Cloud Email Hosting

cloud email hosting

Server Basket is now offering Smart Cloud Email Hosting Services at economical prices. We have fully managed outlook email hosting and Cloud Zimbra email hosting plans with advanced interface and features at cheapest prices. Make an order soon to experience cloud email hosting services at Server Basket with hard-core security and easy access.

Unlimited Email Accounts

We offer you smart Cloud Email Hosting services with Unlimited Email Accounts to support bulk emails servers for sending thousands of emails to your existing clients. You can send more than 2000 emails per hour at no additional prices and guaranteed inbox delivery. Sending emails through Cloud Email hosting offers a hassle-free method to promote your business without burning your pockets.

Advanced User Interface

With Smart Cloud Email hosting, you will experience fully managed emails with advanced features. It’s quite easy to manage your storage, attachments, emails, folders, sent emails, inboxes, filters, calendar tasks, sharing, editing, voice mail and calling, etc. with advanced interface features we allow our customers to manage their emails just like a cake walk.

Access Account from Anywhere

We offer the facility to access your emails from any types of device and from any location with high-end security. You can access from any sort of web browsers, outlook, android phone, iPhone, Blackberry device, tablet, or any other desktop IMAP/POP, CarDAV mail clients. It’s very easy to access your email with our Smart Cloud Hosting services at lowest prices.

Adequate Storage

We promise to offer ample storage space with our Cloud Email Hosting. We offer you adequate storage space to store all your critical emails almost thousands in number. All these amazing features like more storage limit, access from anywhere and amazing interface facilities are available for our email hosting services at economic prices

Scalable Option as per Need

Our Smart Cloud Email Hosting services are highly scalable to meet your email communication needs. Depending on your business email requirements you can expand the limit of disk space, emails per hour, number of subscribers, bandwidth, number of emails and campaigns. Choose best suitable plan at lowest monthly /yearly packages.

Virus/Spam Filter in Place

We provide you Virus and spam filtering features with our Email hosting services. Our Smart Cloud Email Hosting services protect your email box by making sure that spam emails don’t enter your mailbox. We offer you cost-effective email hosting services with all advanced security and reliability features. Most effective anti-spam and anti-virus scan is done for all your incoming emails and strong SSL encryption to every email transmission to prevent malicious entries.

Bulletproof Security

We strive to offer confidentiality and total privacy to your emails with Antivirus, Firewall, anti-spam, IPS, anti-phishing filters, cryptography, SSL encryption, and digital signatures. With bulletproof security services maintained by our cloud email hosting plans or packages, you can safeguard your emails from unauthorized access, hacking, spam, and virus. All the security features are embedded with email hosting services without any extra cost.

Round the Clock Support

We offer you 24/7 best technical support to any kind of unwanted situations. Our technical support team is ever ready to face any challenges round the clock offering your trouble-free email hosting experience. We have experienced certified support staff to assist you in a friendly way in resolving all your issues and queries. You can contact our support team for any downtime issues, mail server support, security queries, etc.

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