Service Level agreement works effectively from the date of placing and processing the order as of mentioned in the master service agreement and this SLA works as a part of the order processing form. This agreement works as a means of communication between the service provider (ServerBasket) and the customer who acquires the services and is valid for the certain duration as provided in the OPF. The terms and rules mentioned in this particular SLA as referred in the order processing form (OPF) need to be accepted by both the parties without any hesitation.

This SLA covers all the services to be provided in case of either product failures by the service provider to the customer as mentioned in the order processing form in accordance with Acceptance user policy, master service agreement, signed as a part of reference collectively called as documents.

Here both the service provider and customer are collectively called as parties. There is a right for the service provider to change this Service Level agreement in the case of any changes in all the services provided, duration of acquiring the services etc., with having the mutual approval of the customer. If the customer does not agree to make the changes, then even the service provider will not have the right to modify any of the documents i.e., SLA, MSA, AUP and privacy policy.

Customer needs to acknowledge that the service provider will be having the capability to offer the services as per user requirement as of mentioned in the order processing form. This acknowledgment shows that the customer has accepted all the terms and conditions as mentioned in the MSA, OPF and the standard of service in SLA.

Finally, the service provider accepts to provide the services to the customer for mentioned period of time in the OPF and the customer has agreed to pay the amount as mentioned and agreed by the customer in the order processing form.

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