10Gbps Routers

  • Cisco ASR1002X-10G-SECK9 Router

    • 2 GB Standard Memory
    • 9 Expansion Slots
    • High-speed Data Processing
    • Secure Connectivity Options
    • Scalable & Reliable Performance
    • Integrated Service Capabilities
    • Redundant Power Supply Support
    • Advanced Encryption Technology
    • Secure Packaging and Delivery
    • Free Installation Assistance
    • Assured 90 Days Warranty
     500,000.00 555,000.00

    Cisco ASR1002X-10G-SECK9 Router

     500,000.00 555,000.00 Buy Now
  • Huawei NE40E-X16A Router

    • Huawei NE40E-X16A Router
    • Part Number: CR5P16BASA76
    • 10GE Ports: 768
    • 40GE ports: 96
    • 100GE ports: 128
    • Advanced IP Services: Multicast, VPN, MPLS TE, QoS, GRE, IPSec, NAT & NetStream
    • Internet Data Center (IDC)
    • Free Delivery Across India
    • ServerBasket Assured Warranty
    • 24/7 Technical Support
     1,200,000.00 1,400,000.00

    Huawei NE40E-X16A Router

     1,200,000.00 1,400,000.00 Add to cart
  • Juniper ACX 7024 Cloud Metro Router

    • Juniper ACX 7024 Cloud Metro Router
    • ACX7000 Series
    • Part No: ACX7024-AC-2PSU
    • Supports Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Applications
    • 6 integrated fans (5+1 redundancy)
    • Power supplies (1+1 redundancy)
    • Support Next-Gen protocols SRv6, MPLS, and Ethernet VPN
    • Operating System: Junos OS
    • Ports: SFP 28 Ports
    • Assured 90 Days Warranty
    • Live Technical Supports
    • Free Delivery Across India
    • Grab Deal Now!
     1,930,593.00 2,142,958.00

    Juniper ACX 7024 Cloud Metro Router

     1,930,593.00 2,142,958.00 Add to cart
  • Juniper MX80 Router

    • Juniper Networks MX80 Router
    • MX Series Universal Router
    • Support Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)
    • Redundant Power Supply
    • Two MS-MIC slots
    • Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP)
    • Cores: 1 Core
    • Assured 90 Days Warranty
    • 24/7 Technical Support
    • Free Installation Support
    • Free Delivery in India
    • Grab Best Deal Now!
     107,740.00 119,592.00

    Juniper MX80 Router

     107,740.00 119,592.00 Buy Now
  • Nortel SR1004 Router

    • Integrated Firewall Protection
    • High-speed Data Routing
    • Quality of Service (QoS)
    • WAN Connectivity Ooptions
    • Network Security Features
    • Easy Replacemnet Policy
    • Fast and Secure Delivery
    • Low Price Guaranty
    • 24/7 Technical Support
     79,999.00 88,798.89

    Nortel SR1004 Router

     79,999.00 88,798.89 Buy Now


Buy 10G Routers Online in India at a Cheap Deal Price from Server Basket

Are you looking to buy reliable 10G routers from a store that offers the excellent benefit of a price match guarantee? ServerBasket store, an authorized one-stop shop for servers and accessories, holds for sale high-defined 10G routers at matchless prices. The routers fuel your diverse networks of Data centers, enterprises, cloud computing, big data analytics, AI, research, telecommunications, and so on. Enjoy high-speed multiple concurrent connections with reduced latency, increased productivity, and support for advanced technologies like virtualization and cloud with the 10G routers from all the major makers in the industry. Ping us for a demo of the router now, and gain huge from beast deals and offers such as hassle-free returns, sales guidance, certified products, etc.


Secure Network with Effective Backup & Recovery

With faster access to the backed-up data, your network is secure and stable. The 10G routers eliminate the risk of bottlenecks and delays, which are obstacles to effective backup and recovery, and monitor the network constantly for any failures or threats. Recover in moments with swift identification, resolution, and restoration via automated and off-site backups.


High Bandwidth & Low Latency for Diverse Workloads

Just quote your requirement: there are numerous applications the 10G routers efficiently serve. Transform your network landscape with unparalleled routers for workloads like medical imaging, high-end graphics rendering, high-compute gaming, machine learning, VoIP, telecommuting, and not to mention the ever-evolving industries of research, banking, defense, IT, and more.

Support for IoT and 5G Technologies

The layer 2-ready 10G routers are capable of adapting to next-gen technologies like 5G, Internet of Things, etc. With high-speed bandwidth, the routers successfully manage to handle the growing number of devices and data-intense applications on the network with advanced routing and QoS, scalability, standard reliability, optimized management, and monitoring features.


Built for Edge Networks and Gateways

10G routers feature efficiency and interoperability critical to inter-branch or cloud communication of edge networks and gateways to create a dependable agile fabric with enhanced data transfer and processing abilities. Besides, they aid your network in reducing traffic congestion and network delays, enabling shorter response time for improved UX.


Industry-leading 10G Routers at Unbeatable Prices

SB store accommodates an extensive range of 10G routers from all the industry-leading manufacturers – Huawei, HP, MicroTik, Juniper, TP-link, Cisco, Brocade, etc. The routers carry forward the vision of those pioneers for an enterprise-rank network potential of high-bandwidth, long-extent communication.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Pan-India Shipping Services

SB store shipping service is organized and sophisticated to ensure safe delivery from our site to your doorstep, traveling hundreds of miles. Buy WAN routers from anywhere in India as we ship to all the cities, such as Hyderabad, Chennai, Vijayawada, Kanpur, etc.

1 Year Warranty

Guaranteed 90-day Warranty

ServerBasket offers a 90-day secure warranty with any spare or router purchase to build confidence in our products. If any problems or difficulties arise, we will address them honestly and promptly within the time limit indicated.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Always Available Technical Support

We understand your unique needs and concerns. We are live day and night to serve you with the right. Be it a sales inquiry or expert guidance on installation or troubleshooting, our troupe of professionals works hard and fast till you get a resolution.

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