Inspur Servers

  • Inspur Blade Servers

    • Supports Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
    • Up to 724 GB DDR4 Memory Capacity
    • 5 PCI-E 3.0 Expansion Slots
    • Easy Setup And Maintenance
    • All-In-One Intelligent Systems
    • Optimized Power Efficiency
    • 24/7 Tech Support
     99,793.00 110,770.00

    Inspur Blade Servers

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  • Inspur Rack Server

    • High Performance RISC CPU
    • Latest Generation Intel Xeon Processor
    • Certified Hardware Components
    • High security
    • Low Price Guarantee
    • 24×7 Free Technical Support
    • Fast Delivery
    • Shipping Charges depend on the location
     93,128.00 103,372.00

    Inspur Rack Server

     93,128.00 103,372.00 Select options
  • Inspur Tower Servers

    • High Density, High-Performance Storage
    • Extremely Low Power Consumption
    • Flexible Networking Capability
    • Easy Setup And Maintenance
    • The Highest Level of Data Security
    • Optimized Management Solution
    • 24/7 Industry’s Best Support
     97,599.00 108,314.00

    Inspur Tower Servers

     97,599.00 108,314.00 Buy Now

Inspur servers


Inspur servers translate to intelligent computing. They are designed to cater to the different technological needs of businesses, large and small. Powered by the Intel Xeon Scalable processors, the Inspur servers provide efficient solutions for Hyperscale data centers, cloud computing, HPC, and AI. These servers are performance optimized, robust, and purpose-built platforms for data centers across the globe, and can serve major emerging applications and fields. They are available in 4U- four socket rack, hot, multi-node, and rack-scale forms. They can support multiple GPUs and PCIe slots, can improve performance, and accelerate the DL, AI, and HPC workloads. They also feature high capacities and scalability in storage and memory. The Inspur servers consume less power, are highly secure, and deliver advanced automated protection in events of power failures. At Server Basket, we offer high-end and feature-rich Inspur servers for a range of businesses across industries. Our servers help improve time efficiency for your business, and enhance its stability and security.

High Performance 4U Four-Socket Server

The 4U rackmount Inspur server can support up to four Intel Xeon Scalable processors, to give an unmatched performance for your business applications. With the high processing and power of server resources, the server can deliver the highest level of throughput for diverse workloads. Whatever size or kind your business is, an Inspur server will provide only the best performance.

Accelerates AI, Deep Learning & HPC Workloads

All businesses have their unique requirements in terms of technology. Inspur servers, available in different forms, can adapt well to almost any kind of task. The rack servers, hot servers, and AI and HPC solutions from Inspur are built for use in complex workflows and simulations, intense data analytics, AI, and deep learning. They accelerate the performance of such workloads.

Improved Performance with More GPU Cards

Many of the Inspur servers offer the flexibility to add a greater number of GPUs compared to a general server. Inspur AI servers have up to two NVIDIA HGX A100 GPU units to provide the most powerful supercomputing platform for AI. The GPU accelerated servers are the most power-packed and high-performing servers for HPC, AI, and deep learning applications.

Flexible High Memory and Storage Configurations

Inspur servers provide mission critical servers, rack, tower, and blade servers for the most challenging workloads and applications. Their converged computing platforms come in cutting-edge designs, with high and flexible storage and memory configurations. That enables agility in your business to easily meet the evolving demands. You can alter the capacities of these resources to suit your business needs.

Advanced Auto Protection on Power Failure

The Inspur servers are built adaptable, resilient, and with superior scalability to deliver top-level performance. These intelligent computing solutions have advanced and smart automation features that help in easy server management. They are energy efficient because of their low power consumption. They also feature auto protection in the event of power failure to keep the servers safe and operational.

Supports Up to 10 Standard PCIe Slots

An Inspur server can support up to ten standard PCIe slots, which can be used to customize, upgrade and expand beyond the preconfigured options, such as storage and graphics. These expansion slots can help in further enhancing the I/O performance of the server. You are never short of flexibility for expansion in an Inspur server when your business demands grow.

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