IT Networking Equipment Reseller Buy Back Policy

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Our technology based IT Networking Equipment Reseller Buy Back Policy helps you to make the most of the old equipment you have and turn it into usable equipment.

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Buy Back IT Networking Equipment Reseller Program: Looking to boost the business profits and increase profits, then without thinking any more, follow our equipment buy back policy. User can earn more money by following our buy back policy. With years of experience in networking equipment reseller program, you can gain the best prices for your left over IT equipment. Our technology based IT Equipment Reseller Buy Back Policy program helps you to make the most of the old equipment you have and turn it into usable equipment. Our prime goal is to offer best possible incentives in terms of capital by maintaining a simple and easy to use program based on current market value and demand. The eligible devices we deal with are servers, routers, switches, server storage i.e., Dell storage, Dell EMC storage, NetApp storage, server accessories, etc., and eligible brands are Dell, IBM, HP, Cisco, etc. We follow easy and faster procedure for buying your accessories to us using our top end buyback policy. Our technical team will also be available always for setting up, researching, and checking out the whole equipment which the user provides for buying to us. The renewed buy back equipment works well as will be the best option for all the small and medium sized projects as well as businesses. Request for a buyback program and get high quality benefits in terms of pricing as well as usage for newer systems.

Sell Your Unwanted IT Equipment

Are you in search of a reliable platform to buy networking hardware? Server Basket is here for you. We are the legitimate and most appreciated IT buyback dealers in India who promise our clients maximum returns, the best exchange offers, and the fastest buyback service. We accept any networking IT reseller hardware and benefit our users in many unexpected ways.

Simple and Secure Buyback Process

We hate waiting as much as you do. Server Basket has adapted a unique and sophisticated buyback process that reduces the buyback process to a minimum. All you have to do is to submit the network hardware reseller equipment that you want to dispose of and we will contact you with an estimated quotation to take the buyback process further.

Exchange and Renew Your IT Infrastructure

Want to upgrade your existing IT networking equipment? Server Basket buys used network equipment and allows users to exchange it for the upgraded hardware that meets their needs. We have a great collection of the latest and most advanced IT network equipment that is tested and certified for ideal functionality. We guarantee that they can improve your network efficiency by 100%.

Higher Returns On Every Networking Equipment

Tired of growing depreciation costs of your IT reseller networking hardware? Take a look at Server Basket’s network hardware reseller buyback plans that guarantee the highest returns on any IT networking equipment. Along with maximum returns on all orders, you can cut down on your storage costs and gain money to renew your IT infrastructure with better and upgraded equipment.

Guaranteed Safe Data Wiping and Destruction

Worried about the safety of your data? You have no reason to worry as we use the latest techniques and cutting-edge software to erase and destroy your data completely without leaving a trace behind. The data destruction is performed by our data experts who are proficient in their respective fields. We promise 100% data protection and secure erasure without fail.

Scheduled Pickup Option Available Throughout India

Want to schedule your pickup? Yes, you can. Server Basket allows its users to schedule a pickup date based on their work programme. No matter where you are in India, our team reaches your desired location on time and packs the networking equipment and hardware. Our pick-up services are completely complimentary as we impose no additional charges for buyback pickups.

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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by Ajay M

    They buy back all kinds of networking assets, big or small. It was beneficial for us; we got the value of our used hardware adjusted with the new purchase.

  2. 07

    by Rajendra Meena

    I needed to upgrade networking hardware in my office. I sold my used equipment to Server Basket. The process was fast and easy. I did not have to do much.

  3. 07

    by T. Prasad

    We needed to upgrade the equipment for our startup. Got a good buyback offer from them. We also purchased renewed and some new products from them at reasonable prices.

  4. 07

    by Jasbeer Singh

    Server Basket is a well-known network hardware reseller, offering good quality new and refurbished products. I bought renewed networking equipment from them on budget prices for my new company.

  5. 07

    by Manoranjan Mondal

    They buy used network equipment and renew those products. I liked the idea and sold them my used hardware and got good value for it. They made a quick payment.

  6. 07

    by Aashutosh Kumar

    We got in touch with Server Basket to buy networking hardware from our IT department. They valued the assets based on the current market demand and offered us a good amount.

  7. 07

    by Kiran Malli

    We traded in our old IT networking equipment for new assets that we bought from them. It was a hassle-free experience, and we got good value for the used stuff.


What networking equipment do you buy?

We buy used network equipment such as servers, routers, switches, workstations, server spares, storage devices, memory modules, power supplies, processors, graphics cards, and many more. Submit the equipment list to learn about the estimated quotation on your reseller IT equipment.

How long will it take to complete the entire process?

Server Basket is quick on its feet and ensures to process IT reseller networking orders without delays. It takes around 4-5 days to acknowledge the order, provide estimated quote, perform on-site inspection, data erasures, if any, and process the payment.

How will you take care of the customer's privacy?

Every buyback deal remains completely confidential with Server Basket. We are very strict when it comes to maintaining the client's privacy. We have had our deals with numerous MNCs and SMBs, and never once are we accused of privacy breaches.

What if I’m not satisfied with the quotation? Can I negotiate?

No you cannot. Our talented experts have not once dissatisfied our buyback customers. Every networking equipment is tagged with the best value to benefit users. No other buyback in India offers the price we offer when they buy networking hardware.

What factors do you consider while pricing the equipment?

The age, model, type, physical and functioning condition of the networking equipment are usually considered while pricing network hardware resellers. The pricing criteria differs from brand to brand and mostly depends on the age and condition of the networking equipment.

Should I pay extra for pickups? If yes, how much will you charge on average?

Yes, we charge our customers for the pick up services we provide. The pickup charges differ from location to location and city to city in India. Contact our team to learn about the pick up charges imposed to your location.

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