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Want to run your server at optimum speed running multiple applications and without heating up? All you need is a Heat sink to cool down your processor and letting it run numerous applications at a time. Welcome to server basket to find 100% genuine Dell Server Heat Sink for any type of Dell server series, meeting all your server requirements. We offer warranty and 7 days return back policy for user convenience. Check out the Dell server Heat sink pricing list, choose the best heatsink model, and order immediately

Any Dell Server Heat Sink

We offer you numerous range of Dell Server heat sink with various configurations, form factors, and exclusive features. We present both refurbished and brand new Heatsinks to serve the purpose of any sized business and any limited budget. Our Heat sink price list includes Dell PowerEdge R510 Heat sink 6DMRF, R710 Heat sink TY129, R720XD Heat sink 5JW7M, R910 Heat sink U884K, Heatsink XHMDT for R320/R420/R520, FHV0D Heatsink for R820, VVJR9 Heatsink for M710, T913G Heatsink for R810 and many more models. The heat sink pricing list on our website helps you to find the best match for your Dell server models, exactly satisfying all your server requirements.

Genuine and Original

We present genuine Dell server heat sink on the price list in an ordinal manner for easy comparison between features and prices. Server basket offers you 100% genuine tested and certified heat skins with high cooling performance and fully compatible models with your current server configurations. We even offer 90 days warranty to support our customers in case of any issues or replacements. Our genuine branded Dell server heat skin ensures to run your server multiple programs at maximum speeds without any heating effect.

Supports any type of Server

Are you searching for Dell server Heat sink for any of your Dell PowerEdge model server? No worries we are available with any Dell server heat sink to suit all your Dell server series. We have a huge range of Heatsink models to support all the exclusive Dell PowerEdge servers including PowerEdge R610, R720, R910, R320, R420, etc series. Each Heat sink model is equipped with distinct specifications and special features to resolve your server needs by exactly matching its requirements. Choose the best heatsink with the required specifications and matching form factor to support your server running at optimal speeds.

7 Days Return Back Policy

We offer exclusive 7 days return back policy on all the Dell Server heat sink mentioned on our price list. If you are subjected to any performance issue such as no proper cooling to your processor or any other discomfort within 7 days after purchase, immediately contact our support team via phone or email or live chat to return it back. Any issue reported prior 7 days after purchase is attended instantly by our expert customer support team, who validate the device and proceed for the refund or replacement as per the customer request and replacement will be done according to the availability in stock.

Free Delivery

Safest, fastest, and instant free delivery is available with all the Dell Server Heat sink purchased at server basket. Once you complete the purchase and payment process, we initiate the delivery process to the customer requested location anywhere in India i.e. Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Delhi, etc. we offer trouble-free shopping experience along with free shipping of your Heat sink, even during return back for ultimate customer comfort.

Dell Server Heat Sink Price List:

Part NoDescriptionPriceBuy Now
412-AAFXHeat Sink for PowerEdge T430Rs. 899/-
412-AAFTHeat Sink for PowerEdge R430Rs. 2,899/-
412-AAGFHeat Sink for PowerEdge R530Rs. 2,599/-

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