DELL MX7000 Enclosure

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  • 25Gb Ethernet
  • 12Gb SAS
  • Handles High-performance computing
  • Flexible 7U modular enclosure
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The Dell EMC MX7000 enclosure is a composable or ‘kinetic’ infrastructure solution which offers benefits for a diversified server environment where virtual machines, bare metal, and containers are all used at the same time, as it can interface with all of them. It helps you assign the right workloads with the right resources and to change with the changing business needs. It has a scalable 7U modular chassis, suitable for high-density computing. It can support multiple processors and storage devices and also multi-chassis networking. Dell MX7000 comes with a responsive design and advanced management features.

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Ideal for High-Density Computing

MX7000 enclosure offers a unified and high-performance framework that provides efficiency, resiliency and agility to optimize all kinds of traditional workloads and the current most demanding high-density computing. It can deliver huge compute power in less space to handle HPC.

Scalable 7U Modular Chassis

MX7000 enclosure has a scalable 7U rack chassis architecture with many networking options. It can be scaled up for different resources based on your needs – up to eight single-width sleds or four double-width sleds and up to seven storage sleds.

Cost-Efficient I/O Options

The MX7000 has a cost-effective multi-chassis design; it also comes in input/output (I/O) module form factors that support flexible I/O fabrics. These options are cost-efficient and offer simplicity to upgrade and meet the demands for future I/O flexibility.

Supports New Processors & Storage Devices

This Dell enclosure has a flexible design that enables non-disruptive provisioning to facilitate on-demand allotment of resources from pools of storage, compute and networking. It supports multiple individual new processors and storage devices as needed by the business.

Accommodates Multi-Chassis Networking

The MX7000 enclosure can accommodate multi-chassis shared networking for up to 10 chassis. It can form a link aggregation group among different chassis with the constituent ports terminating on separate chassis. This provides redundancy when one of the chassis fails.

Advanced Management Features

MX7000 comes with advanced management features such as end-to-end lifecycle management, single management point for computing, networking and storage, simplified setup and update options and single-point authentication for all devices from one interface. Effective in-chassis management delivers greater efficiency.

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