Take your business in India to the next level with Server Basket. We provide you Collocation Hosting at lowest price, all Collocation server fully managed by us and free one month trial without any conditions.

Driven by our commitment to excellence, each customer is provided with the latest in advanced hardware, guaranteed 100% uptime on network, power and core infrastructure, and unparalleled onsite support 24/7/365 to ensure maximum performance across all online operations


The challenges of setting up a complex IT infrastructure and maintaining the same involves huge investments in terms of time and money. The best readily available alternative is to avail co-location services from a time tested and proven professional organization.

Advantages :

  • Co-location drastically minimizes cap-ex as compared to maintaining your own data center.
  • It enables an organization to rapidly expand their data center footprint only on an as-needed basis without investing upfront on a large set-up.
  • Co-location solution offers availability of high powered networks from multiple providers ensuring optimal uptime.
  • It allows an organization to concentrate on core applications and deliverables by entrusting data center operations to us thus minimizing the maintenance cost which in turn increases profitability.

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