant shipping, a 7-day return policy, and 24/7 technical support as value-adding benefits.


A Grade Refurbished NAS Servers from Various Brands

At the SB online store, we sell various branded refurbished NAS servers at pocket-friendly prices. These NAS servers are from Dell, HP, QNap, Supermicro, Huawei, and other manufacturers. Some available NAS server models in stock at our store are QNap 12-bay 10GbE NAS, 16-bay 10GbE NAS, 24-bay 10GbE NAS server, HPE StoreEasy, and Dell PowerScale.


Scale, Upgrade Storage with Budget-range Servers

Buy an upgraded, refurbished NAS storage server with cutting-edge technologies at comparatively lower costs than brand-new storage servers while ensuring no performance drop. Get scalable and reliable storage servers from the ServerBasket store for a limited price. Choose a perfect server that best suits you to meet the growing demands of your business.

Bespoke Configuration with Assured Performance Boost

At ServerBasket, we provide customizable refurbished NAS Storage servers based on users’ requirements to meet their data demands. We upgrade used storage servers with advanced features for efficiency to perform complex tasks effortlessly. We customize hard drives, RAID, operating systems, processors, and more based on specific needs. Get customized, reliable NAS servers at reasonable prices.

Save Storage for Priority Needs with Integrated VMware

Users can allocate servers effectively with integrated VMware. VMware offers features like thin provisioning, deduplication, compression, etc. These features enable the creation of a virtual drive, eliminating redundancy and compressing data to save space for the essential data. Additionally, NAS servers are cheaper than SAN, NVMe, or DAS and are easy to install and maintain.


Compare and Buy at Best-matched Price

Buy a cheap but effective NAS Storage server from the ServerBasket store. Our store’s NAS Storage 100TB price is comparatively low. These refurbished servers are reconditioned with advanced features, making them like brand-new servers. They feature redundant power supplies, built-in cloud connections, etc. Explore feature-rich used NAS storage for sale at low prices.


Pocket-pleasing Discounts on Bulk Purchases

Purchase the best refurbished NAS storage servers with improved data efficiency and scalability from ServerBasket at budget-friendly prices. We offer additional discounts when users order for bulk quantities. Contact us to know the deals on bulk orders on 100 TB NAS storage server prices and make pocket-saving solutions for increased storage capacity in your data centers.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Free Installation Demo, 24/7 Tech Support

If you face any difficulties while installing the product, contact us immediately through call or text. Our skilled technical staff is available 24/7 to help you with security, configuration, OSl, or installation-based queries. Moreover, we also provide free installation demos for better understanding.

Instant Delivery All Over India

India-wide Delivery

At ServerBasket, our delivery services extend across India, covering all major cities, such as Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. We offer swift and zero-charge doorstep shipping regardless of location. On purchase, we offer a 7-day return policy.


Warranty Support

We provide a one-year warranty assurance on each refurbished server purchase. During the warranty period, we offer repair services free of charge. Any faulty parts or improper functioning server components are repaired quickly, and replacement for damaged pieces or parts of the server.

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