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Brand New Dell SATA SSD(Solid State Drive)

New Dell sata ssdNow increase the performance and storage capacity of your server with the range of New Dell SATA SSDs offered by Server Basket. Comes in different form factors, data transfer speed and storage capacities, you can now select the New Dell SATA SSD that exactly fits your business needs and budget. Best suitable for demanding enterprise applications, the SATA Solid State Drive from Dell is loaded with features that include multi-level cell technology, high security and many more. If you have a requirement where reads are random and write intensive, then buy the new Dell SATA SSD from Server Basket at a very affordable price.

Brand New Dell SATA SSD Hard Drives:

The Brand-New Dell SATA SSD has a rugged body and offers faster data access, It is Equipped with SATA interface.  With an access speed of 35 to 100 microseconds, you can run your applications that access a large amount of data more quickly. Featuring the NAND flash technology with no mechanical moving parts, the new Dell SATA SSDs are shock resistant.

Authorized by Dell:

Server Basket sells Solid State drives of only reliable branded companies. The new SATA SSDs are authorized by Dell, and you receive all the manufacturer warranties and services. The only difference is you will receive this product at a very low market price when purchased from Server Basket. We guarantee that you will not receive the new Dell SATA SSD at such a cheap price from any other online retailers.

Compatible with All Dell Servers:

The New Dell SATA SSD is highly compatible with all Dell Servers. Comes in 1.8”, 2.5” and 3.5” form factor, the SATA SSD can be easily installed. With Dell’s SATA SSD your server delivers faster file transfers, boot-ups, data access, overall speedy as well as best computing experience compared to a normal hard disk drive.

Compatible with other Brand Servers too:

Do you want to increase the performance of your server of other brand? Then look no further than the new Dell SATA SSD that offers faster data access at an economical price. Upgrade your server with the best quality Dell SATA SSD that has a near silent operation unlike the loud whirling sound what we experience with other hard disk drives. The drive consumes less energy that results in less heat output by your server system, thus increasing the life of the server.

All Storage Variations Listed: 

Dell SATA SSD’s are designed with different storage variation depending upon different applications needs. Choose from 200 GB, 254GB, 256GB, 400 GB,, 500GB, 1 TB, 1.6TB, 1.92 TB and many more get Dell SSD Upgrade. The SATA interface in the new Dell SSD comes in different speed variation that includes 3 Gbps, 6 Gbps, and 12 Gbps. The different types of SSD drives include hot-swap and non-hot-swap drives, pick the best one from these depending upon your budget and business requirement.

Best Encryption Provided:

The SATA SSDs are manufactured with the best encryption features that protect your data from theft or loss. The data integrity of new Dell SATA SSD is maintained using the methods like Data path CRC protection, Robust ECC, metadata checksum protection, multiple metadata and FW copy, and rail design with robust voltage to ensure that stable power is being supplied to NAND flash memory.

Free Sales Guidance:

Are you confused about which SATA SSD configuration suits your IT environment? We have a team of knowledgeable sales professionals who would understand your application and accordingly suggest you the right SATA drive that would fit within your budget and fulfill your business needs.

Shipped within 2 Business Days:

We ship the drive within a few hours of your order arrival and ensure that our shipping partners in various cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Jaipur etc, to deliver the drive securely at your location within 2 business days. We understand your instant need for upgrading the server with the new Dell SATA SSD and so make sure that you get the drive within no time.

Detailed installation Support:

Don’t know how to install SATA SSDs? Don’t worry our technical support team would be happy to help you and provide free online installation support. You would be guided through every procedure and would also be educated on the maintenance of drives for their longer shelf life.

1-Year Warranty:

We are one of the well-known hard drive suppliers in India. Buying the New Dell SATA SSD from us would make you eligible for instant replacement of the product if you face any hardware failure within one year from the date of purchase. The product which is used as per the manufacturer’s guidelines qualifies for instant replacement.

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