RAID Controller Batteries

  • Dell PERC H750 RAID Controller


    • Interface : SAS / SATA
    • RAID Levels : 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60
    • Data Transfer Speed : 12gb/s SAS, 6gb/s SATA
    • Compatible Servers : R640, R740, R740XD, R840
    • Compatible Part Numbers : HYM6Y, 0HYM6Y, 405-ABCE
    • 100% Tested and Verified
    • Free 24/7 Technical Support
    • Remote Installation Assistant
    • Free Delivery Anywhere in India


     24,999.00 29,999.00

    Dell PERC H750 RAID Controller

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  • Dell PERC H755 RAID Controller

    • Cache : 8GB
    • RAID Levels : 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60
    • Interface : SATA 6Gb/s, SAS 12Gb/s, PCIe 4.0 (NVMe)
    • Data Transfer Speed : 6Gb/s, 12gb/s
    • Compatible Part Numbers : 405-AAXT, Y2RV2, 29XMF
    • Compatible Servers : Dell PowerEdge R750, R750XS, R7525, R760
    • Assured Warranty
    • Free 24/7 Tech Support
    • Remote Installation Support
    • Free Delivery Throughout India


     24,999.00 29,999.00

    Dell PERC H755 RAID Controller

     24,999.00 29,999.00 Add to cart


Batteries for Various Server Brands

Purchase a RAID battery at a discounted price only at ServerBasket. Please browse through our comprehensive collection of RAID controller batteries. Choose between HP RAID battery, Dell RAID battery, IBM RAID battery, and ISI RAID controller battery, among other top brands. These batteries are highly compatible with your data center, offering high performance.


Maintain Data Security with RAID Controller Batteries

Get a reliable RAID battery backup solution to ensure data security. It provides optimal redundancy and performance optimization and enables data integrity checks to maximize data protection and performance. Establish data accuracy and validity using redundant data while improving storage utilization with these RAID controller batteries.

Protect Non Volatile RAM During Power Failure

Replace RAID battery and upgrade your infrastructure with our high-end, economical RAID controller batteries. They offer uncompromised resiliency and redundancy to deal with unexpected power loss. Hence, the reliability of your non-volatile data is maintained. It effectively prevents data loss in enterprise storage applications.

Enhance Server Uptime with Battery Backup Solutions

Maximize server uptime and eliminate latency and downtime with our PERC RAID controller batteries. They safeguard your systems and protect your data in case of unforeseen power failure. Get the desired level of redundancy and fault tolerance and ensure uninterrupted connectivity with these battery backup solutions.


Optimize RAID Performance with Power Backup

Choose the desired RAID level and get a RAID battery backup to match your data center needs and goals. Tune your RAID performance and protect critical data without sacrificing performance. With power backup options, you don’t have to worry about power failures. Handle your workflows with better peace of mind with these solutions.


Maximize Storage Reliability with RAID Batteries

Get RAID controller batteries that efficiently align with the industry standards. Take advantage of the performance gains and improve data storage reliability with these solutions. RAID batteries function as intelligent battery backup units for optimal storage dependability during power loss to work continuously.


Security of Warranty

Get assured, secure warranty coverage with our RAID controller batteries. With comprehensive warranty coverage, it gives you the required peace of mind and the best return on investment. Enjoy high-quality, durable products at low prices only at ServerBasket.

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We have established a robust logistics network to ensure swift delivery of your RAID controller batteries. Get your product delivered in no time to your doorstep. Pay through your chosen channel to successfully place the order.

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