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Brand New SAS SSD (Solid State Drive)Buy New SAS Solid State Drives(SSD) from Server Basket at a very economical price.  These are Ideal for Enterprise Applications, where there is the requirement for fulfilling the demanding Workloads at lightning speed. Generally, comes in higher IOPS, the SSD Disk reads and writes at a faster pace and enhances your system performance. For computing and hosting, SAS SSDs are more preferable over SATA SSDs because they offer a faster and better experience. To improve reliability, the New SAS SSDs come with data integrity and advanced error correction technology.

Works in Rough Server Environment:

Buy the Brand New SAS SSD Hard Drive at an unbelievably Lower price only from Server Basket. Resistant to shocks, vibrations, heavy impacts, and other factors, the SAS SSD is Best for using even in the roughest server environment. Comes with a higher signal voltage compared to SATA drives, the New SAS SSD reliably transmits the data at twice the speed of SATA drives.

All Major Brands Available:

Every Brand New SAS SSD comes with a unique feature, different read/write speed, storage capacity, and performance. We at Server Basket sell SAS SSDs of all brands like HP, Dell, Intel, Cisco, Seagate, etc. Let us know your business application, we will let you know which among these would Best Fulfill Your IT needs.

SAS SSD Drives for All Servers:

The New SAS SSD drives would fit any server that is SSD compatible. With our New SAS SSD, you would experience faster bootups and better overall server performance. With increasing power efficiency and reduced risk of failure, the new SAS SSD is a must buy if you have to deal with demanding and heavy workloads.

Best in Class Read-write speed:

With a spindle speed of 10K and 15K RPM, the SAS SSD comes with approximately 180 IOPS that provide a fast read and write speed. With data transfer rate of up to 6 Gbps, the SAS VS SATA comparison  can be made that SAS SSDs are faster than SATA drives. The New SAS SSDs comes in a range of endurance options to exactly match your unique workload and write requirements. There are wide Range of options when considered about storage capacitiesike 400GB, 800Gb, 1TB, 2TB SAS SSD Drives

Compact & Easy to Install:

The Cheap SAS SSD Drives being compact are very easy to install. Are you new to the SAS SSD installation? Don’t worry about associating with Server Basket because you get eligibility directly for Free Online installation support. Additionally, you will also be guided on how to take preventive measures so that the drive would not fail and has a longer shelf life.

Free Pre-Sales Support:

Our sales team has an in-depth knowledge of various industries and their varying server SSD requirements. We would be happy to discuss with you about your application and business requirement details. Depending on the discussion, we would suggest you the best SAS SSD that would exactly fit your business needs.

Safe & Secure Shipping:

We understand your urgent business needs and so we strive hard to dispatch the new SAS SSD on the same day of your order arrival. Whether you are located in some metro city like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore , Delhi or a very remote place near to Pune, Noida, Lucknow & Chandigarh, we have reached every place in India. Your new SAS SSD would be securely delivered to you within 2-3 business days.

Free Technical Help:

We have a team of qualified technical support engineers at Server Basket. Any problem related to servers and SAS SSD drives would be quickly solved. Our team is available to help you at any time zone. Whether you are working in the UK, USA or India, you can count on us for 24-hours and anytime instant support.

1 Year Warranty:

Server Basket sells only genuine and good quality products. But still, if you find any defect in either workmanship or material, we would provide an instant replacement of SAS SSD drive. The New SAS SSD drive comes with a limited 1-Year warranty. We recommend the SAS SSD users to strictly follow the product instructions so that you don’t face any product failure issues. The SAS Drive we sell are from branded companies, and any chances of hardware or internal component failure would not happen.

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