Juniper 40GBps Router

  • Juniper ACX 7024 Cloud Metro Router

    • Juniper ACX 7024 Cloud Metro Router
    • ACX7000 Series
    • Part No: ACX7024-AC-2PSU
    • Supports Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Applications
    • 6 integrated fans (5+1 redundancy)
    • Power supplies (1+1 redundancy)
    • Support Next-Gen protocols SRv6, MPLS, and Ethernet VPN
    • Operating System: Junos OS
    • Ports: SFP 28 Ports
    • Assured 90 Days Warranty
    • Live Technical Supports
    • Free Delivery Across India
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     1,930,593.00 2,142,958.00

    Juniper ACX 7024 Cloud Metro Router

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Buy Juniper 40G Routers Online in India at a Cheap Deal Price from Server Basket

Are you searching for a reliable store offering quick delivery and smooth returns to buy high-speed Juniper routers for your organization? Purchase Juniper 40G routers for sale at ServerBasket, packed with many advanced features. The routers enable high-performance 40Gbps throughput at each port, improved wavelength range, and low latency. Their modular design ensures seamless adaptability in your present networking architecture. These routers offer unparalleled data transfer rates, flexible bandwidth allocation, improved Quality of Service (QoS), and multiple device connectivity. With better failover support, data usage monitoring, and management features, Juniper 40G routers give you an additional edge over other routers. They have built-in redundancy to facilitate a future-proof access network. It simplifies troubleshooting and automates operations for consistent performance. The router configuration allows you to use different protocols and technologies of your choice for improved usage. Buy Juniper routers in India at the best deals only at ServerBasket for all your networking requirements. We provide an assured warranty, trusted customer support, free demos, and genuine, quality-certified routers. Place your order now!


Ultra-fast 40Gbps Data Throughput

Take full advantage of a network-crucial router deployment well-suited to your business with the Juniper 40G routers. The Juniper 40G routers bring to your network a sophisticated application-smart routing along with cyber-resilient security, centralized management, automation, fail-safe service delivery and more. Scroll through our extensive collection of Juniper 40G routers that includes MPC5E, MX014, MX480, PTC1000, etc.


Routing and Forwarding for Reliable Connectivity

The Juniper 40G routers are a top-of-the-class routers prosiming you a matchless capacity, agility and efficiency with complete automation. The Juniper high-end routing solutions and providing end-end solutions to the today’s network infrastructures serving the metro access and aggregation at your large service providers, enterprises, DCs, campuses and branches.

Robust Hardware and Software Architecture

With Junos OS on-board, the Juniper routers electrify your business network with programmable automation and disaggregated modular software architecture that support Flexible Ethernet, BNG, Segment routing, MPLS, EVPN, and so on. The routers are built with single-board architectures, power redundancy, multiple interface flexibility, a RE, and a PFE in addition with numerous more hardware benefits.

Advanced Junos OS for Operational Efficiency

Focus on your business’s top-rank growth aspects with optimized clarity and detail utilizing to full your worthy time, money, and human resources. Join the league of world’s pioneer network deployments building your business networks with flexibility, security, and hardcore reliability with the Junos-fixed Juniper 40G routers.


Dual-stack Support for IPv4/IPv6

Interoperate now as flawlessly with IPv4 devices as you can with the IPv6 devices with Dual-stack support encased in the Juniper 40G routers, a cost-intelligent and straight solution for an otherwise resource-straining transition. The feature bridges the gap between traditional and evolved infrastructural segments helping you escalate service interruptions and maximizing your service deployments.


Network Segmentation to Minimize Security Risks

Limit the extent of a cyberattack spread while enhancing your network’s operational performance with reduced network congestion. Shield devices in your network fabric that lack advanced security features as network segmentation can halt harm-intended traffic from accessing them. Further, the Juniper 40G routers help you reduce the expenses of mandatory compliances by separating the systems that essentially need to comply to evolving and expensive standards.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Access to 24/7 Technical Support

Enjoy the day and night access to our friendly experts resolved to assit you throughout the product lifecycle. Benefit from the fine-tuned SB special offers of no-fee setup aid, troubleshooting services and guidance, clarity-consistent returns policy, and buy back option.


Secure Warranty Cover

The Juniper 40G router device is secured by a warranty cover of 90 days, the period in which you shall receive a full-pledged support from the store regarding repair of replacing the product when used according to the guidelines. Our warranty agreements are a symbol of trust and commitment.

Secure And Instant Delivery

Quick Delivery All Over India

We ensure to deliver solutions to your time-bound networking equipment demands with the speediest delivery all across India. Purchase the Juniper 40G routers from us for a secure delivery to any of the cities or towns in the sub-contintent.

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