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  • DPI Enabled Fortigate Firewall on Rent

    • Powerful Enterprise Firewall Solution
    • Built on Powerful Forti OS
    • Inspect SSL Encrypted Traffic
    • Fortigate Intrusion Prevention System
    • Advanced Web Filtering & Reporting
    • Lower Rental Deals
    • Round the Clock Tech Support
    • Quick Delivery Across India
    • Exclusive of Taxes
    • Shipping Charges depend on location
     8,499.00 9,999.00
  • FortiGate 50E firewalls

    • 7 x GE RJ45 ports (Including 2 x WAN port
    • 5 x Switch ports
    • Max managed FortiAPs (Total / Tunnel) 10 / 5
    • Exclusive of Taxes
    • Shipping Charges depend on location

    Buy fortigate 50E Firewall Appliances at low cost in India Fortinet Firewall Appliances, Fortigate 50E Firewall, and Firewall Fortigate appliances

     93,499.00 100,000.00

    FortiGate 50E firewalls

     93,499.00 100,000.00 Add to cart
  • FortiGate 80C Firewalls

    • 2x GE RJ45 ports
    • 7x FE ports
    • 32GB onboard storage
    • 6x switch ports
    • High network security
    • 24/7 Support
    • 3 Years Warranty
    • Exclusive of Taxes
    • Shipping Charges depend on location

    Get Online Fortigate 80C Firewall To Protect Data From Antivirus At Lowest Cost In India

     151,300.00 160,000.00

    FortiGate 80C Firewalls

     151,300.00 160,000.00 Add to cart


Are you looking to guard your network with a multi-level threat-intelligent protection? Take a modern approach to network security with the WatchGuard Firewall appliances from the ServerBasket online store in India, secured by a user-friendly returns policy and lowest price guarantee. Pair your growing network needs with the products NV5, T25, T85, M290 & M390, and others like M4800 & M5800 from WatchGuard, featuring modular port options and redundant dual power supplies. The SD-WAN-ready appliances additionally provide optional expansion, serving up to a user base of 1000 or more, allowing insights into high-scale trends and irregularities. Engineered with PoE+, Wi-Fi, 5G, remarkable security features, easy-to-use management, etc., the Firebox solutions offer the throughput you need to sustain and enhance the speed of your business. 


Ideal for All kinds and Sizes of Businesses

Choose from Tabletop and Rackmount firewall family products, well-suited for small, home, branch offices, mid-sized, enterprise, and distributed DCs to protect your work environments, users, and devices. Enjoy better clarity and control, unifying the administration, visibility, and reporting via the WatchGuard Cloud


IPv6 Support for Modern Networks

Modern networks are robust and hard-secured, but with the technology, threats evolve, too. Back your in and out-bound traffic from the public web, on-site network, or endpoints with the IPv6 support for dual stack subnets integrated into the WatchGuard Firewall devices. The IPv6 support lets you filter IPv4 and IPv6 traffic flows with streamlined authentication and privacy features. 

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Support

Since user credentials are prone to theft or exposure by third parties, adding extra layers of security will help you combat new-era cyber attacks. With the Multi-Factor Authentication support in the WatchGuard Firebox products, you can now seamlessly authorize access to applications, accounts, or VPNs  to only the users who provide two or more authentication factors you pre-define. 

Scalability for Diverse Network Environments

Our store’s WatchGuard Firewalls portfolio is super scalable, with solutions for all businesses, from startups to industry leaders, with physical, hybrid, and cloud-centric network fabric. Adopt a zero trust security parameter with the WatchGuard Firewalls’ Identity Framework which empowers your network’s threat detection and resolution with a real-time XDR-driven approach, preventing data loss and security breaches. 


VPN Support & Multi-layered Protection

The WatchGuard Firebox devices allow secure remote access between the clients and the organization network through a web portal and network-level access via a tunnel defined and controlled by SSL encryption. They offer multi-layer protection by streamlining the remote operations with centralized control and health checks, besides allowing no-risk access to your low-priority resources that don’t need authentication.


Network Segmentation and Isolation Features

Model your network with improved performance and security with the network segmentation feature supported by the WatchGuard Firewall systems, rerouting all traffic through the firewall. Shielded by isolation, distance any potential threats outside your network, and secure sensitive data through a perimeter-based security policy with complete control and visibility over the traffic that crosses the boundary.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Safe and Fast Delivery

We promise to deliver you the WatchGuard Firewall products in and across India at the fastest pace. We ship the product the moment you finish the transaction, ensuring safety and prioritizing the delivery based on need. 

24/7 Technical Assistance

24x7 Customer Support

SB store’s customer help desk is live 24 hours a day, helping you with free-of-charge setup and troubleshooting. Our authorized staff are skilled to assist you with all common issues in using the devices, like port forwarding, NAT, DNS failures, broken VPN connections, etc.


Assured Warranty

Buy WatchGuard Firewalls with an SB-exclusive 90-day warranty that assures the high quality of our products. Our store follows industry standards in processing your warranty claims, helping you with the best protection of your investment against operational glitches and failures. 

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