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  • 100% Private and Secure
  • Protects You From Cyber Attacks
  • Blocks Online Tracking
  • Improves Speed and Reliability
  • Automatically Update and Manage
  • Free And Open Source DNS
  • Test DNS On Any Device
  • 24/7 Tech Support
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Do you want redundancy for your business website without a single point of failure and prevention of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on it? Do you, as an internet service provider (ISP) need your customers to have continuous and speedy access to the websites they visit? Server Basket provides you all this with our high-quality domain name system (DNS) hosting services for users, businesses, and ISPs. Our DNS servers are highly reliable and deliver redundancy, speed, and security for your website and internet access. You or your visitors will never experience any website being inaccessible. We can provide multiple DNS setups – primary as well as secondary. We provide an effective internet experience that enables you to explore websites and IPs swiftly, without remembering the port numbers. Our powerful DNS servers are built using only certified hardware. They help you handle online transactions quickly and efficiently. They come with advanced security features to protect your websites and internet projects.

Discover Websites & IP Quickly

Speed is crucial when it comes to DNS. Our fast DNS hosting service ensures there is low latency between the DNS lookup and Time to First Byte (TTFB). So, when you access a website, it loads fast, even with images. Our servers provide speedy frontend and backend connectivity so that you can access various web pages and their IP addresses quickly.

Browse the Internet Effectively

As a dedicated DNS provider, we assure you that with our servers, you get a hassle-free internet experience. When you explore or want to open the web pages of your interest or your business websites, they show results and load pages immediately. These servers effectively translate your URLs to their corresponding IP addresses and let you browse without latency.

Use Internet Without Remembering Port Numbers

Our DNS servers let you use the internet without the need to remember or have the unpleasant port numbers in your URLs. DNS does not work on port concepts for HTTPs, HTTP or SSL; it can point only to the IP addresses. If you run or access a website, your server responds to the HTTP requests on port 80.

Powerful DNS Servers with Certified Hardware

Our DNS servers are powerful and high on throughput. They are created using the best hardware components, software, and network infrastructure. All the parts of these servers and even their spares are authentic, certified, and of high quality. The resources required to run these servers come from top brands. No wonder then, these servers are superior in features and performance.

Reliable & Quick Online Transactions

Our dedicated DNS servers enable your devices to quickly connect to the internet and obtain the information you need or perform the tasks you want to. Online commerce and transactions are quite common in today’s world. Our servers speed up your transactions and complete them reliably due to their low latency. They offer better performance functionality and more customization choices.

Improves Security of DNS Infrastructure

Our DNS hosting service improves the security of your DNS infrastructure significantly. We offer multiple layers of protection to mitigate DDoS attacks. We also deploy security extensions for DNS. Our nameservers are isolated via segmentation; we do not use open-source resolver servers. Our DNS network is highly secure and resilient. DNS protection detects the potential for risks and malicious attacks.

Reactive SupportYESYESYESYES
Script InstallationYESYESYESYES
Hacking InvestigationNONOYESYES
Ffmpeg InstallationNOYESYESYES
Server OptimizationNOYESYESYES
24x7 Server MonitoringNOYESYESYES
Kernel OptimizationNOYESYESYES
ConfigServer Plugins InstallationNOYESYESYES
Advanced SecurityNOYESNOYES
Server MigrationNOYESNOYES
Proactive SupportNONOYESYES
Hardware Raid SetupNONOYESYES
Disaster ManagementNONONOYES
3rd Party Software InstallationNONONOYES
MySQL OptimizationNOBasicBasicAdvanced
Account TransferUpto 50 / 100 GBUpto 100 / 200 GBUpto 150 / 500 GBUnlimited
Price(Monthly)Rs. 1500/-Rs. 2,000/-Rs. 2,500/-Rs. 3,000/-
Price(Annually)Rs. 10,000/-Rs. 15,000/-Rs. 20,000/-Rs. 25,000/-
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