Would it give you peace of mind to know your data is secure and accessible 24/7? With Server Basket Application Hosting, we’ll store your data in one of our state-of-the-art Data Centre’s. Save your organization the time and money associated with software installation, updates, and IT infrastructure by letting us do the work for you.

  • End to End application Solutions
  • Remote access
  • Proactive Updates
  • Security
  • Enhanced Performance

That’s where ServerBasket can help. As one of the world’s leading cloud service providers, we provide solutions that enable the application hosting provider and application service provider to improve performance, increase reliability, enhance security, and provide high-performing user experiences.
Application hosting providers have their hands full today. Applications and IT environments continue to become more complex. Security threats are constantly evolving. Devices are proliferating at a rapid pace. And users’ expectations are higher than ever – they want instant, secure and reliable access, no matter where they are in the world. To deliver value in the face of all these challenges, application hosting providers require proven solutions that can help deliver exceptional user experiences.

Improving application hosting performance with ServerBasket

We enable enterprises to take advantage of market opportunities by removing the complexities of technology. Our application hosting solutions are based which manages the underlying challenges of doing business online so that application hosting providers don’t have to. From device and format proliferation to performance and reliability issues, to application and network security.

Global reach and local delivery is what enables us to improve performance, speed and reliability. The ServerBasket platform is made up of a distributed network of servers and intelligent software. That means content and application optimizations can be delivered to users from an application server and data center located close to them.

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