Brand New HP SATA HDD(Hard Disk Drive)

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The HP internal SATA Hard drives available at Server Basket comes with a certification of recommendation from the brand itself. This means that the drive you’re about to purchase from our website is 100% genuine, and sourced directly from the original manufacturers.

Suitable for All HP Servers:
The HP internal SATA hard disk drives are ideal for all HP servers and will function optimally while inserted in a HP server. Depending on the specific HP server you’re interested in buying, you’ll find that each server comes with its specifications of which HDD is suitable to it. Our sales team will guide you through which hard drives are best suited for you, based on server compatibility as well as your organizations needs.

Better Performance:
Hewlett Packard Enterprises are well known for their hardware manufacturing abilities which are touted to be the best and most reliable in the market. These HP SATA hard disk drives provide proven performance and secure data integrity at the most affordable prices. Durability and relevance are two of the most important watchwords on any tech investors dictionary, and this is because any technology that won’t last is obsolete and a financial drain. With HP SATA HDDs, better performance is just one of the many by-products of investment.

Low Error Rate:
Frequent humming noises, errors while running software, overheating, corrupted files, program crashes, and other mechanical and logical errors frequently occur on poor quality hard drives. To avoid these problems, invest in a hard drive that works perfectly in sync with your server, such as the HP internal SATA hard drives offered by Server Basket.

Serves High Storage Needs:
HP SATA HDDs satisfy the high storage needs of customers who require large capacities, such as data centers, large organizations, enterprises and more. HP SATA drives have huge storage capacities ranging from 500GB to more than 10TB. RPM varies too, from around 7200RPM to higher. There is also a choice between hot-swap or non-hot-swap and form factors as well.

Easy Installation Support:
Server Basket provides easy installation support for your HP internal SATA Hard Drives. This service is provided remotely so that you face no problem while installing the hard drives into your server. We understand that installation can often be confusing and you might not find a technician reliable enough to perform the procedure, for which we provide this service at free of cost.

1 Year Replacement Warranty:
At Server Basket, your purchase of HP SATA HDDs guarantees a 1-year replacement warranty. We provide you the best HP SATA hard drive price in the market and at the most durable replacement warranty as well. During this period, any problem you face with your drive will be either resolved by our talented and well-experienced team of technicians or replaced entirely. This is further proof of our commitment to you and ensuring that you have the best customer experience with us.

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