The Master Service Agreement (MSA) is actually between ServerBasket, a registered Indian company and has its own registered office at Flat no: 614, Swapnalok Complex, Begumpet, Hyderabad along with their own legal advisors, representatives, assignees, heirs etc., and the customer who acquires the services from us along with their own legal representatives, heirs, assignees, successors etc. Those two are individually called as “ServerBasket”, “Customer/client” and are collectively called as parties.

Both parties agree as follows:

Each party needs to acknowledge all the terms and conditions as mentioned in the MSA, SLA, and AUP. This MSA consists of all the terms and service related conditions that bind up both the parties hereafter. MSA covers up all the terms and conditions respected to the services in the OPF provided by ServerBasket and the customer. It even replaces all the oral, written agreements and discussions held in between ServerBasket and customer.

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