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Refurbished HP SATA SSD

Refurbished HP SATA SSD(Solid State Drive)Buy Refurbished HP SATA SSD Drives – Check the Refurb SATA SSD Drives of HP of Different Storage Capacities

Replace your mechanical hard drives with the latest refurbished HP SATA SSD. Because of the presence of inbuilt flash memory, the refurbished HP SATA SSD guarantees durability and superior performance. The SATA SSD not only has great security features but also is vibration and shock resistant. The varied range of refurbished HP SATA SSDs are the perfect choice for businesses working on applications like high-performance computing, high data rate analytics, large scale virtualization, video on demand content delivery and many more. These refurbished SSDs are highly reliable as they undergo the various testing procedure as per the industry standards before being delivered to the customer. Server Basket offers these refurbished SSDs at an unexpectedly lower price, you will receive nowhere else.


Huge business applications demand consistent performance coupled with reliable storage features.  But with budget constraints, the companies end-up buying low-cost unguaranteed drives. The refurbished HP SATA SSD not only comes at a fraction of the cost of the new SATA SSD but delivers similar lightning performance as of the new drive.

Certified HP SATA SSD Disk Drives

The refurbished SSD offers faster data access and has a rugged body. These are HP certified drives and are highly reliable. The HP certified SATA SSDs could also be used even in the harshest environment with an annualized failure rate (AFR) of 0.44%, that contributes to a reduced TCO.

100% Compatible with HP Servers

The affordable refurbished HP SATA SSD is compatible with all servers whether it be entry level or enterprise level servers. Comes in a form factor of 1.8”, 2.5” and 3.5”, the installation of these SSDs are just a few steps away. With the refurbished HP SATA SSD your server would deliver faster boot-ups, file transfers as well as speedy data access. Receive best computing experience with the refurbished SATA SSD as compared to a normal hard disks drive.

Multi-Level Tested SSD Drives

The refurbished HP SATA SSD are not lousy or spoilt drives. They are just the used drives that have been sold by the companies because of higher version SSD requirements. These drives undergo a multi-level testing procedure such as strain/stress testing, live server testing and then is dispatched to the customer site.

Better Enhanced Performance

Every module of the refurbished HP SATA SSD is designed to enhance the data center performance. It comes with the best read-write throughput speed, and you experience a lower latency rate. Even though you buy a refurbished SSD, you receive faster data transfer speed and superior quality services from Server Basket.

All Storage Capacity Available

Tell us your business requirement and application details; we would suggest you the best and most affordable drives. If you are a startup that has a lower budget and requires lower storage drives, then we have the refurbished HP SATA SSDs starting from 80 GB storage capacity. If you are handling heavy demanding application but lower in the budget, we can still offer you drives of 180 GB, 240 GB, 360 GB, 500GB, 512GB, 1.6TB and more of up to 8TB capacity.

Lowest Failure Ratio

Being the refurbished drives, many people have the misconception that it has a higher failure ratio. But these refurbished HP SATA SSDs comes with a guarantee of a low annualized failure rate of up to 0.44 %.  With Server Basket, you get the assurance of great performance without any failure hiccups or the need for frequent maintenance.

Free Shipping in India

We ensure that the customer receives the refurbished HP SATA SSD at a lower possible time. We understand your urgent need of the drives and so have partnered with the best and reliable shipping partners. We guarantee you to deliver the HP SATA SSD within 2-3 business days in any Major city in India like Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore , Coimbatore etc

Free Installation Support

Server Basket is known for offering the best services to its clients. We are the only online retailer all over India who offers free installation support of HP SATA SSDs. Not all clients are tech-savvy, and so we go beyond your expectation to make you learn and help you install the drive efficiently. Our technical support team would also provide you with basic technical knowledge.

90 Days Ironclad Warranty

Don’t believe us? Then check yourself with our other competitors, where you will get only 30 days warranty of the refurbished HP SATA SSD. We at Server Basket offers 90 days direct replacement warranty on HP SSD drives that have failed even after adhering manufacturer guidelines.

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