Sophos Firewalls

  • Sophos XG 310 Firewall Rental

    • Exposes Hidden Risks
    • Blocks Unknown Threats
    • Monitor Network Health
    • Complete Next Generation Protection
    • Powerful Sandstorm Sandboxing
    • Deep Packet Inspection
    • Lowest Rental Rates
    • Free Installation Assistance
    • Super-Fast Shipping Across India

    Sophos XG 310 Firewall is Available on rent Online At Server Basket, Get this Sophos XG 310 Firewall to Uplift your Network Security Device to Secure your business Applications against New Generation Internet Threats. Get Round the clock Tech Support & Fast Shipping Across India: Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow, Noida, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Agra Etc

     7,499.00 8,999.00

    Sophos XG 310 Firewall Rental

     7,499.00 8,999.00 Buy Now
  • Sophos XG 330 Firewall on Rent

    • Protect & Control your IT Infrastructure
    • Ideal for Mid-Sized Companies
    • See Hidden Risks & Threats
    • Powerful Sandstorm Sandboxing
    • Industry Best Rental Prices
    • Get Free Installation Assistance
    • Lowest Price Guarantee
    • Round the Clock Tech Support
    • Quick Shipping in India

    Get Sophos XG 330 Firewall on Rent At Lowest Price online, This Sophos Firewall Secures your Business Environment with Advanced Malware & Ransomware Protection, Deep Traffic Inspection Along with VPS, IP Security. Get Free Tech Support, Instant Delivery to your Doorstep Anywhere India: Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Patna, Noida, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Etc

     8,499.00 9,999.00

    Sophos XG 330 Firewall on Rent

     8,499.00 9,999.00 Buy Now


Do you want to protect your system from the latest threats and attacks most efficiently? Sophos Firewall design saves your system from all modern security risks while facilitating significant cloud applications, SaaS, and SD-WAN traffic. It provides several features which allow all-size businesses to use the security gateway structure that effectively fits their environment.  Sophos XG Firewall offers exhaustive next-generation firewall security, which reveals hidden threats, stops unknown risks, and automatically reacts to events. It holds an advanced approach over every range of network security – from the way firewalls are handled to how they review information and the way they work with various security systems. It will provide you with the best visibility, threat protection, and management. Furthermore, you get exclusive deals and multiple benefits when you buy the firewall at Server Basket.


Genuine, Best-quality Sophos Firewall Inventory

Server Basket provides an extensive array of Sophos firewalls, including many series like XGS, XG, SG, etc. Some models available are XG 125, 135, 210 and 230, designed to give security to small and mid-level businesses. They offer high throughput and flexibility at the best cost-performance ratio.


VPN Support for Secure Connectivity

Sophos firewall allows you to connect to the network safely through the Internet with the help of remotely accessible VPN connections. You can set up VPN tunnels among hosts and the internal network where the VPN supports to give safe connections among the networks.

Advanced Threat Protection and Sandboxing

This firewall comes with Sandboxing and advanced threat protection features. Sandboxing is purposely built to provide advanced risk identification with modern techniques and automated virus analysis. It immediately finds risks and all the latest threats while protecting your network from today’s complex attacks.

Enhanced Network Visibility and Monitoring

Sophos Firewall offers unique visibility into your applications, users, and network with enhanced control and monitoring over every application on your network with the ‘deep-packet scanning’ technology. It will automatically monitor, record, and control your web traffic and ISP connection performance.


IPv6 Support for Modern Networks

IPv6 protection in Sophos firewall efficiently filters and stops outsiders from accessing the personal data of an organization. Sophos XG and other firewall series support IPv6, which gives a vast address space to meet the present and future requirements of modern networks.


SSL/TLS Decryption and Inspection

You will be able to decrypt SSL/TLS connections among TCP with the help of SSL/TLS inspection. It enables Sophos Firewall to implement safe connections between the client and server. SSL/TLS inspection facilitates the prevention of malware via encrypted connections.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Safe and Fast Delivery

Server Basket will be responsible for delivering your Sophos firewall within 2-3 working days. We provide them to any location in India safely and securely and within the time.


90-day Warranty

Sophos Firewall comes with an assured 90-day warranty, which includes repairs and replacement if you have any problem or issue with its functions. Repairs and replacements are done without any additional charges within the warranty period.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Installation & Tech Support Service

Avail of first-class technical support and installation support from Server Basket. We have an extremely experienced and qualified team to assist and resolve any tech issues and respond to any queries you may have.

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