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Sell and Recycle – IT Hardware Recycling Policy : We are here to buy all the networking products of all the available brands and models in today’s IT market such as Dell, IBM, and HP etc. We deal with used servers, server accessories, routers, storage such as NetApp, Dell EMC etc.

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IT Hardware Recycling Policy : Recycle all your used refurbished Excess networking equipment and get good income by selling them to us. We are here to buy all the networking products of all the available brands and models in today’s IT market such as Dell, IBM, and HP etc. We deal with used servers, server accessories, routers, storage such as NetApp, Dell EMC etc. We buy the products from the clients and recycle them and make them as new for running newer applications. We even sell them to the customers and startup businesses looking out for refurbished products for running their applications or projects. We reset and clear the whole data once after receiving from the customers and store it in our high infrastructure based data center. Our technical engineers have high experience for recycling the entire used networking equipment as of making to use them for running other projects. Trust us and sell to us and acquire the best in terms of pricing without any restrictions. We even pay the shipping charges to the clients for sending their products to us. We even help the customers who buy from us to overwrite their project data without facing any issues while writing. Without any delay, sell to us all the IT Hardware Recycled equipment and get the best quality price for your material.

Professional and Environment-Friendly Recycling Procedure

Are you looking for a reliable platform where you can sell server hardware that is yet to be destroyed? Server Basket is the place for you. We are the certified and most authentic IT recyclers in India who have excellent hardware recycling plans, each of which aims to reuse and recycle server hardware in the most professional and environmentally friendly way.

Gain Highest Returns by Reducing The E-Waste

Why pile up unwanted e-waste when you can exchange it for greater returns? Server Basket has the best IT hardware buyback plans where you can sell used server hardware, which is tagged with the most appreciated prices by our recycling team. By selling the server hardware, you not only benefit your company but also protect the environment from hazardous e-waste.

Official WEEE Compliance Hardware Recycling Process

Our recycling process is completely transparent and is in compliance with WEEE norms. We seek to reduce e-waste by following environmentally friendly practices like reusing and recycling the server hardware and providing 100% complete recovery, which potentially decreases the growing IT landfills. We have a team of potential experts who will ensure that the recycling needs are met without fail.

Secure Data Erasure In Accordance with GDPR Regulations

Tired of worrying about the safety of your data? Server Basket strictly adheres to the GDPR regulations and uses certified and renowned data erasure software and technologies to wipe the stored data and destroy it from your device without any traces. Our expert technicians are obliged to perform this data erasure process in the customer’s presence to avoid any mishaps.

Safe Disposal With Reduced Recycling Costs

Server Basket manages all the aspects of hardware recycling, ensuring that they keep the recycling costs to a minimum. The removal and collection of e-waste, data destruction, and hardware shredding, and recycling of e-waste are the major areas that increase the cost of recycling, and SB strives in every possible way to cut these costs and perform hassle-free hardware recycling.

Free Pickup Available From Any City In India

Do you want to dispose of your used IT hardware immediately? Schedule a pickup date that is feasible for you, and our team will arrive at your location on time without any delay. We help our customers dismantle and pack, and pick up the hardware from any city in India. The pickup charges differ slightly from one location to another.

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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by Sumit Kumar

    Companies and individuals sell used server hardware to them. They refurbish and resell those assets. And startups and small businesses like ours who are tight on budgets, get their benefits.

  2. 07

    by Vivek Sharma

    We are happy with their IT hardware recycling policy. We entrusted them with the responsibility of disposing and recycling our used IT equipment efficiently. We are happy with the results.

  3. 07

    by Narinder Singh

    They buy back used IT hardware from businesses and refurbish them further. I have bought different refurbished products from them. All have given me good performance.

  4. 07

    by Dipanjan dutta

    We wanted, not only to get rid of our outdated IT assets, but also their proper disposal. They were recycled most of the assets after methodically erasing data on them.

  5. 07

    by Girish Kumar

    They ensured we got the best value for our used hardware and those assets were handled in the best way. We are glad they follow a proper recycling policy.

  6. 07

    by Naveen Prasath

    We chose Server Basket to recycle server hardware that we sold to them in a buyback scheme. We found their whole process transparent and effective. We trust them!

  7. 07

    by Hemant Kumar

    I needed to sell server hardware for my company, and found their process very convenient. I was happy to know that they dispose of the assets properly and even recycle them.


What is hardware recycling? Is it really necessary?

When we disassemble and separate the raw materials and components of the used, EOL, and waste electronics for reusing them, it is called hardware recycling. It helps protect the environment from harmful e-waste and reduces the need of raw materials.

What parts of e-waste can be recycled?

Plastic, metals, glass, mercury, circuit boards, batteries, hard disks, toners, ink cartridges, and many other components can be recycled from the e-waste. Electric and electronic equipment of all types can be recycled for future use. They immensely reduce environmental pollution.

What do you do with e-waste?

Server Basket provides secure and environmentally friendly hardware disposal along with comprehensive solutions for user and data security. The disposed hardware is recycled, reevaluated, and reused for maintenance or resale. We make sure that we waste no single component.

What are the procedures to follow to recycle my electronic scrap and equipment?

Backup all your data and crosscheck for anything that may be useful for you in the future. Reach out to a certified and reliable IT recycler who asserts best returns on your hardware and offers a disposal certificate after recycling.

How can I know that my data is safe?

You have no reason to worry about the safety of your data. We use advanced data erasure software and technology to wipe off and destroy your data in your presence and make sure there are no data traces left behind.

Is Server Basket a certified enterprise for recycling e-waste?

Yes, Server Basket is a certified and the most authentic IT recycler who are valued the best among their customers. Our recycling procedures are completely transparent, and we follow environmentally friendly practices to dismantle and recycle server hardware we receive.

What IT Equipment do you accept for recycling?

Sell used server hardware in any form inclusive of technical and home electronic wastes computers, laptops, servers, workstations, storage drives, circuit boards, monitors, hard disks, televisions, microwaves, and many more. Contact us to know about the procedure of hardware recycling.

What is the minimum and maximum volume of waste you will recycle?

We impose no restrictions whatsoever on the quantity of the used IT hardware we receive from our customers. We accept even a single hard disk as well as bulk of DC equipment and promise maximum returns on all of them.

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