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Numerous business enterprises and large data centers have a lot of old servers which are decommissioned or unwanted or over ordered with little value and occupying useful workspace at an office. Many companies plan to get them rid out of the data center, few can be reused for a simple personal purpose, but few are out of condition to use and don’t know how to discard them. They just pile up as e-waste harming globally.

Here we are to help you out with a profitable and effortless idea. Sell your old server or decommissioned IT hardware at Server Basket and earn few bucks. We safely dispose unrequired IT assets and unlock any remaining value exposing fair value dealings and hassle-free pickups with no extra charges.

Instant estimation quote

When you are planning to sell your old server/IT Infra, just send a mail to server basket. We will send you an estimation in a few minutes with better buying prices ensuring you to get the best possible price. We give out a genuine and transparent estimation pricing sheet with the value of each individual component and strive our best to maximize your return.

Easy Process

We present an easy process to sale your old server without any documentation and complicated process. Our technical team is highly experienced with all major brands’ specifications and enables to quickly assess each equipment or server buying value accurately. Our buyback process is very simple, clear, and fast, we start the processing within a few hours and making stress-free transaction deal to customers.

Free Pickup

We will pick up your old servers/out-of-warranty servers from your location without any extra fee. We ensure free pick up of unused servers at your doorstep to offer a smooth, trouble-free experience to the user. We have dealings with genuine delivery services to safely transport your server. We promise that no other vendor can make this out this sell your server deal just like server basket.

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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by Sravan Kumar

    I was happy to find the option to sell used servers at Server Basket’s website. I wanted to upgrade my server. They adjusted the buyback amount in my new server’s bill.

  2. 07

    by Bharat Awari

    We had some unused servers lying in our company’s office, occupying space unnecessarily. We sold them to Server Basket and used the amount for some important business operations.

  3. 07

    by Vaibhav Patidar

    Their buyback process was very convenient. We gave the details of our servers and they sent an almost instant quote. We got a good deal on our old servers.

  4. 07

    by Devensh Kumar

    We compared them with the other buyers and found their deals better. Their buyback program gave us an opportunity to earn profit by selling our used servers to them.

  5. 07

    by Rahul kumar singh

    I sent an email to them providing information about the old IT equipment of our company. They sent an estimate in some time and picked up our assets by evening.

  6. 07

    by Bhargava Krishna

    They are great in their buyback process. Everything was so smooth for us. Bonus was their free pickup and scheduling as per our convenience. And the deal worked for us.

  7. 07

    by Mathu Balan

    We are happy with their service and team’s efforts. They are transparent in their dealings. They inspect each component before giving its final price. A good experience, overall.


Do you guarantee data safety? Who will take care of the data erasure?

Server Basket guarantees client safety more than anything else. We use the latest technologies and data erasure software that can erase the data in your hard drives without any trace. Our experts will perform the data erasure in your presence.

What information will you need before I sell my server?

Server Basket is known for its authentic and systematic buyback process. We need complete information about the server, such as brand, model, age, etc. Contact our support team to know what documents we will need to perform the buyback process.

Can I get an instant quotation?

Yes, we provide our users with instant quotations. We need a few details such as server brand, model, age, and condition to roughly estimate the quote. Our team will offer you the final buyback price once they inspect the server.

What is your minimum acceptable/purchasable unit count?

We have no minimum or maximum acceptable or purchasable server unit. We accept both single and bulk orders from our customers. The pricing and process depend on the server count. But we do have special offers for the bulk orders.

What factors will you consider while pricing my server?

We usually require the server brand, model, age, working condition, warranty details, running period, etc., beforehand to inspect the server and offer final price. Our team will consider all these factors during server inspection and provide the server price accordingly.

What server brands do you accept?

Server Basket accepts all major server brands such as Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco, SuperMicro, and others, no matter whichever model and configuration they come in. We also buyback workstations, second-hand servers, and any used IT hardware from our customers.

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