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Kubernetes Dedicated Server

 14,999.00 16,000.00 (-6%)


  • Deploy and Scale in the public cloud
  • 2 vCPUs and 4GB RAM
  • primary disk 25GB SSD
  • secondary disk 100GB SSD
  • Speed 1Gbps
  • Uncompromising Security Features
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 100 % Uptime Servers
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Exclusive of Taxes
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Dual Xeon X5650 CPU/ 64 GB RAM/ 2x 1,000 GB SATA Rs.14,999
Dual Xeon X5650 CPU/ 128 GB RAM / 4x 1,000 GB SATA Rs.19,999
Dual Xeon E5-2660 CPU / 128 GB RAM/ 4x 1,000 GB SATARs.24,499
SBINDCL-4Dual Xeon E5-2660 V2 CPU/ 256 GB RAM/ 4x 1,000 GB SATA Rs.29,499
SBINDCL-5Dual Xeon E5-2673 V3 CPU / 128GB RAM/ 4x 1,000 GB SATARs.34,499
SBINDCL-6Dual Xeon E5-2673 V3 CPU / 256GB RAM/ 4x 1,000 GB SATARs.43,999

Do you want to manage your deployment of Kubernetes (K8s) and run it without the requirement to manage etc distributed (etcd)? Do you need to encrypt, manage and store the container images to enable faster deployment? Server Basket (SB) provides you K8s dedicated server to get the best performance of your K8s tool. K8s, is one of the top docker orchestration tools, helps you to manage containerized applications easily across different virtual machines (VMs) networked together, called clusters.

Our dedicated server gives you ease to run Kubernetes. It installs, hosts, and supports all of the elements needed for K8s to work, including updates related to security patches and bugs. After you download your ‘kubeconfig’ file, you can start using all the features of the Kubernetes right away. If you want to use a Kubernetes cluster on a single node inside a VM on your PC or laptop for users who want to try out K8s, Minikube is the best tool for you. K8s dedicated server provides you the scalability, security, and high availability to host the Kubernetes most efficiently. SB also ensures you high-level monitoring and security, unmetered bandwidth, 100% uptime, and round the clock technical assistance. 

Why Kubernetes

Kubernetes is the most popularly used tool for container orchestration, which allows you to define multiplex containerized applications and run them over a cluster of servers at scale. Our dedicated server gives you the best platform for Kubernetes orchestration. You can run highly scalable and available K8s clusters and Kubernetes dashboard on our server and maintain complete compatibility with your K8s deployments that run on your premises. This server also allows easy adding of new functionality to the open source K8s.

Kubernetes and Docker

Kubernetes and Docker are different technologies structurally but can work together to make, carry, and scale the containerized applications. Kubernetes runs across a network of VMs known as a cluster, whereas Docker runs on one node. You can use Kubernetes with Docker for high app availability and making your infrastructure strong. Despite some of the nodes going offline, your app remains online. This adds scalability to your application. And our dedicated server will make their performance the best for you.

Deployment and Scaling

K8s is a well-founded platform that meets the deployment and scaling needs of any organization. Using K8s, containerized apps can be moved uninterrupted from development machines limited locally to cloud deployments. The K8s deployment controller makes several complicated management tasks easy and provides scale-out and scale-in manner of deployment. Our server lets your K8s perform uninterrupted consistently.

High Monitoring

After your K8s set-up is functioning, our dedicated server hosting provides the tools essential to automate the standard processes such as scaling, updates, monitoring, and load-balancing. We monitor at a high level to oversee and verify operations to know that your K8s interface is running correctly. We also manage the configuration and maintenance required for your K8s infrastructure.

Uncompromising Security

Our dedicated server for K8s gives you the highest level of built-in security from internal and external threats like ransomware, viruses, hardware failures, and data theft. Our servers are very secure and backed by Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), which keep your applications safe from all kinds of cyber-attacks. They also have provisions for automated backups to prevent data loss and protect your data.

24/7 Tech Support

Whenever you encounter any technical issues with the server's functioning unexpectedly, SB has an experienced technical support team that is available 24/7 to assist you. If you have any problems or queries, you can contact our tech support engineers through phone calls, email, or live chat at any time. Our in-house support team has expertise in managing dedicated servers, and so they will be able to resolve any technical issues remotely within the shortest span.

Reliable Tier 4 Data Centers

Our K8s dedicated servers are advanced and high-tech servers located in the most secure and scalable Tier 4 data centers. You get double the redundant power and cooling system for all your processes. Your operations do not stop in spite of an error or outage. Besides, you get assured high uptime at 100% regularly. Our data centers give you fault tolerance without even a single point of failure, greater power outage protection and very minimal annual downtime.

100% Uptime

SB’s dedicated server for Kubernetes makes the platform run and perform seamlessly as our server provides you a 100% uptime and undisturbed availability, which is very important for your business. Our K8s dedicated server is backed by the uninterrupted power delivery, cooling and high-speed network of our top-class tier 4 data centers, resulting in a regular 100% uptime. We never let downtime to be a roadblock in the performance and productivity of your K8s solution.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Our robust and high-speed dedicated server gives you access to futuristic networks and unlimited bandwidth for maximum performance of your K8s interface. You get unparalleled connectivity and unmetered bandwidth from our dedicated K8s server. We never put any cap on your bandwidth usage, to give your solution an edge to withstand a higher number of users and still work smoothly. We do not charge you anything additional for your high bandwidth use.

Why server Basket?

SB is committed to provide you the best hosting service for your Kubernetes platform. Our K8s dedicated server does all the work essential for its successful set-up and functioning. The inbuilt modules of the solution are installed, hosted, managed, monitored, and even upgraded by our expert team. Our dedicated servers are highly secured with IDS, IPS, and firewalls. We not only provide complete server hosting and operations but also dedicated 24/7 tech support for all your issues and queries. Our hosting plans are customizable and pocket-friendly.
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    by T Srinivas

    SB’s K8s dedicated server made it easy for us to run K8s in our organization. And it also made the tool perform at a good level. The server gives high uptime and security for K8s functioning.

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