Juniper 1GBps Routers

  • Juniper MX5 Router

    • Juniper Networks MX5 Router
    • MX Series Universal Router
    • Gigabit Ethernet Modular Interface Card
    • MS-MIC slot
    • 2 MIC slots, One Front and One Rear
    • IPv4/IPv6 routing protocols
    • Support Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), etc
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    • 24/7 Technical Support
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    Juniper MX5 Router

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Buy Juniper 1G Routers Online in India at a Cheap Deal Price from Server Basket

Do you want to buy high-quality certified 1G routers with assured investment protection? ServerBasket extends a customer-friendly returns policy on the sale of Juniper 1G routers designed to ensure fast and powerful network connections for your devices. They can easily meet your high-speed internet needs with multiple LAN/WAN ports. You can configure the signal power, bandwidth, and operational modes per your end requirements. Juniper 1G routers give you power-packed coverage and support easy network management. They enable a seamless setup, multiple networking protocols, and scalable throughput. Buy Juniper routers in India at low prices only at ServerBasket to match your unique networking needs. Juniper 1G routers provide users with improved hardware acceleration, ultra-connectivity, and more ports, delivering unparalleled speed and performance. At ServerBasket, we offer free demos to help you understand the routers’ applicability and performance. Moreover, we provide trouble-free return options, warranty coverage, 24/7 support, and quick shipping services. Place your order right away!


MPLS Technology for Efficient Traffic Management

Explore optimal traffic management with a powerful Juniper 1G router that supports Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), which enhances traffic control by effectively routing and prioritizing data packets. Furthermore, MPLS provides enhanced control over network traffic, improves performance and reliability, and ensures reliable data transmission in diverse network environments, including data centers and organizations.


Traffic Shaping and Prioritization Features

Get improved performance and dependability  through these affordable Juniper 1G routers from the ServerBasket online platform. These router features traffic shaping and prioritization to control and optimize traffic flow. Furthermore, they feature policy-based forwarding (PBF), Class of Service (CoS), traffic policers, Hierarchical Fair Service Curve (H-FSC), Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ), and traffic schedulers.

BGP and OSPF Routing Protocols Supported

Buy the best Juniper 1G router that supports BGP and OSPF routing protocols at a low price from SB online stores. BGP serves as an exterior gateway protocol for exchanging routing information between independent systems, whereas OSPF serves as an interior gateway protocol for exchanging routing information within independent systems. BGP and OSPF protocols provide outstanding efficiency.

Suitable for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Juniper 1G routers, with their compact design, are best suited for small-medium businesses and individual businesses that occupy less space. These routers are easy to install and are available at inexpensive prices, making them ideal for executing operations like video streaming, VoIP, and high-speed data transfer. Moreover, 1G routers offer high performance, reliability, and security.


Energy-efficient Design for Low Power consumption

Purchasing Juniper 1G routers lowers both power consumption and energy expenditures. These routers feature high-efficiency components and can alter power consumption based on traffic load. These noise-friendly routers are ideal for organizations or enterprises where noise generation is a main concern. Get these low-cost Juniper 1G routers from SB to reduce power usage.


Choose from an Extensive Juniper 1G Router Collection

ServerBasket offers reliable Juniper 1G routers at affordable prices. A comprehensive selection of Juniper 1G routers is available at our online store. These routers include the MX80, MX240, MX104, MX480, PTX1000, PTX5000, PTX3000, EX2300, EX3300, EX440, and more have distinct part numbers. Buy these Juniper 1G routers to meet your individual or small business requirements.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Swift Shipping and Delivery

ServerBasket’s delivery distributors are available in pan-India, including all major Indian cities, such as Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. We ensure free and quick delivery and offer a simple return policy to make your shopping experience with us easy.


Secure Warranty Cover

ServerBasket offers up to 90 days of warranty on routers and other spares. If any potential errors or defects are detected, that part will be fixed free of charge or replaced.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Expert Assistance for Setup and Tech Issues

If you have an emergency or a problem, contact us immediately through live chat, phone, or email. Our trained technical support team will be available 24/7 to assist you with technical and remote assistance.

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