Dell Server AMC Price List

 10,000.00 10,599.00 (-6%)

  • AMC Price List of All Dell Servers
  • No Extra Charges for Repairse
  • Discounts on Long Term Contracts
  • Affordable Service & Maintenance Price
  • Lower Annual Price Than Competitors
  • Request a Free Quotation
  • Exclusive of Taxes
  • AMC Service Available Anywhere in India

Buy Dell Server AMC Service from Server Basket, Check out All Dell Servers of Different Models in Rack, Tower & Blade Servers. Get Server Maintenance Service at Lowest Price than Competitors, Avail this Server AMC service from Any Location in India: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad Etc

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Dell PowerEdge R410

Dell PowerEdger R410 Rack Server(4C/ 6C Intel® Xeon® CPUs 5500 and 5600 Series, 128GB Memory, 8 DIMMs, 12TB Storage Space, 4x2.5" SATA SSD/ 4x3.5" SAS HDD, 480W Power Supply)

Rs.10,000 /-
Dell PowerEdge R510

Dell PowerEdge R510 Rack Server ( 4C/6C Intel® Xeon® processors 5500,5600 series , 128 Gb Memory, 8 DIMMs, 24.6 TB Storage Space, 12x2.5"/3.5" SAS, SATA HDD/SSD Drives, 1100W Power Supply)

Rs.10,000 /-
Dell PowerEdge R610

Dell PowerEdge R610 Rack Server (4C.6C Intel® Xeon® processors 5500 and 5600 series ,192 Gb Memory, 12 DIMMs, 12 TB Storage Space, 6x 2.5” SAS, or SSD Drives,1000W Power Supply

Rs.10,000 /-
Dell PowerEdge R710

Dell PowerEdge R710 Rack Server (4C/6C Intel® Xeon® processor 5500,5600 series, 288 GB Memory, 18 DIMMs , 18 TB Storage Space, 8x 2.5 SAS or SATA , 570W power supply

Rs.10,000 /-
Dell PowerEdge R810

Dell PowerEdge R810 Rack Server (8C Intel® Xeon® 7500 and 6500 series processors, 512GB Memory , 32 DIMMs , 3TB Storage Space ,2.5 SAS Drives , 1100W Power Suppy

Rs.10,000 /-
Dell PowerEdge R420

Dell PowerEdge R420 Rack Server (Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2400, 384GB Memory,12 DIMMs , 16TB Storage Space, 2.5 or 3.5 SATA/SAS , 550W Power Supply

Rs.10,000 /-
Dell PowerEdge R520

Dell PowerEdge R520 Rack Server (Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2400, 384GB Memory,12 DIMMs, 32TB Storage Space, 8x3.5” or 2.5” SAS, SATA or SSD, 750W Power Supply

Rs.20,000 /-
Dell PowerEdge R620

Dell PowerEdge R620 Rack Server (Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 ,768GB Memory,24 DIMMs ,10TB Storage Space, 10x2.5” SAS, SATA, Or SSD Or 4x2.5” SAS, SATA, or SSD ,1100W Power Supply

Rs.20,000 /-
Dell PowerEdge R720

Dell PowerEdge R720 Rack Server (Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600, 768GB Memory,24 DIMMs ,32TB Storage Space, 8x 3.5” drives Or 16 x2.5” drives,SAS /SATA,1100W Power Supply

Rs.20,000 /-
Dell PowerEdge R720XD

Dell PowerEdge R720xd Rack Server (Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600,768GB Memory,(24 DIMMs, 50TB Storage Space, 8x2.5” drives Or 12x 3.5” +2 2.5” drives SAS/SATA,1100W Power Supplyy

Rs.20,000 /-
Dell PowerEdge R820

Dell PowerEdge R820 Rack Server (Intel® Xeon® processor E5-4600,1.5TB Memory,48 DIMMs ,16TB Storage Space , 16x 2.5” SAS, SATA, or SSD,1100W Power Supply

Rs.20,000 /-
Dell PowerEdge R430

Dell POWEREDGE R430 Rack Server (Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 ,384 GB Meomory,12 DIMMs,38.4 TB Storage Space , 10 x 2.5" SAS, SATA, nearline SAS, SSD , 450W, 550W Power Supply

Rs.30,000 /-
Dell PowerEdge R530

Dell POWEREDGE R530 Rack Server (Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 , 384 GB Memory, 12 DIMMs, 96 TB Storage Space , 8x3.5 SAS/SATA / SAS SDD, 1100W Power Supply

Rs.30,000 /-
Dell PowerEdge R630

"Dell POWEREDGE R630 Rack Server (Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 , 1.5TB Memory ,24 DIMMs , 23TB Storage Space , 24 x 1.8"" SATA SSD, 10 x 2.5"" HDD: SAS, SATA/ SAS SSD: SAS, SATA, 8 x 2.5"" HDD: SAS, SATA, / SAS SSD: SAS, SATA, 1100W Power Supply"y

Rs.30,000 /-
Dell PowerEdge R730

"Dell POWEREDGE R730 Rack Server (Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 , 3TB Memory ,24 DIMMs , 29TB storage space , 16 x 2.5"" SAS
8 x 3.5"" SAS 1100W Power Supply"

Rs.30,000 /-
Dell PowerEdge R730XD

Dell PowerEdge R730xd Rack Server (Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3, 768GB Memory , 24 DIMMs, 99.6TB Storage Space, 12 x 3.5 6TB NL SAS HDD , 1100W Power Supply

Rs.30,000 /-

Do you want to keep your servers in proper working condition for longer duration even after the warranty coverage has been completed?  Decrease the future repairing cost and save your budget by choosing our Server AMC service. Stop hiring technicians for your server repairs as we do provide free repairs during the entire contract period. Check our Dell server AMC plans that are designed to meet the needs of every customer in cost effective manner. Want to know the varied services covered in our Annual maintenance services? Then check our Dell Server AMC price list.

You don’t have to visit various web pages for knowing the prices of AMC services for different servers. We have listed down the AMC prices of the rack, tower and blade servers of Dell brand. Many clients have the misconception that Annual maintenance Contracts are very high. Scroll down for the prices and you will know that the AMC services come at a fraction of the cost of a maintenance employee’s annual salary. Server Basket also offers a range of benefits like free repairs, 24/7 tech support until the last day of contract period.

AMC Price List of All Dell Servers

Dell has a huge list of servers of different form factors, processors and RAM capacity like: Dell R610, T440, T540, M630, R520, R530, R720 Servers. Every Dell server comes with different features and the procedure to monitor, maintain and upgrade the servers are different. We have combined all the servers and thus provided the price list at a single place.

No Extra Charges for Repairs

You won’t have to spend extra money on repairs. Our Annual Maintenance Contract covers emergency repairs as well. No matter what the problem, our engineers will inspect, and repair your Dell server so that you can get the most out of it. Our team will carry all the tools required at site to attend all issues.

Discounts on Long Term Contracts

Now get more discounts on a contract of more than one year. One-year AMC contract already comes at a discounted price. If you are opting for a contract that is of more than one year, then you will receive additional discounts. Trust us, you won’t get Server AMC services at much lower prices from any other retailers.

Affordable Service & Maintenance Price

We are committed to providing world-class server maintenance at very affordable pricing. The best part of our Dell Server AMC services is that you get the maintenance work done by the experienced engineers. Our engineers are specialized and highly knowledgeable in dealing with all servers. To know annual fee of AMC services for Rack, tower, and Blade Dell Servers, check out Dell Server AMC price list.

Lower Annual Price Than Competitors

Enroll for the Server Annual Maintenance Contract of Server Basket and relax for the complete year. We not only provide the best maintenance services but also affordable pricing. We have provided you the complete Dell server price list below. Compare our prices with the competitors and you will know that we offer the AMC services at lowest market price. Our lowest price doesn’t mean that we compromise on the service quality. We have a huge customer base that is extremely satisfied with our services and still associated with us for many years.

Request a Free Quotation

We are the one-stop solution for all your Server issues and maintenance. Let us know the server models you are having and we will provide the Annual maintenance quotation instantly and for free of cost. The quote would have an in-depth details of the maintenance contract would cover and also the breakup of the amount. Get a detailed quotation to compare our Dell Server AMC Price list with other competitors. We guarantee you will come back to us only.

AMC Service Available Anywhere in India

Get the Best server maintenance services at the lowest prices only at Server Basket. The annual maintenance contract services we offer are available all over India. Whether you are located in a metro city like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi , Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Coimbatore, or anywhere else. We will reach you within very less time and provide the best Server Maintenance and repairs.

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What is the AMC (annual maintenance contract) for the servers?

The annual maintenance contract (AMC) for the servers avails you the finest server maintenance led by IT experts who are well-versed in all aspects of server functioning and make sure that the server is up and running at all times.

How is AMC Different from an extended warranty?

The extended warranty comes with a set of terms and conditions that covers damage costs, if any, for the extended time period whereas, server AMC is free from all restrictions, and you can undoubtedly expect 100% uptime of your servers.

What services are covered under the AMC services for dell servers?

AMC services for Dell servers include cost-free repairs, strict surveillance and 24/7 server maintenance, frequent server audits, automatic server hardware and software upgrades. We strive in all possible ways to create a perfect work environment for you at all times.

Do you offer any special discounts for a long-term contract?

Yes, we offer special discounts on long-term contracts. These discounts are applicable to the users who wish to sign up for the contract for more than a year. Contact our sales team to learn more about the prices and discounts.

Can I take AMC if the server is under the manufacturer warranty?

Yes, you can sign up for server AMC even for the servers that are under manufacturer warranty. Contact our team to know all about our services. We are online round-the-clock to clear any doubts you have about our AMC services.

Is on-site support available?

Yes, on-site support is available to all users who wish to sign up for our server AMC services. A team of technical experts will be at your service to maintain your Dell servers and ensure that there arise no issues.

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