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We purchase business class Used IT Networking Equipment Online of all the major core brands such as Dell, IBM, HP, Cisco etc. such as PCs, Servers, networking equipment such as routers, switches, and all other IT equipment Online without fail.

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We Buy Used IT Networking Equipment Online: Take a moment and look over all your excess IT networking equipment and convert them into high capital through our services. We purchase business class Used IT Networking Equipment of all the major core brands such as Dell, IBM, HP, Cisco etc. We work with the clients who sell their goods step by step in order to satisfy their requirements. We buy all brands of used PCs, Servers, networking equipment such as routers, switches, and all other IT equipment Online without fail. By working closely with you and your company’s management, we help to convert your excess IT equipment into high end capital for increasing business profits. Make a list of equipment that you are not using since longer duration, send us an email to the mentioned mail id. If we have requirement of those products, we will contact you with a price offer. If the customer satisfies with the offer, then we will issue a formal purchase order for buying the equipment. We only pay all the shipping charges; you just need to simply pack and send them as per the method designed by us to our specified data center location. Once after receiving the products, we process the payments in very less time to your back accounts or in cheque format. Apply for selling Used IT Networking Equipment(s) from our website by entering your details and get benefited.

Types of Network Equipment:

Network equipment comprises hardware devices that are used to connect computers, servers, printers, or other electronic devices to a network. These devices can blend, split, boost, switch, or direct the packets of information over a computer or telecom network safely. They are available as intra-network or inter-network devices. They can either mount on a system, or have network components.

Network Routers

Network routers help to connect multiple devices to the internet, and to each other. They are also used to build local networks of devices to enable sharing of files among the devices or software tools among employees. They direct traffic on the Internet, and store data on their connected networks.

Storage Switches

Storage switches route information between servers and storage arrays within a SAN. They are typically fibre channel switches that, deployed either as a single unit, or in bigger multi-switch configurations. More switches can be added as the server and storage requirements grow. We also offer second-hand network equipment buyback.

Network Switches

Network switches are crucial elements for a network. They connect multiple devices, like servers, computers, printers, wireless access points, etc., on the same network within a building. They enable the connected devices to share data, and increase network speed and capacity. At Server Basket, we buy used networking equipment.

Phones and IP Telephony

Virtual phones, VoIP, and IP telephony allows the computer users to make phone calls over the Internet or packet networks through standard phones and gateways. These technologies use an internet connection for sending and receiving the voice data. You can sell used networking equipment to us through our buyback program.

Network Modules

Network modules are software modules that make the exchange of data supported by multiple control systems simple. They implement specific functions in the network stack, like that of transport protocols, data link interfaces, or network applications. They can be provider modules or client modules, depending on their location in the stack.

Optical Networking

Optical networking as a means of communication uses light signals instead of electronic signals to transfer information among various points. Those points of connection can be computer systems in an organisation, huge data centers or even countries in the global telecom system. We buy used IT equipment from individuals and companies.

Wireless Network Equipment

You can build a wireless network system at your home, or get it installed by your internet provider. For both, you need the key components that make the wireless networks. Wireless network adapters or cards, wireless routers and access points, wireless antennas, wireless repeaters, and mesh networks are what you need.

Network Access Servers

Network access servers (NAS) are devices that establish point-to-point protocol connections by handling remote logins. They are also known as remote access servers or media access gateways. They are a single point of access to a remote resource and concentrate dial-in and dial-out communications of users.

Firewalls and VPN Security

Network firewalls protect computer networks from unauthorized attacks or use. They allow or deny access to private network applications and devices, being an important part of any organization’s security policies. Firewalls can be hardware devices, software applications, or both combined. A firewall-based VPN has both – VPN capabilities, and a firewall.

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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by Yagnik Singh

    I was looking for someone to buy used networking equipment from me as I no longer needed it. I sold it to Server Basket and earned some profit.

  2. 07

    by Monmoy Ghosh

    Server Basket is a trustworthy company who buys used IT equipment from you and offers good deals and even trade-ins. Their team was very helpful throughout the process.

  3. 07

    by Vinod Shukla

    There was a stock of used networking equipment lying in our company as we had upgraded our hardware. Server Basket bought it back and took that burden off our shoulders.

  4. 07

    by Ritviz Agrawal

    I sold my used IT equipment to them and got the value adjusted in the bill for new items I bought from them. It was a win-win deal for me.

  5. 07

    by Basavaraj Nandi

    We wanted to sell used networking equipment we had piled after we upgraded our server infrastructure. Server Basket’s buyback plan helped us achieve that, and good returns.

  6. 07

    by Pravin Thakur

    Our company’s IT department wanted to sell the surplus used equipment so that they could replace them with the new. Server Basket’s buyback offer suited us and everything happened smoothly.

  7. 07

    by Viahav patial

    They are good dealers of second-hand network equipment. We bought new as well as refurbished equipment from them. And we are happy with the quality and their service.


Which IT equipment do you accept?

We buy any networking equipment inclusive of switches, ethernet cards, power supplies, hard drives, memory cards, and other used IT equipment. Every used or old server hardware we buyback from users is priced genuinely considering its age and working condition.

Do you provide any disposal certificate for the equipment I sell?

Yes, we do. We believe that our customers have the right to know about the disposal status of the hardware they sell us. Contact our support team to learn more about the certificates you’ll need and the procedure we follow.

What brands are you interested in for the buyback?

Server Basket is very transparent when it comes to its buybacks. We accept IT networking equipment of all brands and capacities without imposing any restrictions and avail maximum returns on all products compared to any other buyback service in India.

How do you price the IT equipment I sell?

The hardware pricing solely depends on the age, brand, and working condition of the equipment we receive from our customers. Our team arrives at your location and inspect the IT hardware you wish to sell and determine the final price.

What are the available exchange options?

Server Basket promises the best returns either one way or the other. You can exchange your used IT equipment for upgraded equipment from our finest server hardware collection. Contact our support team to learn more about our buyback exchange options.

Should I pay extra for the equipment pickup?

Yes, we charge a very reasonable amount for the buyback pickups. Our pickup charges differ from location to location. Reach out to the SB support team and state your pickup location to know about the average pickup charge we impose.

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