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Do you need a solution in your data center (DC) which provides electrical shield equipment and distributes power to the networking instruments within cabinets or racks? Do you require a power management solution that reduces downtime, improves energy utilization and efficiency? A rack power distribution unit (PDU) is what you need! It is a device that fits with multiple outlets to proficiently distribute and control electricity. Server Basket have all kinds of PDUs available, whether basic or advanced. Rack power strip is a basic PDU that is used to supply power to IT hardware within racks. The advanced and intelligent PDUs that we sell other than the server rack PDU and rack mount PDU include –Monitored Rack PDU, Switched Rack PDU, Outlet-Level Rack PDU and Metered Rack PDU. These PDUs help in reducing the operating costs of your DC. They come with input current monitoring features and support effective power management, both local and remote. They also monitor environmental conditions and are non-flammable. We offer an assured replacement warranty for the PDUs in case they do not function as desired. Our delivery is swift and secure and covers all locations in India.

distributes power to data center

Distributes Power to Data Center Equipment's

Within a DC, you will mostly have too many devices, and you can't plug them all into the power supply directly. You will need PDUs to distribute the power supply of your DC to each device. This is possible with PDUs' ability to turn one or a few power inputs into various power outputs. A power distribution unit for server rack in a DC distributes reliable network power efficiently, across multiple servers and devices.

Basic to Advanced PDUs Available

We have all kinds of PDUs available to cater to all your power distribution and management needs. The basic PDUs are low-cost options. Switched PDUs enable remote monitoring and management of outlets. The intelligent PDUs form an integrated monitoring system to protect business-critical equipment. For bigger projects, there are floor-mounted PDUs which are also known as the main distribution unit. This connects the building's primary source of power and numerous racks within a DC or a remote location.

Reduces DC Operating Costs

At Server Basket, we deliver cost-efficient power strategies and solutions for your data centre. PDU is a very effective way to distribute the power evenly to many devices, thus giving you a clear picture of where the power goes and lets you manage your power in a better way. The latest and more advanced PDUs facilitate daisy-chain network connectivity. So, you just need a single port and IP address for many PDUs. This will save you money on network components.

Monitors Your Environmental Conditions

IT equipment is exposed to environmental conditions like moisture and heat. Our intelligent rack PDUs have the capability to include environmental sensors to monitor the environmental conditions within a rack proactively, ensuring optimal conditions of functioning without having to employ a different monitoring solution. They also provide remote connectivity to the DC managers to monitor power expenditure and anticipate and prevent any downtime.
reduces dc operating costs

Comes with Input Current Monitoring Feature

All our advanced and intelligent PDUs come with varied monitoring capabilities, including the input current monitoring feature. Electric current can be monitored and measured at one or more points within the connected system to assess the overall load at the power input, an offshoot circuit or even an independent outlet. A monitored PDU displays all the latest electric information visually. You will always know where your power is going from the input power source, and you can prevent overloads.

Supports Local & Remote Power Management

Our rack PDUs can be accessed over the local network and viewed for the power distribution data. If you do not just want the power input information but also want to monitor and manage the consumption and distribution, PDUs with remote monitoring capabilities are also available. They will inform you about amperage, voltage and the power being drawn without having to actually look at the PDU. You can control the flow of power to devices as you need.

100% Non-Flammable PDUs

The rack PDUs that we sell are made of superior quality material and are 100% non-flammable. They will not burn or damage easily even if some crisis like a short circuit or a fire accident occurs. Sometimes, the overload of power can also cause major incidents of fire but our PDUs not only distribute the power evenly without overloading any point, but they also monitor and manage the power consumption locally as well as remotely.

Best In Class Replacement Warranty

We sell only high-quality, genuine and branded PDUs. It's rare that you will face any issue with them. However, in case any problem occurs with the functioning of the PDU, or if it is damaged or some part of it is faulty, we have you covered with an assured replacement warranty. We will replace the unit for you within the warranty period, without any additional cost. Your satisfaction is our topmost goal.

Fast & Safe Delivery Across India

Whether you order one PDU, many or in bulk quantities from us, we will deliver them at your doorstep within the shortest span possible, no matter where you are located. We have access to all locations in India, owing to our partnerships with the best shipping companies operating all over the country. We ensure that you receive your product quickly and packed with all safety measures taken so that you get it in the best condition.

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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by Sohum

    We used a rack PDU for two months without any issues. Suddenly, we could experience the failure of a PDU but their team was replaced it with a new one as it came under the warranty.

  2. 06

    by Dakshith Kona

    The remote power management feature of PDUs assisted us to control the power over other network components. The quality and performance of the PDU system were impressive. No real complaints about the PDU and it made possible achieving the desired goals.

  3. 06

    by Eshanth

    These rack PDUs not only manage the power distribution but also maintain our business infrastructure efficiently in terms of responsiveness and uptime. Server Basket’s team support was also appreciable and we’re surprised about their dedication levels in resolving issues.

  4. 06

    by Saatvik

    We had purchased a cost-effective PDU solution that was suited for our data center. With its advanced features, we were able to manage power at optimal conditions and avoid unnecessary consumption. This helped us to gain some savings.

  5. 06

    by shanmukh

    I got a high-quality PDU from Server Basket and their delivery services were instant, beyond my expectations. No issues with the product. Happy with their shipping and customer support.

  6. 06

    by Prudhvi

    I noticed a major difference in maintaining maximized energy efficiency once I deployed this rack PDU solution into the existing data center infrastructure. I couldn’t expect such excellent energy savings for my business operations.


Why should I use a rack mount power distribution unit?

A rack mount power distribution unit efficiently distributes power reliably in a data center across multiple servers and devices. It includes input current monitoring features as well as effective power management, and it aids in lowering your DC's operating costs. It is beneficial to a growing organization's technological needs. 

Is its material completely non-flammable?

ServerBasket’s rPDUs are completely non-flammable. The PDU, in case of overload of power, distributes the power evenly without overloading. Also, the power consumption is locally and remotely managed and monitored by the PDU. If there is a fire or a short circuit, the product will not damage easily.

Is it possible to connect several inputs to this device?

Yes, it is possible to connect several inputs to this device. The device can turn multiple power inputs into several power outputs and distribute the power supply of your data center across devices.

Is a power conditioner included with it?

The high-end rack PDUs do have some elements of power conditioning incorporated in them, However, they do not include separate power conditioners. You can get an efficient power conditioner of your choice from us at a nominal price.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, it does come with a replacement warranty. We value customer satisfaction, so, if they face any issue with the functioning of the device or if any part is damaged, the warranty ensures replacement of the unit within the period of warranty. And no additional cost is charged.

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