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Refurbished IT Equipment Buy-Back Services:

Are you looking to sell or trade data center hardware? No worries! Our buy-back program offers the best prices for your outdated, used, repaired IT and networking hardware equipment such as servers, workstations, server accessories, routers, etc., of all the brands i.e., Dell, IBM, HP, Cisco available in the market.

Our team will always be available to work on refurbishing your sold equipment and making them new. Once you specify all the details related to your IT hardware, we evaluate and provide a price offer in 1 or 2 working days. We even buy your damaged equipment and we charge accordingly based on the hardware as well as software damages occurred since our technicians recycle the equipment too. Once after finalizing the price, we update it to you so that if the customer is ok with the offer, then they can send us the product on the specified address and get paid as soon as possible without any deductions. Why waste your old equipment? Instead, sell to us and get benefited financially so that you can invest those amounts for some other business expansion purposes. Still, thinking? Sell to us your old IT equipment and enjoy high-end pricing-related benefits without any worries. You can even trust us in case of this buy-back policy.

Sell Used & Refurbished IT Equipment

Server Basket is an established company dealing in buyback of refurbished IT equipment and refurbished data center equipment. If you have heaps of used and refurbished hardware lying in your office, sell it to us. It will benefit you in different ways – it will free up your office space, you will gain financially, and help the environment.

Get The Highest Returns On Used IT Equipment

With our refurbished IT hardware buyback program, you can help your organization get good returns on the used IT equipment. You can convert these unused assets into money that you can use purposefully. We ensure that you get the highest value for your used hardware. You can also exchange these used assets with the purchase of new ones from us.

Put An End To Hardware Depreciation Costs

Keeping the hardware that is no longer used for your business can become an expense for you as the assets will lose value and depreciate with time. Selling these assets in our buyback scheme will help you get rid of any hardware depreciation costs. Instead, you can gain monetarily, or buy refurbished servers or other equipment from us.

On-Site Hardware Inspection By Tech Experts

Our buyback policy involves a well-organized, but convenient process wherein everything happens step by step. After we get your list of assets that you want to sell us, our technical experts visit your premises for an on-site hardware inspection. This is done so that your assets are fairly valued and you receive the best amount for each one of them.

Secure Data Destruction Using The Latest Software

We give utmost importance to the security of your data. When we buy your used equipment, before turning it into refurbished equipment, disposing it off, or recycling it, we make sure that all the data left on your assets is erased with the help of advanced and the latest software. We also provide a certificate of data destruction.

Scheduled Pickup Is Available From Any Place In India

You may be located in any town or city in India; we have arrangements for scheduled pickups of your used IT hardware from anywhere. Once the buyback agreement is finalized, and if you are not able to send your IT assets to our location, we facilitate the pickup from your office or warehouse at nominal charges.

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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by Nagendra Kumar

    We traded much of our data center hardware with them. They buy back all brands of servers and workstations, and networking items as well. We are satisfied with their service.

  2. 07

    by Govind Biswas

    I sold my used office IT equipment to them and traded it in for buying refurbished IT hardware from them. I am happy with their performance.

  3. 07

    by Mithun Maddy

    Their refurbished IT equipment buyback policy ensures you get the best value for your used assets. Not only that, they also refurbish those products and sell them to small businesses.

  4. 07

    by Abhishek Kumar

    They even bought back my second hand used server and networking equipment. That gave me a chance to earn some extra money. They further renew and resell such products.

  5. 07

    by Abdul Majid

    Server Basket was the first buyback dealer we found while searching options to sell all our used office equipment. And we do not regret our association with them.

  6. 07

    by Arun Kumar

    We changed any of the IT hardware assets in our data center recently. We sold them in their buyback program and also bought some refurbished data center equipment from them.

  7. 07

    by Sourav Gupta

    We had to upgrade the servers for our company. They offered to buyback IBM server towers from us and gave us a good deal on them.


What does refurbished IT equipment buyback really mean?

The refurbished IT equipment buyback means that we buy back your used IT equipment like servers, computers, workstations, and even networking equipment. We buy used assets belonging to both categories – the original as well as refurbished IT hardware from you.

Why should I choose Server Basket?

Server Basket is one of the leading buyback dealers in the market. We offer fair value for your refurbished hardware assets. Our buyback services include options like trade-ins, and exchange offers to buy new or refurbished equipment in return.

What IT Equipment do you buy? Is there any brand preference?

We buy all kinds of used or refurbished IT equipment including servers and spares, workstations, networking hardware, etc. There are no brand preferences as such. We buy hardware manufactured by most of the brands like IBM, Dell, Cisco, and HP.

How can I contact you, and how fast can you give a quote?

You can contact us through our website and submit your refurbished asset list there. Alternatively, you can email us, or call our sales team directly. After asset evaluation, we send the quote within one or two days.

Can you securely erase all data? How can I know my privacy is protected?

Privacy and security of your data is our top priority. Yes, we securely erase all the data on your devices using the most advanced and secure software. After complete destruction of your data, we provide a certificate of data destruction also.

Is the buyback price dependent on the quantity I wish to sell?

No, the buyback price is not dependent on the quantity of the refurbished assets you wish to sell us. The value of each hardware will depend on its physical condition and functioning, based on its current market value and demand.

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