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  • Fully Managed Cpanel Hosting
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Data Backups
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • Advanced Cpanel Panel
  • 99.99% Uptime Servers
  • Cheap Price Guarantee
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Exclusive of Taxes

Host your Website in Dedicated Linux Hosting At Cheap Price In India With Features : Unlimited Bandwidth & Domain Hosting, Full Root Access, Free Installation & Setup Assistance, Expert Tech Support

Product idIndian Dedicated Server SpecificationsPrice /MonthBuy
SBINDDS-1Dedicated Hosting Server Xeon X5650 CPU/ 8GB RAM/ 1x1TB HDDRs.7,499/-
SBINDDS-2Dedicated Hosting Server Xeon CPU/ 16 GB RAM/ 1x 1TB HDDRs.8,999/-
SBINDDS-3Dedicated Hosting Server Xeon X5650 CPU/32 GB/ 2x 1TB HDDRs.10,499/-
SBINDDS-4Dedicated Hosting Server Dual Xeon E3-1220 CPU/ 32 GB/ 2x 1TB HDDRs.12,499/-
SBINDDS-5Dedicated Hosting Server Dual Xeon X5650 CPU/ 64 GB/ 2x 1TB HDDRs.14,999/-
SBINDDS-6Dedicated Hosting Server Dual Xeon X5650 CPU/ 128 GB/ 3x 1TB HDDRs.19,999/-
SBINDDS-7Dedicated Hosting Server Dual Xeon E5-2660 CPU/ 128 GB/ 2x 1TB HDDRs.24,499/-
SBINDDS-8Dedicated Hosting Server Dual Xeon E5-2660 V2 CPU/ 256 GB/ 4x 1TB HDDRs.29,999/-
SBINDDS-9Dedicated Hosting Server Single Xeon E5-2620 V4 CPU/ 128 GB/ 4x 1TB HDDRs.34,499/-
SBINDDS-10Dedicated Hosting Server Dual Xeon E5-2620 V4 CPU/ 256 GB/ 4x 1TB HDDRs.39,499/-

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Product Overview

Do you need a best Dedicated Linux Hosting that gives the ultimate in security, power, control, and performance? Then Server Basket is the right place where you can find powerful Dedicated Linux Hosting servers at the lowest price. Are you being overcharged or not getting good results with your existing provider? Then it is the time to migrate to Server Basket. We will give you key features like complete root access, Free Linux OS on your dedicated Server, premium bandwidth, 100% uptime, multi-layered security, full control of applications, and 24/7 live support.

Fully Managed Server

Leave the management of your server in our hands. Focus entirely on your business, and we will manage the Dedicated Linux Hosting Server on behalf of you. Our team will install Cpanel. We configure, optimize, monitor, and secure your Dedicated Linux server and also install additional software on your request. Our experienced team will assist you with any control panel or OS level issues and helpfully manage the server.

Enhanced Security First

To let your business go extra miles without becoming a victim of security threats, we provide your Linux Dedicated hosting in India with enhanced security features. Linux dedicated server is highly secured and breach free, giving you a complete sense of security. We install and configure IPS and IDS firewalls that automatically detects and blocks external threats. You will receive a free SSL certificate which protects data, betters the search engine ranking, and affirms your identity. DDOS protection is always there to protect you from attacks.

Good Support for Scripting Languages

If your website requires scripting language like MySQL, Perl or PHP, then choose the Dedicated Linux Hosting because the server with windows OS doesn’t permit these scripting languages. Scripting takes place on the highly secured server which prevents it from being cloned, copied, and inspected carefully for backing vulnerabilities.

Free Migration Provider

Are you unhappy with slow website performance and poor support with your existing Web Hosting provider? It’s the time to migrate to Server Basket and leave your website worries behind. Sign up for one of our great for value Dedicated Linux hosting, and we will migrate your website without charging any extra amount, without downtime and hassles. Your website, plugins, and applications will be reviewed after the migration.

100% Network Uptime

Avoid your website going offline. Server Basket provides top of the line Linux dedicated server hosting in India where you can buy Server Space online with 100% uptime to ensure that your website is always online and running. Even a few seconds of website’s unavailability can be very costly in terms of brand reputation, revenue, and search engine visibility. Our dedicated servers are located in Tier 4 data centers with state of the art networking and premium connectivity that guarantees 100% uptime with full redundancy. Buy Linux Dedicated Server from Server Basket at a relatively lower price and enjoy 100% uptime with the power of Tier4 data center.

High Performance Dedicated Servers

Accelerate your website performance with 100% SSD platform and highly reliable latest hardware resources. High performance is guaranteed with our dedicated server hosting as you will never share the resources like RAM, storage space, bandwidth with another customer. Moreover, Server Basket is listed in Top 10 Dedicated Server Hosting Providers in India and continues to receive Best Ratings from Customers by providing high-performance Linux dedicated servers exclusively designed for speed and reliability. Buy dedicated server from us and enjoy the world-class performance.

Scalable resources

If your business is growing quickly, then you can scale the resources like RAM, CPU, and Disk Space, etc. as per your business requirement. All the Linux Dedicated Server hosting plans that we provide comes with unlimited bandwidth rather than Cloud Hosting with limited resources. So there won’t be any limitation on the amount of traffic your website can receive

24/7 Tech Support

We have a dedicated support team that is available round the clock to help you with any aspect of using your Dedicated Linux Hosting server. We offer live support to our customers via phone call, chat, and email as well. If you have any questions about our Linux Dedicated Server hosting or if you need technical assistance, then you can raise a support ticket at any time.

Pricing Options For Dedicated Linux Hosting:

Product idSpecificationsPrice /MonthBuy
SBINDDS-1Xeon E3-1220 CPU/ 4c/4t/3.1 GHz Speed/4 Cores/ 8GB/ 1,000 GB HDD/ 2 IP's/ Care Pack FreeRs.7,499
SBINDDS-2Xeon X5650 CPU/ 6c/6t/2.66 GHz Speed/6 Cores/ 16GB/ 1,000 GB HDD/ 2 IP's/ Care Pack FreeRs.8,999
SBINDDS-3Xeon X5650 CPU/ 6c/6t/2.66 GHz Speed/6 Cores/ 32GB/ 2x1,000 GB HDD/ 2 IP's/ Care Pack FreeRs.10,499
SBINDDS-4Dual Xeon E3-1220 CPU/ 4c/4t/3.1 GHz Speed/8 Cores/ 32GB/ 2x1,000 GB HDD/ 2 IP's/ Care Pack FreeRs.12,499

High-End Dedicated Linux Hosting Plans & Price List:

Product idSpecificationsPrice /MonthBuy
SBINDDS-5Dual Xeon X5650 CPU/ 6c/12t/2.3 GHz Speed/12 Cores/ 64 GB RAM/ 2x 1TB HDD/ 2 IP's/ Care Pack FreeRs.14,999
SBINDDS-6Dual Xeon X5650 CPU/ 6c/12t/2.3 GHz Speed/12 Cores/ 128 GB RAM/ 3x 1TB HDD/ 2 IP's/ Care Pack FreeRs.19,999
SBINDDS-7Dual Xeon E5-2660 CPU/ 8 c/16t/2.2 GHz Speed/16 Cores/ 128 GB RAM/ 2x 1TB HDD/ 2 IP's/ Care Pack FreeRs.24,499
SBINDDS-8Dual Xeon E5-2660 V2 CPU/ 10c/20t/ 2.2 GHz Speed/ 20 Cores/ 256 GB RAM/ 4x 1TB HDD/ 4 IP's/ Care Pack FreeRs.29,999
SBINDDS-9Single Xeon E5-2620 V4 CPU/ 8c/16t/2.1 GHz Speed/ 8 Cores/ 128 GB RAM/ 4x 1TB HDD/ 4 IP's/ Care Pack FreeRs.34,499
SBINDDS-10Dual Xeon E5-2620 V4 CPU/ 8c/16t/2.1 GHz Speed/ 16 Cores/256 GB RAM/ 4x 1TB HDD/ 4 IP's/ Care Pack FreeRs.39,499

Additional Information



Type of OS

Linux, VM Ware


128 GB, 16GB, 256 GB, 32 GB, 512 GB, 64 GB, 8GB

Max Storage

1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB, 8 TB, 12 TB, 24 TB

Type of Storage


Data Center Location


Remote Management


Type Of Hosting

Managed Dedicated Server

3 reviews for Dedicated Linux Hosting

  1. Naghma
    5 out of 5


    All my constraints are resolved with single dedicated Linux hosting plan, offering full root access, regular data backups, easy to use cPanel, high security and 24/7 expert technical support to the website, Thanks to server basket.

  2. Deepak Sharma
    4 out of 5

    Deepak Sharma:

    Dedicated Linux hosting offered the best performance and better security to my applications at affordable price. Immensely satisfied with 128GB
    RAM and dual 1TB HDD options hosting plan to server my high-end workloads.

  3. Nayvya
    4 out of 5


    Recently I bought high end dedicated Linux hosting plan with dual Xeon E5-2600 V2 processor from server basket. Amazing flexibility and highly customizable options as per my requirements, highly reliable and my monthly package is light on my pocket.

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