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Referb Intel SATAIf you are in a search of best-in-class refurbished SATA solid-state drives for the best value price, then Server Basket is the best option to purchase from. We have a wide range Intel SATA SSDs available of various storage options, suitable for all business-levels and you can choose the best one that has Intel SSD Compatibility with your server and suitable for your business needs.

Intel Verified SATA SSD Disk:

All the refurbished SATA SSDs available at Server Basket are certified by Intel. The Intel SATA SSDs are a standard set of drives for storage performance, efficiency, stability, and lower power consumption. These drives with no moving parts are an excellent use for business applications that require reliability and of course the speed. its Storage capacities vary like Intel SSD 128GB, 240GB, 500GB, 750GB, 1TB, 3.84TB etc

Thoroughly Cleaned & Tested by Server Basket:

There is no fault and fraud in the SATA SSDs available at Server Basket and the price that we offer. All the Refurbished Intel SATA SSD drives are tested under multiple levels of testing and are 100% in good working condition while delivering excellent high-performance. You are able to get the SSDs for the lowest price that can give an equal amount of speed and performance of that of a brand new one.

Blazing Fast Performance:

Investing in SSDs can fetch you a greater advantage in terms of performance, reliability, and durability. The Refurbished Intel SATA SSD drives with no moving parts aren’t just faster hard drives, they can compact to your business needs in a go. They offer the best instant-load performance, faster boot times, better system responsiveness and faster application load times.

Intel Memory Drive Technology:

The Refurbished Intel SATA SSD Drives are embedded with Intel memory drive technology. This technology allows you to store larger bodies of data in the memory and you can easily access them with the lower latency. Therefore, SSDs are the best option for the businesses that have larger data to be stored and that needs faster access speeds.

Low Power Consumption:

As per the Intel SSD Specs, it consumes less power than an HDD giving you the less operational costs and an increase in battery life. As the SSDs have no moving parts unlike HDD, they use less power to function resulting in the longer life-span of the battery.

Discounted Prices:

Server Basket is offering you with the best-discounted price on all the Refurbished Intel SATA SSD Drives available at our store. We 100% assure you that the price we are offering is the lowest possible price when compared to any other online store in the market. Invest on refurbished SATA SSDs at Server Basket and take home the best quality product under the budget.

Safe & Secure Shipping:

Your Intel SATA SSD will be packed strong and solid with multiple layers of packaging as soon as the order the confirmed and will step out for the delivery after the packing rituals only. We try to deliver your product at your location under the estimated delivery date given by us. Delivery option is available across India, to the cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi etc.

Best 90 Days Replacement Warranty:

We at Server Basket give you a 90 days replacement warranty on the purchase of Refurbished Intel SSD India. We care a lot for our customers and their satisfaction while giving longer warranty period when compared to other online vendors. You can seek for the immediate replacement of the hard drive in case of failure by informing us as soon as possible so that we can initiate an immediate action.

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